How to Reap A Good Cannabis Yield

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Every cannabis grower expects a good result of their harvest. This is why the research and search of good type of cannabis seeds are going on. Continuous experiments to develop a good hybrid of seeds to have best production result are going in every parts of the world. Considered as a wonder in medical world but the interest in acquiring a huge amount of money from this business is what other people are putting in their mind. That is one reason why plenty of individuals want to engage in planting cannabis. 

A person planning to grow cannabis should bear in mind that this objective require full time dedication and financial support to have a successful outcome for him to have at the end. 

There are several things to remember for a grower to follow in growing cannabis or marijuana plants. One of them is water. We all know that water is one of the most important elements in the plants growth and development but ones the proper amount given to the plants is not followed seriously then it will result to disaster and failure of the objective. 

The best way for a person to start growing cannabis or marijuana is that he knows what type of seeds he wants to plant. He can get information from establishments selling marijuana seeds what type is a high yielding one, asks some persons involve in the business for a long time or he can search on line the seed he wants for his project. 

There are several characteristics or qualities of seed to be considered before a grower pick the type he wanted. Some of these qualities are high yielding and have strong effect to the user not mentioning some of it. These are the most important qualities of a marijuana seed that every grower is looking for. 

Hybrid marijuana strains have different qualities or attributes from those that are not. Sometimes hybrid seeds have a fast development and it takes only a short period but the result of post harvest is not satisfactory. Other seeds have a good result of harvest but it takes a longer period of full maturity development. All of these qualities will give as basis of the grower in selecting a good type of seed. 

Marijuana or cannabis seeds planted in a good type of soil, the grower can expect a good result in his harvest. But other ways or method of planting like growing the plants in water and the other method is through the air have also good results and the variations is the length of plant maturity and the attributes that the plant has in itself.

For cannabis seeds with good quality yield, you can find them at Buy Dutch Seeds, an online cannabis seed bank that offers diverse, top nothc, reasonably priced cannabis seed strains.

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What impact does Cannabis have on penis health?

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In light of the recent move by several states to make legal the consumption of Cannabis, there have been several amendments to see to it that this substance is readily available. Even with these advancements, it is crucial to look at the social implications of the same. This is important especially when you consider that many more young people are likely to use cannabis. What’s more, the use of cannabis is often accompanied by debauchery, and top on this list is the intake of alcohol and engaging in sex. With this in mind, the focus of this article is the impact of cannabis on the health of a very important organ in males, the penis.

Scientific studies have been carried out to establish the effect of the active ingredient of cannabis on the male sexual health. Despite the fact that a number of the results contradict each other, a number of conclusions can be made about the effect of the substance in males.

  • Erectile function

The buzz that users attest to following the consumption of cannabis is attributed to the attachment of the cannabis active ingredients to the receptors of the cannabinoid system which are located in the brain. Research indicates that the smooth muscles of the penis contain cannabinoid receptors. These are the very muscles that are involved in erectile function. The stimulation of this muscle will often impact a man’s capacity to get and sustain a normal erection.


  • A study carried out in Australia indicated that men who used cannabis were more likely to find it hard (no pun intended!) to get an orgasm. In addition to this, men who took cannabis were three times more likely to get premature ejaculation.
  • Continuous use of cannabis also poses long term issues, many of which may adversely affect the health of an individual at later stages of their life. This risk is prevalent in individuals with heart conditions, mental disorders as well as respiratory diseases. When you consider that cannabis is retained in the reproductive system for the longest period, it is clear why this could lead to fertility problems as well as impact fetal health.
  • Shrinkage of the penis in men who use cannabis remains debatable for the simple reason that studies have not been conducted exclusively. In spite of this, it has been shown that smoking, especially tobacco cigars, results in the shrinkage of connective tissue, part of which is the penile tissue. So harsh are these effects that some case studies have information on male subjects who experienced shrinkage by up to a centimeter. Interestingly, there has been no evidence that cannabis leads to such results.


The decision to stop the use of cannabis is solely an individual’s to make, and will therefore involve effort from the concerned person’s. even with this knowledge, it is important to acknowledge the fundamental role that medical Cannabis plays, and especially as far as the number of conditions to be managed is concerned.

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The process of manicuring Cannabis plants

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Manicuring buds is a process that will often be carried once harvesting has been done. It is usually an exciting phase for the farmer because then it means that they are able to get good returns from all the effort put in during the plant’s lifecycle. By definition, this is the process of getting rid of the excessive leaves and branches from the stems. Notably, these stems will contain cannabis buds, and the reason for manicuring is to separate the good from the bad. It is a time-intensive procedure so a number of farmers find this whole technique laborious, yet others find it quite a relaxing way to spend time in the garden. Whichever way, the manicuring of these plants has immense benefits on the plants.


For starters, it is recommended that one works in a cool, dark and dry room using a glass table top. If this is not available then a smooth flat and stable surface will work just fine. This way, you will get to see all the parts that you are working on with relative ease. Once this is done, the next step will involve the cutting away of excess leaves and foliage around the buds so that only the Cannabis bud is left. To achieve this, you will have to get a sharp pair of scissors, preferably one that is small in size to avoid chopping the bud. Get your dose of patience as well because it will come in handy.

