Growing Marijuana

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Growing MarijuanaIf one is interested in the business of growing marijuana, one must be extremely devoted and determined to be successful. Because growing requires many resources as well as take up much of your time, this project entails a lot of commitment and accuracy with every step along the way.

First of all, it is necessary to find out if it is legal to grow marijuana in your city/village, or country. All places in the world have not already legalized marijuana, and if you proceed on illegally growing marijuana before researching the legality in your region, it is most likely you may be reprimanded, or even detained for doing so. When you confirm that it is legal in your area, it may even be required to obtain a permit from a government agency before you start growing.

Indoors vs. Outdoors

Basically, marijuana has the ability to grow almost anywhere. The key to growing a good crop is that the plants are receiving adequate amount of nutrients, light and air in order to flourish. So in the end, growing both indoors and outdoors calls for the grower to have the necessary equipment and tools in order to keep the environment stable for the marijuana.


Organic soil is generally chosen and recommended to grow marijuana. Organic soil holds the proper type of nutrients that will help in the successful growth of the seeds. The seedlings will then sprout after a bit of time, and you are required to prepare a few boxes or pots in which you will transplant the sprouting seeds. You will also have to put the organic soil in these new pots. If you feel the plants are still not getting enough nutrients from the soil, you may also combine the soil with additionally bought nutrients, if necessary. Each growth stage will depend on several different kinds of nutrients, so it is recommended that you research on additives, beforehand.

Following a month, the roots will appear and the plants will require a more spacious area for them to develop. In order for the growing process to go smoothly, take note to purchase bigger pots/containers in advance.

Humidity and Temperature

Using humidity and temperature gauges to keep track of both is essential if growing indoors. If these two factors are not managed properly, the proper growth of your plants will not possible. It is best to research ahead of time what the correct levels of temperature and humidity are for each growth stage, so there are no issues with the plants. Monitoring this will also avert mold development.

  • Vegetative Stage:
    Humidity = 50%-75%
    Temperature = 75-80 degrees
  • Flowering Stage:
    Humidity = 30%
    Temperature = 75-80 degrees

To keep the air circulation in order, you may also place fans all over the closed area, which will prevent sudden rises in temperature if the weather gets warmer. Lamps should also be installed to produce high concentration of light for the buds to bloom. Timers can control the equipment in case you are not present.

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Cannabis Strains For The Sunny Climate

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Cannabis strains can be cultivated in almost all types of climates. Whether you are located close to the north pole or you are experiencing 30+ degree Celsius all-year round, there are cannabis strains that are suitable for these environments.

Now, if you are located in a place where there is plenty of sunshine everyday, you can start your own cannabis garden by selecting a cannabis strain that is ideal for a tropical setting. You can choose from the cannabis strains listed below.

Full Moon Feminized

This cannabis strain is a hybrid variety that is said to have been discovered in Southeast Asia. It is best cultivated outdoors as it enjoys the sunny climate. It contains high THC levels, so when smoked, it triggers a trippy high. It has a sweet scent and spicy flavor, and it can also be used for medicinal purposes.

California Orange Bud

This is a sativa strain that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It was first discovered in California and was brough to Holland back in the 80s. It is known for its orange-like taste, as well as its dense pistil clumps and sticky flowers. It contains medium THC level and is a great cannabis strain to grow for beginners.


This is a cannabis hybrid strain that is suitable for either indoor or outdoor growing. It has a diverse influence, a mixture of Thai, Columbian, Mexican, and Jamaican. It grows tall plants that contain high THC levels. When smoked, it triggers a potent, energetic high.

Skunk Special

This is a special type of hybrid strain that was created by seasoned cannabis breeders. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and can deliver as much as 600 grams per square meter of yield. It contains high THC levels, so smoking it can trigger a powerful high.

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Marijuana Strains For Your Indoor Marijuana Garden

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1. Aurora Indica Feminized - An indica strain that grows compact plants, this type is known for its heavy colas, dense buds, and substantial resin amounts. It contains high THC, so expect a potent and heavy buzz when smoked.

2. Chrystal - This is a hybrid strain that is the product of cross breeding Northern Lights and White Widow. It produces large buds that are sticky and smells like kerosene. It is an award-winning breed, so it is a must-have.

