How to handle and treat the problem of bud rot in Cannabis

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One of the most annoying and destructive issues a cannabis grower can encounter is bud rotting. This will definitely lead to many severe losses if not taken seriously. In order to tackle the problem, we must first analyze and look at what cause it.

bud rot in Cannabis 

What is Bud Rot?

Bud rot is actually the growth of fungi in the plant that kills the bud from its insides. Whole crops have been reported to have been destroyed by bud rot cases.

One could possibly lose thousands of dollars, depeding on how big the invested crop was. Even small time, beginning cannabis growers may get disappointed after running into this issue of Cannabis and marijuana growing. 

How to stop Bud Rot in its tracks 

The best way to counter this serious problem is by taking preventive measures that will ensure the safety of your cannabis plants. While treatment is available, its best not to get lax, as this kind of problem could strike you while you're not paying attention. Growing your plants indoors can help prevent bud rotting of cannabis plants. Controlled temperatures and conditions help ensure that the factors needed for bud rot to take place are greatly decreased. Consider removing generators that produce carbon dioxide. These machines, obviously, create a higher level of carbon dioxide in the air. But what you probably didn't know is that they also increase the level of water vapor in the air, providing higher humidity. Combined with heat from lights and the generators themselves, fungi are given a chance to breed because of these conditions. Consider getting a dehumidifier in order to lower the humidity levels in the room your plants are growing. This will help prevent fungi from growing by decreasing the amount of water in the air and by raising heat levels to optimal temperatures. These machines are also very cheap to maintain. You simply need to constantly check on them and empty them to ensure that they are in good working condition. Bud rotting also occurs when ventilation problems arise. Be sure to have the right amount of ventilation in order to prevent bud rotting.  

Treating plants infected with bud rot

If your plants do happen to encounter bud rot, one method is to immediately cut off the infected bud with the tools you will use immersed in alcohol solution. This will help kill the spores in order to stop the spread of the fungi in the future. Make sure you gently cut the infected buds in order to avoid the fngi from spreading even further. When cutting infected buds, also be certain to never touch any of the fungi yourself. Doing so could risk the infection of other healthier plants. Always make sure to drop humidity levels after this is done especially the temperature in the room. If you have multiple infected plants, it would probably be better to harvest them early before you lose an entire crop. But in reality, the best way to truly combat bud rotting is to place many preventive measures as mentioned before in order to stop the fungi from even growing in the first place.

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The Angelic Angelmatic

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We all know that using cannabis for recreational purposes will definitely get people to experience some form of “heavenly” high. This is not a hundred percent applicable to the Angelmatic cannabis.


What kind of high do you experience with Angelmatic?

The high from the Angelmatic variety comes gradually. A lot of people describe hearing an active buzz once it happens. A good description of its taste is bittersweet. At first, it is as sweet as candy melting in your mouth but when the high comes in, you will start tasting something bitter. It gives off a flowery smell that can be so enticing. As mentioned earlier, the high enters you gradually and once it seeps in, you will start feeling energetic. This kind of effect makes the Angelmatic variety popular and used during social gatherings such as parties. You and your friends will be the life of the party, giving off an exuberant vibe. However, this is not recommended to be used in the workplace or in events that require you to be fully focused so avoid this strain when you have your head full with deadlines. 

The cultivation process of Angelmatic

With the advent of genetic modification and technology, cannabis farmers and gardeners are constantly developing for the perfect strain of cannabis. For them, a perfect cannabis strain has these two attributes: superb genetic traits and a plentiful produce. With these attributes in mind, they aimed their focus on one particular cannabis strain, the Cannabis ruderalis. Whatever the Cannabis ruderalis lacks in desirable traits, it makes up for its auto flowering capability. Auto flowering  basically means that a cannabis plant produces flowers whether it is exposed to light with the ideal number of hours or not.

The cannabis grower will not need to worry about lighting schedules with this strain. Ever since they discovered this ability of the Cannabis ruderalis,  they have started cross breeding this strain with others. What happens during the process is the gene that contains the auto flowering trait is sequestered and then crossed breed with those strain which have many desirable capabilities, usually the ones belonging to sativa or indica. It normally takes about sixty days to grow the Angelmatic and the flowering period would take about a month and a half. Like other varieties, it can grow both indoors & outdoors.