The reason why you need a dose of patience is because as you continue to use the pair of scissors, you will notice that it gets stickier. This happens due to the coating of the pair of scissors with resin, a sticky substance that is produced by the buds as they enter maturation. If need be, try dabbing alcohol on the pair of scissors so that it absorbs the resin to make your work easier. Some farmers opt to rub the pair of scissors with virgin olive oil before they can start the process of Cannabis manicuring. This serves to lubricate the pair of scissors in a bid to reduce the coating of resin.

Take note that once you are done manicuring, you want to preserve as much of the resin as you possibly can. If you have some background knowledge in the biology of cannabis plants, you will know that the resin contains a very high concentration of active ingredients that are known as the cannabinoids. This resin may be used to prepare hash which can then be smoked. In the end, you will remain with many leaves and offcuts. This should not be disposed off as waste for the simple reason that while it is not as potent as the buds, it does contain some cannabinoids. It will be a little tricky to smoke, but it does make a good source of hash.


Cannabis manicuring is a vital process if you want to get good quality cannabis, yet it need not be the last step. Drying and curing could be done to get the most out of the leaves.

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How does Cannabis help treat pain in pets?

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If you have a pet, you have probably faced one of the hardest things as far as pet ownership is concerned. When your pet is in pain, what do you do? What happens when your pet develops a tumor that is cancerous in nature? Ideally, a visit to the vet will have your pet get tramadol as a prescription. The flip side is that tramadol causes the pet to be drowsy, and is more often than not accompanied by tiredness. This was evident when my friend’s canine got a tumor that spread to the lungs and the liver. As is expected, the dog was given tramadol, a drug whose effects my friend’s did not like. That was the case until a mutual friend suggested that they give a tincture of cannabis a try. The Cannabis tincture was readily available from various Cannabis dispensaries, and was sold as medication for the pet.


The most amazing thing following the administration of the cannabis tincture is that the dog’s appetite resumed, and the emesis stopped. My friend and I believe that this is not just any happening. The stoppage of tramadol did have a huge effect on the canine so that it is still as active as it used to be. The argument she gave was that since there has never been any fatality resulting from overconsumption of cannabis on humans, it was unlikely that a canine would suffer any harm. In any case, cannabis is used to treat loss of appetite and address pain in human beings, so little would probably change for a canine. With these results, I want to believe that cannabis can indeed be used for the treatment of such conditions in pets. Remember that at the end of the day, it is all about better treatment for your pet.

The legalization of cannabis is a slow process in a number of states, although a few strides have been made towards the same. Different jurisdictions have different laws regarding the cultivation, sale, possession and consumption of Cannabis, so before you venture out to something of the sort, besure about what the law in your locality says. The best thing so far is, perhaps, the fact that the perception of cannabis use has changed over the years, and while not everyone is comfortable with this, a good number are more welcoming to the use of Cannabis especially for medical purposes. This ought to be extended to pets even as scientific studies continue to show more possibilities about this amazing green plant.


Depending on the condition of your pet, it is wise to look for alternatives of pain management particularly in chronic cases or terminal illnesses. As mentioned above, this is not the time to get your pet high; it is simply a question of improving the quality of life while the pet is still alive. What is your take on this? Would you administer Cannabis to your pet? If you have done so already, what was your experience like?

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Tips to use when cloning Cannabis

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If I told you that I do not keep cannabis mother plants would you believe me? Well, that is the truth simply because as a farmer, I have decided to turn to cloning of Cannabis plants. There are a number of reasons why this is a preferable option, but two of the best reasons for this are that unlike clones, mother plants tend to take up a lot of space. They also use up electricity when they are in the vegetative state, taking up more space as they grow up to mature plants. Cloning of Cannabis plants effectively gets rid of these inconveniences, making for a great way to save on operational costs of running a Cannabis garden.

To ensure that this process goes on seamlessly, I prefer to make use of multiple growing sections all running under distinct lighting programs. The lighting programs used are important in the phase prior to the 12/12 light schedule that the plants undergo during their lifecycle. How then does cloning take place? The cuttings are taken just before the plants undergo the change to the second light schedule, and are then transferred to an 18/6 light schedule to allow rooting to take place. The result is tiny healthy plants with the same traits as the mother plant. These plants grow very rapidly, quite in contrast with getting cuttings from old plants. This tends to be easier said than done, but it is advisable to use young healthy Cannabis plants to get the cutting.


The interesting thing is that when I started off cloning my plants, I was really green, no pun. As a novice, I had to go through numerous checks to establish what works best. Through many trial and error methods, I realized that the efficiency of cloning ultimately boils down to two factors: the temperature levels as well as the humidity levels. These two factors play a fundamental role when it comes to the amount of time that it will take for a clone to undergo complete rooting. When the two parameters are controlled, rooting proceeds very well, and the cuttings will rarely undergo stunted growth. A consistent temperature range of between 74 and 78 degrees will go a long way in promoting the health of the cuttings.

