Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Tips

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Look for an outdoor spot where you want to grow cannabis. Some of the most common outdoor spots cannabis growers choose are:

A backyard - This is a good outdoor spot if you have even a small outdoor backyard. If you have a small one, then growing about five or so plants is manageable. If you have a large one, then you can obviously grow twice or thrice that number.

A rooftop - This is for those that want a bit more privacy. This is better done if you have a very high rooftop, so as to keep the plants closer to the sun. This will generate larger buds. However, a disadvantage of this setup is the plants might get dehydrated faster.

A greenhouse - This is like having an indoor grow room in an outdoor setting. The good thing about it is that it can protect your plants against drastic temperature changes and very strong winds. The downside of using it is that it is very expensive to build.


Now, when growing cannabis, you will need soil that is continuously fed with enough nutrients to provide the needs of the plants as they grow.

Get the grow site ready by cleaning the surroundings. You may use farming or gardening tools to get the beds prepared. You might need some additives to mix with the soil to keep it suitable for cannabis plant growth and development.

Next, you will need cannabis seeds. You can buy cannabis seeds from trusted online cannabis seed banks.

When planting the seeds, make sure that there is enough space in between every seed so that they are not too close to each other or be too crowded when they grow roots.

Having a reliable water source for your garden nearby is a necessity. Water is essential in keeping the plants rich and healthy all throughout the growth and development cycle.

Sometimes, insects and pests can threaten your cannabis plants, so have some pest controls and pathogens ready for the possibility of an infestation. You should also be ready to call experts if things go out of hand.

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Tips On Starting Your Own Indoor Marijuana Garden

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Are you planning to start your own indoor marijuana garden? Are you new to this venture and you are looking for some basic tips to get started? Here are hopefully some useful reminders that you can make use of.

First of all, you should know that there are many different varieties of marijuana seeds to choose. You have to find out their properties and characteristics, what they need to grow properly, and so on.

The three main types of marijuana strains are the cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, and cannabis ruderalis. The indica and the sativa are the two marijuana strains used to grow marijuana plants. The ruderalis is usually utilized in producing hybrid strains.

Get the indoor grow site ready by cleaning it and setting up lights and fans around. It is important that there is enough light and good air circulation in the indoor space for the plants to thrive and bloom.

The marijuana seeds need to be planted pots or containers with soil of the correct pH level for the proper development and growth of marijuana plants.

Make sure that you water your marijuana plants everyday or on a regular basis to keep them hydrated. Also, do not put them too close to the lights as that may dry them out fast or burn them.

Take note of changes in color, height, and so on of each marijuana plant. Before you know it, harvest time is around the corner and you are about to enjoy the yield that you have harvested.

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Indoor Marijuana Cultivation: LED Lights VS HID Lights

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If you are thinking of starting your own indoor marijuana garden, you have to setup lights around the indoor site for your marijuana plants.

There are different types of lights to choose from, and each offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

Here are two of the most commonly used grow lights for indoor marijuana gardens.

LED lights - These have been used by marijuana growers for several decades now. LED, which stands for light emitting diode, was first introduced back in 1962, and since then, it has been utilized for a wide range of things, including in automobile headlights and traffic lights.

LED grow lights are usually used when growing marijuana hydroponically. They are available in different colors. Some marijuana growers use a particular color for each stage of marijuana growth. For instance, they use blue LED grow lights for marijuana plants in the vegetative stage, and yellow, red, amber, and orange LED lights for the flowering stage.

HID lights - These lights are popular among marijuana growers, but they are not nearly as cost efficient as LED lights. They are cheaper, so many newbie cannabis growers use them for their first ventures.

HID, which stands for High Intensity Discharge, has two types: HPS or high pressure sodium and MH or metal halide. They emit so much heat, so they must be placed at a certain distance away from the plants to prevent burning or drying out from occurring.