The history of Angelmatic

Angelmatic was the byproduct of cross breeding the Cannabis ruderalis variety and the Little Angel variety. Another reason why Angelmatic is popular is because it acquired the autoflowering trait of the Cannabis ruderalis

The physical attributes of Angelmatic

The Angelmatic’s parent plant includes sativa, indica and ruderalis but it got its dominant trait from sativa. Its percentage is as follows: 40% sativa, 30% indica and 30% ruderalis. This is the reason why the Angelmatic is larger in size and produces more than its parent plant. The Angelmatic’s buds look compact, possibly because they are surrounded with resin crystals. The branches spread vertically and the leaves are normal sized. 

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A Closer Look at the Atomic Northern Lights Cannabis

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There are numerous Cannabis varieties that have already been discovered and used by people. One of them goes by a rather unique name, the Atomic Northern Lights cannabis.  

Atomic Northern Lights Cannabis


The Atomic Northern Lights cannabis’ history is as unique as its name suggests. This variety was not produced naturally but rather as a cross breed between other cannabis varieties in Northwest America and Holland. It was believed to have been produced when an Afghan cannabis variety of Indica seeds were brought to Northwest America. These seeds were actually grown indoors because America is known for its raucous and unpredictable climate. When they get to develop a new cannabis strain, this was brought to Holland and the Dutch further developed this strain, crossing it with Sensi seeds, which then ultimately produced the Atomic Northern Lights cannabis. It was named as such because a doctor named Dr. Atomic brought this particular cannabis variety to Canada and then further crossed with other strains.

Physical attributes

The Atomic Northern Lights cannabis plant is rather stubby and close packed, which can be compared to its indica lineage. This variety has a shorter flowering period than the others, only up to a maximum of fifty days. At first sight, the Atomic Northern Lights cannabis would probably look like an evergreen tree to you but once you take notice of how its branches form, there you will see that it distinct from that of the evergreen, especially because it has a lesser number of branches. 


One of the advantages of choosing to cultivate the Atomic Northern Lights cannabis is it can be grown either indoors or outdoors.  If you choose to grow this plant indoors, gardeners and farmers alike agreed that it is better to use sea of green gardening. This is to allow the plant to grow as efficiently as possible, especially since this variety works better as a pole plant (since it has fewer branches). Initially, Dr. Atomic recommended that this variety was to be cultivated in soil but if it is not feasible for you, there is no need to worry because other ways to grow the plant can be considered as okay. If grown properly, this cannabis can produce significant amounts once it matures. When grown indoors, the average produce that each plant can give is about a hundred grams but if grown outdoors, the produce is five times higher, almost half a kilo. Your greenery or garden where you cultivated it will be filled with a sweet aroma, which is your sign that your plants are ready to be harvested.


Be careful when it is your first time tasting the Atomic Northern Lights cannabis because it has a rather pervasive taste at the beginning but after some time, you will get to appreciate it because the smoke it produces is mild. It also gives the person a rejuvenating & energetic effect.

If you ever decide to cultivate Atomic Northern Lights cannabis, be sure to buy seeds only from your trusted vendors. 

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Why an indoor marijuana garden

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In areas where marijuana is legal it has become common practice to grow an indoor marijuana garden. It would be a good reason to do so to enjoy the numerous benefits that the plant has to offer.

indoor marijuana garden

Marijuana has often been painted as a plant or substance with two faces. There are those who would label it as a very detrimental or harmful substance, and there would be those who would label it as a wonderful tool for medical advancement. The medical benefits of marijuana are real and are there. It is for these reasons that many have tried growing marijuana indoors. 

It is not so difficult to grow an indoor marijuana garden

Some have been led to believe that the process of growing an indoor marijuana garden is complicated and very tedious. However, this could not be further from the truth. The task is not that hard as long as you are focused and know what to do. If you are in an area where marijuana is legal, it may be a good idea to try to grow an indoor marijuana garden.

How to grow an indoor marijuana garden

Here are some detailed steps to start your indoor marijuana garden;

Buy some cannabis seeds 

It’s relatively easy to get cannabis seeds. You can get them from a local seed bank or purchase them online. However way you choose, it’s really simple.