To aid in this, there are tiny plugs which are designed for plants and which are pre-treated to ensure that the cuttings root progressively well. When using these rooters, look out for clones from green shoots as they tend to have healthier cells. What’s more, when cutting the clones, ensure that you use sharp tools to avoid exposing the plants to undue stress. Chopping off the long leaves will also work well to eliminate loss of water through transpiration. Does this look like a viable procedure? Do you think cloning is an effective process? Try it out and share your thoughts with us as there is no better way to practice fine cannabis production than with cloning.

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Tricks to improving Cannabis flowering in indoor gardens

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The flowering phase is one of the most important stages of a Cannabis plant, and as such,it helps if a farmer knows some of the tricks that will ensure this procedure continue seamlessly. Needless to say, it is also one of the most rewarding phases since a farmer is assured that if the stage goes well, a bountiful harvest awaits. Regardless of the garden setup, it is imperative that the optimal conditions are provided. This stage is characterized by the development of flower clusters, and the good news is that there are a number of things that a farmer can do to increase the quantity of harvest as well as the quality of the same.

Unlike an outdoor Cannabis garden, every single facet of cultivation is entirely dependent on the farmer. In this type of garden, the ideal temperatures range from 25-30 degrees Celsius. What’s more, the humidity levels of the indoor cannabis garden range between 40% and 55%. In addition to this, the difference between the temperatures during the day and the night must not be more than 10 degrees as this has the effect of lowering the rate of different metabolic processes in the plant. Take note too that the relative humidity must remain below 70% in order to avoid predisposing the plants to the risk of mold development.

The condition of air conditioning in the indoor cannabis garden is also of paramount importance. Some argue that this is not an eco-friendly addition to the garden, but if you live in a country with relatively warm climate, you need no telling just how crucial such a system is. The benefit of using air conditioning is that the plants grow in a cool environment with the drying effect of the plants having a great impact on the process of flowering. When introducing this to your plants, however, you want to avoid placing the system where the plants get blown directly. It is actually recommended that air flow is directed towards the ceiling for the simple reason that this will allow precipitation which ensures that warm air rises to the top.

With all the climatic conditions set in place, the next are of interest involves the optimal feeding of the Cannabis plants during this crucial stage. In this stage, the plants will benefit from Phosphorous, Potassium as well as microelements to ensure the proper production of buds which are resinous. Nitrogen is important during the initial days of flowering, but the levels availed must be reduced in the latter days to maintain a proper calyx-to-leaf ratio. To achieve this, the pH value of the solution ought to stay above 6.0. Additionally, a farmer needs to make sure that the plants are hungry for optimal intake.


For a Cannabis farmer to get the most out of his plants, it is important that they pinpoint the weakest point and work from there to make proper adjustments. Flowering offers a farmer the ideal chance to make all this work.

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Tricks to engage in Cannabis shelf growing

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If you have had the chance to grow Cannabis for yourself, then you must be well aware of how different it tastes and feels from the normal stash obtained from the good news is that it is very easy to grow your own garden. If it is your first time there are bound to be mistakes, but then again these mistakes present a great environment to learn what works and what does not. While at it, has it ever crossed your mind how top-shelf buds are grown and cultivated? If so, you will be elated to discover that this article addresses that very concern – how to grow great top-shelf buds. These are tricks that will convince the rest of your friends to get them and replicate the techniques in their own gardens.


1)      The first and perhaps the most obvious thing that you must do when you make the shift to top-shelf cultivation of Cannabis is that you must have the basic tenets of cultivation. The chief reason for this is that it will allow you to grow the plants as you monitor the different stages of their lifecycle. To get the best yields, learn as much as you can about the fundamentals of growing this plant. With technological advancements these days, there is hardly any reason why anyone should be lacking in this.

2)      Start the cultivation of your plants with top-self genetics. Avoid cultivating just about any seeds that you find as it could lead you to getting a crop with poor traits. It is preferable to use seed banks for this as they are more reliable when it comes to offering excellent quality seeds. Take note that the cost of the seeds from such places tends to be relatively high, but this is a low price to pay for a great harvest.

3)      Check that the humidity levels of your cannabis garden are within range as this is one of the biggest problems that is faced by cannabis farmers across the world. Different stages in the plant’s lifecycle will require different humidity levels. For instance, in the vegetative state, humidity levels should not be lower than 40%, while this changes in the flowering stage where the plants prefer less humidity. The underlying reason for this is to curb the development of mold as well as increase the production of trichomes.

4)      Learn how to raise the terpene content of the Cannabis plants that you have as this is what is largely responsible for the smell and taste associated with the crop.

5)      Ensure proper ventilation within the cannabis garden. The proper flow of air also means that the buds produced by the plants are strong and of good quality.

6)      The importance of setting the right temperature may not be underestimated as it greatly influences the production of high quality buns.

At the end of the day, learning how to grow Cannabis from one’s collection means that one becomes a better farmer as well as a better mummy.

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