Growing Cannabis Plants Outdoors

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Growing cannabis plants is common in many parts of the world. It is an activity that a lot of people get into because of the various benefits it has to offer.

Today, cannabis is widely known as a recreational drug that has several negative side effects. But, let us not simply ignore the many benefits it can offer to the medical field. For instance, in the US, many states have medical cannabis program treatments to help sick people.

If you want to start your own cannabis garden outdoors, there are many different options for your grow site location.

You can transform your backyard into one. You just have to clean up the area. Pull out the weeds. Test the soil if it has the right pH level for cannabis cultivation. If it does not, add additives and fertilizers to make the soil richer and more suitable for cannabis growing.

Another outdoor growing option is the rooftop. This is a better choice if you want you cannabis plants to be out of sight of your neighbors. You will need pots or containers for the plants. You just have to remember to water your cannabis plants regularly to avoid dehydration.

For those that have a large budget, they can look into building a greenhouse for their cannabis plants. The structure will provide protection for your plants against sudden rain, strong winds, pests, and other things in the environment.

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Best Cannabis Seeds For Indoor Growing Part 3

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Growing cannabis indoors provides a number of benefits. For instance, it protects the cannabis plants from sudden or extreme weather changes and conditions. It also can protect against pests and other insects. If you want to start your own indoor cannabis garden, here are some examples of cannabis strains that are suitable for it:

Swiss Miss

This cannabis hybrid strain is perfect not only for indoor cultivation but also for outdoor. It is said to have originated in the Swiss Alps in the country of Switzerland. It possesses features of a traditional cannabis skunk strain and another potent strain with Nepalese origins. It grows plants of average height that has a short flowering period, which usually lasts between 45 and 55 days. It can deliver about 500 grams per square meter of yield that contains high THC.

Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese is a cannabis hybrid strain that possesses attributes similar to Swiss Miss and Skunk #1. It can be grown either indoors or outdoors. It produces plants of average height that can withstand the cold climate. It has a short flowering period that lasts between a month and a half and two months, and it can deliver about 500 grams per square meter of yield. It contains high THC but is not used for medical treatments.

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Best Cannabis Seeds For Indoor Growing Part 2

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If you are fairly new to the cannabis indoor growing field and you have not decided on what cannabis seed strain to cultivate, here are some suggestions that you might want to consider:

White Rhino

White Rhino is among the more popular indoor cannabis seed strains today. It is a hybrid strain that is the product of cross breeding an indica strain and White Widow. It grows plants of average height that are most suitable for indoor growing. It requires about 65 days to flower and can deliver as much as 500 grams per square meter of yield. It contains high THC levels and can be used for various medical treatments. It is characterized by its orange and bright green hairs.

Top 44

Top 44 is a cannabis indica strain that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It is one of the most popular commercial strains today. It is known for its short flowering period, which lasts between 45 and 55 days. It grows compact plants and can deliver about 400 to 500 grams per square meter of yield. It contains medium THC levels and when smoked, it leaves a hint of lemon drop aroma and caramel flavor.

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Best Cannabis Seeds For Indoor Growing Part 1

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Growing cannabis plants indoors is common among many cannabis growers. The indoors can be an ideal indoor cultivation setup if it has all the necessary tools and equipment for the proper growth and development of the seeds.

Now, if you are a new cannabis grower looking to start his or her own cannabis garden, you might want to look at the following cannabis strain suggestions for what to plant on your first ever cannabis growing venture:

White Widow Feminized

This cannabis strain is a hybrid that can be cultivated not only indoors, but outdoors as well. It grows compact plants that have an average flowering period of between 55 and 65 days. It produces as much as 600 grams per square meter of yield that contains high THC level. It can be used for various medical treatments.

Wonder Woman Feminized

This is another cannabis hybrid strain that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor cultivation. It grows plants of average height and require about 55 to 65 days to complete the flowering period. It can deliver as much as 600 grams per square meter of yield that contains high THC amounts. However, it is not used for medical treatments.

You can buy White Widow Feminized and Wonder Woman Feminized cannabis seeds from Buy Dutch Seeds, a trusted and legitimate online cannabis seed bank that offers a wide array of top notch cannabis seeds for cultivation.



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How do you manage a cannabis farm properly?

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The success of your brand is largely dependent on the extent to which you seek to promote your Cannabis business. One of the ways to do this revolves around managing your Cannabis farm efficiently. If you cannot do this, then do not even start to think about success of the products in the market. This can be compared to the health of the Cannabis plant; if you meet the conditions required for optimal gromlwml,mfdwth at germination stage, as the plant matures, the probability of getting poor yields is reduced significantly. This is the same with the Cannabis farm – you want to manage the plants at this stage so that the products in the market are of excellent quality. Below are some of the ways in which you can go about doing this.

1)      Ensure that you get high quality seeds for your Cannabis farm. The first thing that you must do prior to this is to check that cannabis has been legalized in your country, otherwise you run the risk of getting arrested. If this is a legal entity, you could have the seeds delivered to you by the numerous Cannabis seed banks that are widely available. In choosing a seed bank, you will need to ask a few questions so that you know what you are getting yourself into. For instance, what are the payment options available? What are the different seeds available and how have they been treated? What is the relation like between you and the support team at the seed bank?