3. Blue Mystic - Popular for its soft blue color, this strain is an indica strain that is originally from California. When smoked, it has an earthy flavor, mixed with some fruit berry taste. It contains high THC so it is very potent.

4. Dutch Hope - A hybrid strain that is the product of the Afghan and a Skunk variety. It is known for being mold and pest resistant. It grows tall plants that produce up to 600 grams per square meter of yield that contains medium THC.

5. Haze - This is a hybrid strain that produces tall plants with furry buds. It contains high THC, so it can cause an intense and potent high when smoked.

6. Eldorado - This is a sativa strain that has a long flowering period. It grows tall plants that produce airy and thin buds. It contains extremely high THC, so expect a powerful kick once you smoke it.

7. Ice - This is a hybrid variety that grows tall plants with a dense structure. When smoked, it can cause a very heavy high since it contains extremely high levels of THC.

8. Medusa Feminized - A medical hybrid cannabis strain, this variety is characterized by light green colored buds and poweful musty smell. It contains high THC levels, so an energetic buzz is triggered when it is smoked.

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Cannabis Seed Strains For Outdoor Growing

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Thinking of starting your own cannabis garden outdoors? Do you know what the best cannabis strains are for outdoor cultivation? Here are some good quality cannabis strain types that you might want to consider:

1. Full Moon Feminized

A hybrid cannabis strain type, Full Moon Feminized has Asian origins and is known for its sweet smell and unique spicy taste. It thrives in the sunny climate and grows plants that have long flowering periods that last for about two months and a half. It contains high THC levels, so it triggers an intense visual high when smoked.

2. California Orange Bud

This strain is popular for its orange-like scent and sweet taste. It has a very eye-catching appearance, with its dense pistil clumps and sticky buds. It has an average flowering period of about two months and thrives in the sunny climate.

3. Chrystal

This is a hybrid strain that is the result of cross breeding the White Widow and the Northern Lights. It produces plants that are of average height, with a bushy and thick structure, and buds that are covered with crystals. When smoked, it triggers a cerebral high, accompanied by a sweet scent.

4. B52

A popular medical cannabis strain, B52 is suitable for outdoor growing, even in places with Mediterranean climate. Its plants contain medium level THC and can cause a potent high, with a sweet flavor, when smoked.

5. Early Girl

This outdoor cannabis strain produces tall plants that can grow up to two meters. It is very popular because of its high resistance to mold and pests. When smoked, it causes a mellow high that is accompanied by a subtle skunky taste.

You can buy all these top notch outdoor cannabis seed strains from Buy Dutch Seeds, so check out the site now and begin your purchase.

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Growing Marijuana Indoors

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Growing Marijuana Indoors

            There is nothing more exciting than a marijuana user being able to find their substance of choice and enjoy it in or at their own home. However, some users may find it difficult to find marijuana at the exact time and place that they need it. Here is a great solution to your problems when it comes to needing marijuana and not having access to it: grow your own indoor marijuana garden. Below is more information on growing marijuana indoors.

Why Indoor Growing?

            For obvious reasons, growing marijuana in your own home helps you out when it comes to having to find someone that is willing and able to provide you with the substance. Growing your own marijuana garden gives you all of the supply of marijuana that you may need at any given time. When the supply runs out, you are able to grow more. You make your own supply of marijuana endless. Below are more reasons to increase your desire to cultivate your own marijuana by way of maintaining a marijuana indoor garden:

  • You save money by cultivating your own marijuana.
  • Growing indoors save you from the risk of being caught by outsiders. When grown inside, no one has to know that you have a marijuana garden.
  • You are in charge of your own supply of marijuana.
  • You gain more education on growing marijuana and the effects of the substance.
  • You can make your own profit by selling your product.

Know Your Strains

            A great tip when deciding to grow your own garden is to be familiar on the types of marijuana strains. There are three different types of strains: sativa, cannabis ruderalis, and indica. Sativa is the most common strain. That strain and the indica strain are commonly used in growing marijuana. The cannabis ruderalis strain is solely for making the hybrid strain. The sativa and indica strains are the strains that will give marijuana users the highest of all highs when being smoked.

The Growing Process

            To start the process of growing marijuana, you must have the garden in a place with the appropriate temperature. Start by planting the seed in the soil. It is recommended to use small pots to plant the seeds. Just like planting any other seed, the soil must be at the appropriate pH levels and must be given proper nutrients in order for the seed to sprout successfully. For a few weeks, make sure to water the seeds daily.

