Flowering Periods Of Cannabis Strains

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If you are a cannabis grower, there are many factors about cannabis and cannabis cultivation that you need to put into consideration all the time. Even before you start, you have to study various aspects of this field since they might affect the growth and development of your cannabis plants in a major way.

One of these important factors is choosing what cannabis seed strain to grow and how long its flowering period is. Not all cannabis strains require two months to complete their flowering cycle. Some take longer, while some require shorter. So, if you are a cannabis grower, you should look into this, especially if you are very concerned about the schedule of your entire cannabis cultivation process.

The flowering period of cannabis plants can basically be divided into three major kinds. They are enumerated below, along with a few examples of cannabis strains that fall under each category.

Short flowering period

Cannabis strains that have short flowering periods require between 45 and 55 days. Examples include:


    • Afghan


    • AK-48


    • Early Bud


    • Early Misty


    • Kaya Gold Feminized


    • Papaya


    • Snow White


    • Swiss Cheese


    • Swiss Miss


    • Top 44


Average flowering period

This lasts between 55 and 65 days. Examples are:


    • Aurora Indica Feminized


    • Autoflowering Short Rider Feminized


    • B52


    • BDS Special Feminized


    • Big Bud


    • Black Jack Feminized


    • Blackberry


    • Blue Mystic


    • Chrystal


    • Citral Diesel


    • Durban Poision


    • Dutch Hope


    • Early Girl


    • Four Way


    • Hindu Kush


    • Ice


Long flowering period

This requires between 65 and 75 days, Examples are:


    • Eldorado


    • Full Moon Feminized


    • Haze


    • Jock Horror


    • Sterling Haze


These cannabis seed strains are all available at Buy Dutch Seeds, an online cannabis seed banks that prides of its top notch cannabis seed strains that are grown and bred by professional cannabis growers and breeders in Holland. Visit the website now to learn more about these strains and buy them at reasonable prices.
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How To Choose A Cannabis Strain To Cultivate

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Starting a cannabis garden can both be fun and tedious. It is fun in the sense that you are doing something that interests you a lot. You spend a lot of time doing what you love, and learning a lot from the experience. It is tedious because you have to setup various things, install certain items, and so on.

Probably one of the most difficult things involved in growing cannabis plants is selecting the right type of cannabis seeds to grow. You see, there are so many cannabis seed strains available today, and picking just one can be quite challenging.

So what exactly do you look for in a cannabis seed?


Every cannabis grower has his or her own preferences. You may want something that contains very high levels of THC. You may prefer something that grows to average height so that you can fit all the plants inside a small closet in your house. If you are undergoing medical cannabis treatment, you may want a strain that is good for medical purposes. Thus, it is necessary that you note down all these requirements so that it will be a bit easier to figure out what cannabis strain can meet all your needs.

For example, if you are looking for a cannabis strain that is a hybrid, contains high levels of THC, grows to average height, can be cultivated either outdoors or indoors, can thrive in the Mediterranean climate, and generates around 300 grams per square meter of yield, then you can consider the Medusa Feminized Cannabis.

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How To Select A Marijuana Grow Site

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More and more people are curious about marijuana. As a result, they look for ways to get permission to cultivate this plant since it is illegal to do so in many cities and countries. Marijuana cultivation is actually an activity that is becoming more popular, especially in areas where marijuana has been legalized.

If you have gotten permission to grow marijuana, the first thing that you have to do is to find a grow site. There are many options to look at, and the final decision is up to you and what you have available.

Indoor Growing Options

Marijuana indoor growing is quite popular. If you live in a house that has some extra indoor space, you can start your marijuana indoor garden immediately. You can look at the following indoor spaces and see which one fits you best:

Bedroom – this is ideal for those that want a medium-scale marijuana indoor garden. This can house a good number of pots and can allow taller marijuana plants to grow.

Closet – this is for those that are cultivating just a few marijuana plants. Closets are not that spacious, so do not try to squeeze in too many marijuana pots in there because the plants will have a hard time developing properly.

Outdoor Growing Options

The outdoors enable your marijuana plants to breathe in fresh air and bask under the sunlight. The following are some good outdoor garden sites:

Backyard – this can accommodate a pretty large number of marijuana plants or pots, depending on the size of your backyard.

Forest – this is really good especially to those that are planning to grow marijuana large-scale. However, make sure that the area is not going to be disturbed by any human or animal activity which could negatively affect the growth and development of the plants.

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What Marijuana Strains Are Good For Outdoor Cultivation?

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Growing marijuana plants is a common practice in certain parts of the planet. It is an activity that some people find to be very interesting, engaging, and fun. For that reason, there have been many small-scale marijuana cultivation going on over the past few years.

If you are thinking of getting into outdoor marijuana growing, you need to have a good cannabis strain type that is suitable for this location. Sometimes, certain marijuana strains are better cultivated indoors than outdoors, and vice versa, so to not waste any resources or time, you have to find one that has the ability to adapt to the outdoor environment.

Buy Dutch Seeds is an online cannabis seed bank that offers several outdoor marijuana seed strains for people looking to start their own outdoor cannabis garden. The website has more than a couple of dozen marijuana strains that are affordable and top notch.

