Cannabis Strains For The Mediterranean Climate Part 3

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Cannabis cultivation in regions with the Mediterranean climate  is very common, so here are some more cannabis strain suggestions if you are located in those areas and you want to start your own cannabis garden.

This is a cannabis hybrid strain that possesses the best traits of its parent strain, the Black Domina. It is said to have come from Seattle and brought to the the Netherlands. It grows compact plants that take about 65 days to complete the flowering period. It can deliver as much as 500 grams per square meter of yield. It contains high THC levels and can be used for medical treatments. When smoked, it causes a logical high and leaves behind a pleasant smell and flavor.


This cannabis strain belongs to the cannabis hybrid family. It is the product of cross breeding the White Widow and the Northern Lights. It grows plants of average height and requires about two months to complete the flowering period. It can produce as much as 700 grams per square meter of yield that contains medium concentrations of THC that can be used for various medical purposes.

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Cannabis Strains For The Mediterranean Climate Part 2

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Here are a couple more cannabis strain suggestions for cannabis growers who are located in regions that have a Mediterranean climate and want to grow cannabis plants.


Known for being one of the most unique cannabis strains, B52 is a cannabis hybrid strain that has been around for so long now. It is quite a popular choice for many cannabis growers due to its tested and proven efficiency. It can be grown either indoors or outdoors. It grows plants of average height and requires an average flowering period of between 55 and 65 days. It can deliver as much as 700 grams per square meter of yield that contains medium THC levels and can be used for medical treatments. When smoked, it leaves a sweet flavor and very poweful high.

Black Jack Feminized

A product of the Jack Jock Horror and Black Domino crosss breeding, Black Jack Feminized is a hybrid strain that possesses only the best attributes of its parent strains. It can be grown either indoors or outdoors, has an average flowering period of 55 to 65 days, and can produce as much as 500 grams per square meter of yield. It contains extremely high THC levels and is the perfect choice for a medical cannabis strain.

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Cannabis Strains For The Mediterranean Climate Part 1

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Growing cannabis is popular in many parts of the planet, including in places where the climate is Mediterranean. So, if you are a cannabis grower who lives in that kind of area, we have prepared a list of some good cannabis strains to cultivate for you.


One of the most successful cannabis strains over the years, the Afghan is a cannabis indica strain that is said to have originated in Afghanistan, thus its name. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It grows compact plants that require a short flowering period, just between 45 and 55 days. It delivers as much as 500 grams per square meter of yield that is high in THC content and can be used for medical treatments.

Autoflowering Jock Horror Feminized

This is a cannabis hybrid strain that is the result of cross breeding three cannabis strains: Haze, Skunk, and Northern Light. It can be grown outdoors. It can produce very tall plants that contain lots of resins. It requires a flowering period of 65 to 75 days and can deliver about 500 grams per square meter of yield. It contains high THC levels and can be used for medical purposes.

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Three Ways of Growing Marijuana

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One of the most versatile plants which can be grown in any space is marijuana. You may not be aware of it but now is the time to try your hand in it. If you are living in a towering condominium with no backyard, don’t fret because a pot can be your marijuana tiny garden. For someone whose backyard is idle, growing marijuana can be your best bet. If indoors and outdoors still don’t appeal to you, try a modern technology called hydroponics. Grow marijuana hydroponically. In any manner you want to grow marijuana, it does not require much but the benefits are great.

Growing Marijuana

Planting Marijuana Indoors 

Most people prefer planting marijuana indoors because it is a lot easier and more convenient. The nice thing about growing it indoors is that you can easily monitor its growth. Secure marijuana seeds from reputable seed banks. Choose the cannabis seed that you want and prepare your seed bed. The basic materials are:

  • Pot – should be enough depending on the type of cannabis seed. Generally, marijuana in pots does not grow big
  • Soil – choose the potting soil blended with right amounts of organic mix, fertilizers and sand 
  • Light – provide a good lighting system for the plant 
  • Organic fertilizer – materials from natural sources 
  • Ventilation – make use of fans to supply air to the plant 

Avoid one common mistake in growing cannabis indoors and outdoors as well, which is watering mixed with some fertilizer. This should be done alternately with plain water. Water your plant with the right amount to maintain moisture. Also, make sure that temperature, air, light and humidity are regulated. 

Planting Marijuana Outdoors

Outdoors can be fun to grow marijuana. You don’t need to have fans and lights as natural air and sunlight abound. Potting marijuana or planting in the ground, make sure the soil is nutrient-rich and PH is right. Marijuana planted in the ground tends to grow bigger compared to those in pots. So your yield is bigger. Use organic soil and water additives to ensure that your weed get the appropriate nutrients to grow healthy. Regulate humidity, temperature and moisture. 