            Now, you will need to move the plant to a bigger pot. Use the same kind of soil and make sure the pH levels and nutrients are the same. Make sure there is decent room for the plant to get bigger. As the plants get too big for their current pots, keep moving them to allow the plants room to grow. Be mindful of spots of infestation. If that occurs, contact a marijuana growth specialist for ways to stop spreading the infectious bacteria.

Always Remember

            When cultivating your own marijuana garden, you must be patient. Growing your own indoor garden is time consuming and takes a few weeks, maybe even months to get the plant that you want. In the meantime, take solace in knowing that once you have your marijuana garden up and running, you will be able to supply yourself with as much marijuana as you need.

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Oregon Marijuana Cultivation Regulations

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Oregon allows marijuana cultivation at home for qualified people. So, if you live there and are interested in growing your own marijuana plants, you have to register with the state health department first to secure a medical marijuana license.

Beginning July 1, 2015, people can grow a maximum of four marijuana plants at home. However, there are other rules that growers have to be familiar with so as not to put themselves in a sticky situation. Here they are:

- Growing marijuana is not allowed if your house is within 1,000 feet of any school. So, you have to check where the closest registered grow site is and look for other options.

- Home growers have to put up a barrier or fence around their yard, if they are growing outdoors, so that the marijuana plants cannot be seen in public. It is considered a violation if your marijuana plants are in the view of your neighbors or passersby.

- Home growers are allowed to share their marijuana plants, seeds, or clones to other people, but they should give it away for free and not sell them. You have to have a license issued by the state before you can sell marijuana strains.

- Producing marijuana extracts or concentrates at home is not allowed. This rule stems from the fact that there have already been several cases of serious injuries that resulted from making hash oil and similar products with the use of butane, which is flammable.

To learn more about marijuana cultivation in Oregon, we urge you to consult the state agency in-charge of medical marijuana. It is wise to know what the actual rules are and not just guess to avoid being arrested or put in jail.

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Materials Need for Indoor Marijuana Growth

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Indoor Marijuana Growth

Picture this: you are an avid marijuana user. You have your main person that you always get your supply of marijuana from and there has never been a time where you needed the substance and your supplier did not have it. However, you have just been informed that your supplier is no longer in the business of supplying you marijuana and you must find someone new. You recall the hassle it was to find a supplier in the beginning and despite your love of the substance, you do not want to look for someone else to supply your needs. You sit at home and think to yourself it would be beneficial for me to have my own weed supply in the comforts of my own home.

 If you do not want to be in that situation, you should consider growing your own marijuana. Below are the materials that you will need to start the process.

Before You Start

            If you have the desires to start growing your own marijuana garden inside your home, you have to take into consideration some very important information. It is perfectly fine to conduct your own research on the matter or even consult a marijuana cultivator who is an expert in growing the plant. Whichever method you choose, make sure you are well-educated on the process of growing your own marijuana garden. Also know what strains of marijuana you will be growing. Keep in mind that the process is very long and can take weeks or even months to grow a satisfactory plant. Do not get discouraged if your first attempt is not successful.

The Materials

            When you are ready to start, you can begin gathering your materials. Below is a list of what you will need:

  • Marijuana seeds (purchase from a seed bank or online)
  • Soil (with the right pH level)
  • Soil nutrients
  • Different sized pots (you will need small pots to start with, gradually needing larger pots)
  • Temperature lights
  • Tons of space for the plant to grow

The Growth Process

            Once you have your materials, you are ready to start. Follow the steps below to grow your perfect garden.

  • Step 1: determine the strain of seed you need (indica, sativa, or ruderalis). Plant the seed in a small pot. Make sure the pH levels are correct.
  • Step 2: add nutrients to the soil to help the plant grow healthy. Water the plant as often as possible as well.
  • Step 3: place the pot in a big area of the home. You want enough space for the plant to grow bigger.
  • Step 4: place a light source over the plant to ensure that a certain temperature is kept to help the plant grow.
  • Step 5:  sit back and observe your marijuana plant get bigger. Soon you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your own labor.

An Important Fact to Remember

            Growing marijuana is not a process that happens overnight. You must be patient and now that you hard work will pay off in the end. Make sure you are able to endure the waiting period that is required when growing your own marijuana.

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