Germinate the seeds to prepare them for growth 

Again this task is much simpler than it sounds. Germinating the seeds simply means putting them on the ground over a wet or moist towel. Leave them this way overnight. The next day they should sprout roots. If this is so, they are ready to be planted.

Plant the seeds in plastic containers

The plastic containers should be filled with soil and have two inches of space between them. This will give the growing seedlings ample room for growth. 

Place the growing seedlings in a well illuminated room.

It is key for most strains of cannabis to have plenty of light for quick and good growth. Place them in a well lit room to get all the light they need. Also purchase extra lights to supplement the amount of light they will be receiving. Florescent lights are the cheapest to use but there are also other brands and models to choose from. 

The room must be well ventilated

Another key ingredient for the speedy growth of your marijuana plants is good ventilation. They will need a lot of air to breathe and take in nutrients and energy. Aside from getting extra lights, you will also need to get extra fans and ventilation equipment to keep this process going. Some cheap fans will be needed  and placed in areas around the room to promote cultivation and growth. Just like the lights, there are also many cheap models of fans available in the market. This will ensure that starting your indoor marijuana garden will not be so expensive.

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The Challenges of Marijuana Growing

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What makes marijuana growing a worthwhile undertaking? There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your marijuana plants reach their full height after a few weeks of intensive care and harvesting the fruits of your hard labour. Things may go according to plan but marijuana growing is not always a walk in the park. This venture has its fair share of challenges. Understanding what hinders the growth of marijuana plants will help you find the right solutions. Whenever something disrupts them from reaching their full potential, you will know what course of action to take. 

Challenges of Marijuana Growing

Pay attention to the following instances: 

Invasive Fungi and Other Types of Pestilence

Molds, parasitic nematodes and other such pests are every plant's worst enemies. They appear without warning and wreak havoc on gardens and farms to the distress of many homeowners and crop growers. Marijuana plants are likewise at risk of getting attacked by these pathogens whose only purpose is to destroy living flora.
The best way to deter contamination is to weed out all infected marijuana plants. It is necessary to get rid of a contaminated few in order to save majority of your plants. Start by pulling the infected ones out of the clump. You can opt to use a pair of gloves and a hoe or a machete to efficiently clean the pestilence-ridden area.

Discoloured, Wilted or Spotted Leaves

The leaves of marijuana plants are typically of a dark green colour. If some of the leaves sport a different colour, curl at the edges or are infested by tiny, black spots on the surface, then you should be alarmed. Thoroughly investigate the cause of discoloration, curling or spotting without delay. Knowing what your marijuana plants lack will enable you to provide them with the proper nutrients.
Immediately after getting the information you need, buy additives from a store, mix them with water and pour them in the soil. This mixture will supply your plants with all the necessary nutrients and prevent them from growing weak.

Extreme Weather Changes

Like all other botanical species, marijuana plants are not immune to extremely hot or freezing weather. Thus, these plants are hard to grow in certain parts of the world. During summer where weather conditions are too hot, plants dry quickly because they cannot get enough water. They wither as a result. The trick is to keep your plants constantly hydrated. In cooler places, surrounding your plants with artificial lights will furnish them with enough energy.

Soil Problems

Efforts to ensure your marijuana plants are healthy and secure will be in vain if you happen to be growing them on the wrong type of soil or one with too low or too high pH. The best type of soil for marijuana plants should have a pH range of 6.5 to 7.0. Planting them on soil that falls beyond or beneath this pH range is a risk you have to be prepared for. Achieve this acidity level by adding organic compost to the soil bed.
The key to successfully growing healthy marijuana plants is commitment and motivation. Caring for your plants so they grow healthy requires time, resources and patience. Remember to be fully devoted to this task prior to assuming responsibility. Rest assured, the harvest will be worth it.

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A backgrounder on the BC Sweet tooth Cannabis strain

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The name of this strain of cannabis is very apt. This is because it has a very potent and sweet taste. This sweet taste is very characteristic of the strain and brings with it some words of caution. This is not the kind of strain to take if you are busy with pressing matters ahead. This is because the strain is very potent and can render you very sleepy and relaxed after taking it. The sweet taste can literally incapacitate and relax you instantly. This is something to keep in consideration if you have the BC Sweet tooth.