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Indoor Marijuana Growing - Grow Site Suggestions

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If you are thinking of starting your own marijuana garden indoors, you have to find a suitable indoor space where you can setup your grow site. The materials that you need depend on how small or big the garden that you want, as well as on what resources are readily accessible.

The Applications of the Pure Breeds of Marijuana

To help you with making a choice on where to grow your marijuana plants indoors, here are some indoor site suggestions:


Some houses are built with basements, and if yours have one, you can put it to good use by transforming it into a marijuana garden. You have to clean the space thoroughly to make it inducive to proper plant growth and development.


If your house has an attic, you can also turn it into a marijuana garden. Make sure that there is a close water source since you have to water your marijuana plants on a regular basis. Also, check if there is enough ventilation and there are enough electric outlets available for when you install your lights and fans.


Now, if you have very limited indoor space and you only have a small closet available, you can still turn it into an indoor marijuana garden. However, you will be limited to only a few pots. This is also the case if what you have is only a cabinet or a cupboard.

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Cannabis Strains For The Mediterranean Climate 2

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If you are looking for more cannabis strain suggestions for cultivation in places where the climate is Mediterranean, you have come to the right place! Here are some more cannabis strains that you should look into for your own cannabis garden venture.

Medusa Feminized

This cannabis hybrid strain is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. It is known to produce buds that are light green in color and give off a musty odor. It requires about 65 days to complete the flowering period and deliver as much as 300 grams per square meter of yield. It contains high THC levels and can be used for different medical treatments. It is highly recommended by a lot of cannabis enthusiasts due to the intense experience they have had when smoking it.

New York Power Diesel

This is a cannabis strain that belongs to the sativa family. It is one of the newer cannabis strains introduced in the market today, with characteritics comparable to that of the Aurora Indica and Sativa Mexicana. It can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors. It grows tall plants that need about 65 days to flower. It can deliver between 600 and 700 grams per square meter of yield that contains high THC concentrations.

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Cannabis Strains For The Mediterranean Climate

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We will look at some examples of cannabis strains that are suitable for cultivation in regions with Mediterranean climate. If you are located in those areas and are interested in cannabis growing, here are some more cannabis strains to consider:
Haze 19x Skunk

This is a cannabis hybrid strain that is perfect for outdoor growing. It grows tall plants that require about 75 days to complete the flowering period. It is known to produce more buds and leaves than the ordinary Haze strain. It can deliver between 400 and 500 grams per square meter of yield. It contains high THC levels but is not used for medical treatments. When smoked, it triggers a sweet taste and causes a potent high.


This is a cannabis strain that belongs to the hybrid family. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It grows tall plants and require about 65 days to complete the flowering period. It delivers as much as 600 grams per square meter of yield that contains high THC concentrations and can be used for different medical treatments.
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Viruses That Attack Cannabis Plants

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If you are a cannabis grower, one of the things that you most fear are viruses that may harm and damage your crops. It is perfectly understandable to feel that way since these viruses can really hurt and destroy your plants, after all the hard work and effort that you have invested.
Controlling Your Cannabis Plants the Right Way

Here are some examples of the most common viruses that infect cannabis plants:

HSV or hemp streak virus

- a common virus on cannabis plants in Europe
- typical symptoms include the appearance of pale green chlorotic areas on the foliar that turn to yellow streaks and make it look like chevron stripes
- the appearance of pale green halo-like structures that enclose brown necrotic flecks and are scattered on the tips and edges of the leaves
- streaks that predominantly pop up during the wet weather
- flecks that are visible during the dry weather

Tobacco mosaic virus

- a virus affects the leaves, resulting to uneven shades of green
- turns the thick sections of leaves to dark green and the thin sections to light green  - once it infects your cannabis plants, they are no longer worth anything as the virus can easily spread to the rest of your garden

Arabis mosaic virus, alfalfa mosaic virus, and cucumber mosaic virus

- common in Europe and Pakistan
- are transmitted from one cannabis plant to another by buds and insects
- usually carried by the greenhouse whiteflies, green peach aphids, bhang aphids, and onion thrips
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