2)      The second tip that you could put into practice involves allowing for germination prior to planting the seeds. In fact, it is preferable to germinate the seeds yourself so that you are assured of high quality. Germinations takes anywhere between a few days and a week.



3)      Make sure that you plant the seeds in soil that is moist. Caution: do not use soggy soil as this will prevent the roots from accessing air which is crucial for the proper growth of the plants. It is important to do this the moment you notice that sprouting has begun. The moment the plant emerges, take time to check the conditions of the garden regularly.

4)      Give the Cannabis plants sometime before you go ahead and carry out harvesting. Take note that you must have the appropriate lamp if you are to engage in indoor cannabis farming. This is because unlike the outdoor garden, indoor gardens are not open to natural light, and must therefore be subjected to artificial lighting. The intensity of this lighting varies depending on the particular stage that the plant is in.

5)      Following successful harvesting, ensure that you follow the correct procedures for handling the harvested cannabis to ensure that the high quality is sustained all through. This is, perhaps, one of the most crucial stages as improper handling could result in the products getting rejected.

These tips will help you manage your Cannabis farm more effectively.

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Getting started in cannabis farming

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Cannabis is an amazing crop, one whose popularity across the world is simply amazing. The advantage of this crop is that it can grow virtually anywhere in the world. This does not mean that you should not take care of the plants; in fact, if you require great yields, there are efforts that you have to put in. this article gives you a guide on tips that you should use.


Getting started with cannabis farming

There are a number of factors that you must put into consideration prior to starting cannabis cultivation. First, do you intend to grow the plants indoors or outdoors? Granted, this choice is not a walk in the park, so selecting what option to go with is important. To do so, you need to look at the pros and cons of each option. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you provide the right conditions for the proper growth of the plants. This is relevant for both options of growth. In addition, you will need to provide light and warmth so that germination happens seamlessly.

What is the aim of growing the cannabis plants? Is it because you want to delve into commercial farming or do you simply want to keep a steady supply of personal cannabis? Depending on the extent of farming, it will be pertinent to establish whether you have all that it takes for the successful cultivation of cannabis plants. If you have the energy to carry out research and tend to your crops, then commercial farming could be the way to go. You should also factor in the amount of space available in your garden prior to cultivation.

Indoor cannabis cultivation requires you to have a clean and well ventilated room. Take precautionary measure if you are to venture into this form of cultivation. This way, it poses less risk and also reduces the chances of having your investments blown away. For starters, you could simply get seeds from a reputable organization and plant them in appropriate medium. Make sure there is adequate lighting as well so that the plants move seamlessly from one stage to another. This will progress all through to harvesting, so take care of the indoor garden as you would an outdoor garden.

Outdoor cannabis cultivation on the other hand involves planting the crops directly on the ground. The tricky thing with this form of cultivation is that the plants are exposed to elements of weather. This means that they are more predisposed to risk, but precaution taken during germination of the seedlings means that it is possible to protect your plants and get good yields. The advantage of this form of growth is that the plants tend to be bigger, and therefore produce more yields. It also costs less to work with outdoor cultivation than it does with indoor cultivation, making it a favorite option for many novice farmers.

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How to use twitter to grow your cannabis business

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Advancements in the Cannabis industry as well as the internet have seen many business turn to the latter in order to grow businesses. One of the most talked about, and certainly the fastest growing social media platform is Twitter. To put this in perspective, think about the fact that all the major brands have a Twitter presence and you will understand the importance of doing so. What are some of the ways in which you can grow your Cannabis company? Below are five tips that will help you manage your brand’s account page more effectively.


1)      Create a profile, making sure to provide all the required details. While at it, ensure that you give a brief and precise description of your brand so that users will know exactly what to expect. Provide your exact location and link the profile to your website. Depending on the size of your business, you may want to create two accounts: one account will serve as a customer care channel while the other will act as an information centre.

2)      At the onset, do not tweet as much as you would want. Lay ground work and establish what your potential clients would want. Search for followers and brands in the cannabis industry to get a feel of what is expected. Follow those who interest you, as is expected, some will follow back, some will not. Slowly, however, you will be able to build an audience.

3)      If it helps, follow key personalities on Twitter to get tips on how to improve your cannabis business. There is always information on things that you could do to make your brand better and more visible.

4)      Share information about your brand. Get active, tweet and retweet other users. Engage your followers as well. Create a search for your brand and establish whether there are any complaints and make sure to provide a solution. Do not overlook the need to post relevant information about your Cannabis business, but limit it to less than half of what you post.

5)      Find great subtle ways to attract traffic to your site. Hold a competition, ask questions, create a discussion using a relevant hashtag or simply give offers eligible only on Twitter. To complement your efforts, create a blog about your company and link it to both your website and Twitter profile.

6)      Ensure that you feature your Twitter profile on your own website. That way, the traffic that goes to your website can easily end up to your Twitter feed. This will not only increase the chances of a conversion, it will also connect visitors to your website with your follower base on Twitter. Use marketing tools to effectively manage your Cannabis brand.

The advancements in today’s internet strategies calls for a proper management of one’s brand. With these tips, it is only a matter of time before you create a solid base on Twitter.

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