BC Sweet tooth Cannabis strain

This strain has also seen action in the medical field. It is a powerful analgesic and is great at stunting or relieving pain. It  has also been used as a treatment for insomnia. Pain relief and treatment for insomnia are all traits that most indica plants are known for and the BC sweet tooth is no exception.

The lineage of the BC sweet tooth

The Bc sweet tooth is the product of cross breeding the BC sweet tooth and the Sweet Tooth # 3. It has characteristics of both indica and sativa however it’s main component is indica. It’s exact ratio is 90% indica and only 10% sativa.

Characteristics of the BC sweet tooth

The BC sweet tooth is a very versatile strain that lends itself very well for many growers. This is indicative of it’s early flowering period of just under 10 weeks. This gives growers a lot of time to grow more crops in succession. It is also a very versatile strain, as you can grow it indoors and outdoors with no real handicap on either environment. It thrives best on the sea of green medium. This is because of it’s average sized branches. Indoors it seems to thrive better and produce earlier gains. It averages more or less 4 ounces per plant. Outdoors it may take a little longer to produce gains as it does so by the end of September. However outdoors, the yield is significantly better ranging from 4-15 ounces. 

It is also very resistant to pests. This makes it very ideal for growers who want a sturdy and resilient plant.

Maturation will bring with it a very sweet smell. This is another reason why it was named so. The smell is similar to honey and can be very pleasant to the nostrils. 

Some caution on the BC sweet tooth

The plant does have some weaknesses however. Indoors it can still be susceptible to moulds and other pests. This occurs if the environment is too wet or damp. This moist environment will harbour potential pests who can devastate the crop. It is also not recommended to plant the BC sweet tooth too late if you plan on cultivating it outdoors. Planted at the wrong time, the plant may take too long to harvest. 

Despite these weaknesses the plant is still overall a good plant to harvest for growers.

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How to Prepare Your Soil for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

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Outdoor growing has become a trend among marijuana plant growers. In addition to being less expensive and easy to manage, the outdoors provides a wider growing space that leaves plants with more breathing room.  

Soil quality is one of the most pressing considerations involved in outdoor marijuana growing. The presence of vital nutrients and pH level of the soil you intend to use for planting will significantly affect the growth of your cannabis seeds. As a grower, it is also your duty to supply the soil with enough nutrients and regulate its pH level. Doing so will generate favourable results.

Prepare Your Soil for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

Here are some noteworthy soil preparation tips:

  • Choose a plot of earth outdoors where you want to grow your marijuana plants. Remember two important conditions before you name an area as your growing space: it must receive sufficient sunlight and should be wide enough to facilitate proper air circulation. If the area meets your standards, then start the clearing. Remove weeds, stones and other unnecessary objects. Take advantage of existing gardening tools and use them to till the soil and clear away weeds and errant branches. This method will help you finish the task in no time. 
  • The next step is to dig a one foot deep and one foot wide hole. The dug proportions will serve as one bed and it will accommodate any number of cannabis seeds based on your plan. Should you find the soil’s pH inadequate or excessive, fill the bed with the nutrients you purchased from a store. Let the nutrients seep through every grain until the soil becomes fine and appropriate for planting. Packets already come with instructions so you might as well follow what is written.
  • There is no limit to the number of beds you can prepare. It all depends on how many cannabis seeds you wish to plant. Leave at least two inches of space between the cannabis seeds so their roots, leaves and stems will not overlap once they are fully grown plants. The gaps will also enable air to thoroughly circulate from one plant to another. You must know how big your seeds will be to give you an idea of how far apart you should plant them.
  • Prevent the roots from suffocating by tilling the soil regularly. Dried leaves, brambles, insect carcass and many other random objects will inevitably scatter around your outdoor marijuana garden. Make sure to clear them away to keep everything looking clean and in order. 

Lest you forget, make it a point to water your plants all the time. Be up-to-date with your plants’ progress by dedicating some time to monitor their growth and other such changes. Marijuana plants tend to attract insects and other pests because of their color and odor so you need to know how to ward off these creatures. Growing marijuana outdoor is filled with such challenges, but no problem can ever be so big as long as you are prepared.

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