For instance, the Super Ice strain is available for only $55 for 10 seeds. It is a hybrid between Ice 2000 and Supergirl. It is known for its high quality, very dense buds. It creates a powerful buzz, making it popular among marijuana users. It contains extremely high amounts of THC. It thrives in sunny climates, and has a flowering period of between 55 and 65 days.

Another example is the New Purple Power marijuana. For only $55, you can buy 10 seeds from Buy Dutch Seeds. It belongs to the sativa family and is believed to have come from the US. It is well-liked because of its exotic color and flavor. If you live in a cold climate, it is perfect for you. It contains high levels of THC, and generates a long-lasting, energetic high.
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Best Cannabis Seeds To Cultivate In Cold Regions

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Cannabis cultivation is popular in various parts of the planet. There are people living in the tropics that are big fans of this plant, and there are also those that live in the colder regions that are enthusiastic with it. Now, if you are one of those that are located in the cold parts of the world and you are looking for the perfect cannabis strain to grow, then let me help you find it.

There is one online cannabis seed bank that can provide you with reliable and dependable cannabis strain suggestions, and that is Buy Dutch Seeds. Buy Dutch Seeds offers various cannabis seeds that are of top notch quality, as they are bred by expert and seasoned cannabis breeders from the Netherlands. They are dedicated to satisfying all cannabis growers and breeders around the world so they can enjoy the many benefits of cannabis.

Once you arrive to the Buy Dutch Seeds website, you can use the filter function located on the left side of the page. Just click on "CLIMATE" and then on "Cold" and you will be given a list of their suggestions for cannabis strains suitable for the cold climate.

Buy Dutch Seeds has the following suggestions for cannabis strains perfect for the cold climate:
  • Citral - sold for only $45 for 10 seeds 
  • Early Misty - you can buy 10 seeds for $56 
  • New Purple Power - a 10-seed pack costs $55 
  • Raspberry Cough - it costs $65 to buy a 10-seed pack 
  • Swazi - a 10-seed back is sold for $59 
  • Swiss Cheese - sold for only $59 for 10 seeds 
  • Swiss Miss - a 10-seed pack is available for $55 

The deals are reasonable enough, right? 

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Cannabis Seed Suggestions For Indoor Growing

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Indoor growing of cannabis seeds has become quite popular over the years, since more and more places have legalized cannabis. Many people are now discovering the wonders and benefits of cannabis so they are inclined to give it a shot, and see the good things about it themselves.

If you are among these people that would like to learn more about cannabis, you can start by starting your own indoor cannabis garden. Growing indoors is actually one of the easiest ways to cultivate cannabis since most of us have some amount of available indoor space in our homes. It does not really matter much if what you have is a small cabinet or a large basement. As long as you are ready to get started and are in thirst for this kind of venture, then you can start your own indoor cannabis garden.

But before we go any further, you must find out what cannabis strains are perfect for indoor growing. How do you know which ones are ideal for this purpose?

Buy Dutch Seeds is an online cannabis seed bank that has a wide variety of cannabis seed strains to offer. If you go to their website, you can see that they have several dozens of cannabis seeds available in their catalog. You can also find that you can filter your searches by clicking on any category on the left side of the page. For this instance, simply click on 'Indoor Seeds' and you can browse through the many different cannabis strains that they have for indoor cultivation.

The search returns at least 55 cannabis seeds that are recommended by expert cannabis growers for indoor cultivation. Some of the most notable names are the Afghan, AK-49, Aurora Indica Feminized, Big Bud, Black Jack, Blue Mystic, Chrystal, Citral, Durban Poision, and Sterling Haze.
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Growing Cannabis Seeds In Cold Climate

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Cannabis plants can grow in different regions of the world. There are certain cannabis strains that are perfect for tropical climate, and there are also suitable for the cold.

If you are located in the colder parts of the planet and you are looking for the best cannabis seeds to grow there, there are actually a number of cannabis seed strains to choose from. Buy Dutch Seeds recommends the following cannabis seeds:

Early Misty Cannabis

The product of crossbreeding skunk marijuana and misty marijuana, Early Misty Cannabis is a good cannabis strain for the colder regions. It is a compact plant that can be cultivated outdoors. It contains extremely high concentrations of THC and emits a coffee-like aroma when smoked and a body kind of high.

Swiss Cheese

The product of crossbreeding Swiss Miss and Skunk #1, Swiss Cheese is also a great option if cultivating either indoors or outdoors in cold climate. It contains high amounts of THC and can generate at most 500 grams of yield per sq m. It is a very popular cannabis strain among newbie cannabis growers because it is quite easy to cultivate and has strong resistance against pests and mold.

Swiss Miss

Said to have originated from the Alps in the Switzerland region, Swiss Miss is a product of some remarkable strain from Nepal and some traditional skunk cannabis kind. It has high levels of THC and is known to generate smoke that has a skunky flavor. It can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors and flowering takes around a month and a half to two months.

Each of these three cannabis strains that are perfect for cold climate can be purchased from the Buy Dutch Seeds website.
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