Marijuana grown outdoors is likely to give you some security risks. Make sure you have the license to grow it.

Hydroponic Marijuana Planting

Marijuana can be grown hydroponically. This method uses water only to grow marijuana. The nutrients are fed into the water system instead of soil. In this technique, the weed is secure from parasite and pest infestations because water is not stagnant. 

The set up is simple and does not need a lot of soil and additive blending. The sprouted seedlings are suspended, allowing the roots to grow in nutrient-rich water. A bed lay between the seedling and the water catches the roots for the plant to grow. 

In any way you want to grow marijuana, the options are simple, easy and convenient. Just remember that proper handling and care are necessary to ensure that the plant grows healthy. Take time to look for the best source of seeds and arm yourself with some knowledge in growing this wonder weed. 

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Outdoor Space Options For Cannabis Cultivation

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Are you planning to start an outdoor cannabis garden? If you are, then you should look into the following grow site options.

Marijuana Cultivation – The Facts

1. The backyard is an ideal outdoor space to setup a cannabis garden.  A backyard is able to provide your plants many important things that are needed for their maximum growth and development.

You have to get the soil tested to determine if it is suitable to grow marijuana. It is also important to clean up the area and check for any mold growth or insect infestations before you start planting the cannabis seeds.

2. A terrace can also be transformed into an outdoor cannabis garden. It can provide you privacy since it is high up on the ground, and passersby would not immediately notice the plants.

3. The rooftop is another good option for a cannabis grow space. Just like the terrace, it can offer privacy. But, the plants will be exposed to higher temperature and stronger winds, so be ready to deal with that if problems arise.

4. If you have a greenhouse, the experience will be like growing marijuana outdoors and indoors at the same time. A greenhouse can provide protection to your plants from very strong rains and winds. It can also serve as a shield from attacks of insects and other animals. However, building a greenhouse may be quite costly, so you have to make sure first that you have enough money for it.
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What is Marijuana? - Information And Facts

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Marijuana is derived from the Cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa. Its active ingredient found in the resin of the cannabis plant called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is responsible for the drugs psycho-altering effects. 

Marijuana use is prevalent and persisting because of the drug’s accessibility in the black market. Individuals across the lifespan are drawn to this “getaway drug” as this gives them an avenue to escape their problems and fears, providing them an opportunity to escape to a new level of elated high. Marijuana users are only after the high they get from consuming the drug, what they fail to expect is the mental health risk that goes along with it.

Raw Cannabis: Healthy and Good For You

Mental Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana users smoke marijuana through cigarettes or pipes. Marijuana smoke travels rapidly into the lungs to the bloodstream, creating a havoc of disturbance in the body’s homeostasis. Recent studies on THC levels on marijuana showed that it is 400 times more potent in eliciting “mind altering” effects than it was a decade ago.

As marijuana smoke travels in the circulatory system (blood) to the nervous system (brain), it renders the user a series of short term effects that usually lasts up to 8-12 hours. These effects are often characterized by hallucinations and delusions, paranoia and increased anxiety. When THC reaches the brain, it disturbs mental function by sending mixed signals to body systems. It alters cognition and comprehension; delays body reflexes and impairs motor coordination. 

What can you do?

Family members have seen their loved ones get eaten up by the intoxicating vibe of marijuana. More often than not, they give up trying to intervene and break the cycle of marijuana drug abuse because they perceive that the user has gone too far out already. It is the responsibility of family members and friends to rally against the deteriorating cascade that this drug has doled upon its users. Support facilities are available and accessible to help marijuana abusers to withdraw and recover from marijuana addiction. The process of addiction can be brought to a halt when caring family members of marijuana users slowly assist them in finding within themselves the desire to stop using marijuana.

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Growing Your Own Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Cannabis

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A Brief History And Introduction Of The Strain

The Ed Rosenthal Super Bud strain was developed to symbolize Ed Rosenthals's contribution to the Cannabis enterprise. The lead company which made this strain was the Sensi Seed Bank, well known for their development of high-quality seeds from different strains. The development of the Ed Rosenthal Super Bud took years because the company wants to ensure that it produces an exceptionally well-blended strain. It has undergone a lot of refining process from different hybrid strains. The sources of this plant came from four different genes: African, Afghanis, Mexican and Jamaican. It resulted in a very unique outcome due to it's different strains. With both sativa and indica strains fused together, it resulted in a well-blended plant and has become one of the most beloved strains of all time.

You can only buy these seeds from reputable seed banks and usually come in 10s in a pack. However if  you want a more bang for you buck then try buying in bulk since most sellers will offer a discount.

Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Cannabis

The Favorable Growing Conditions For The Plant

The Ed Rosenthal Super Bud can be grown both as an indoor and outdoor plant. If you plant it outdoors however, there are limitations as to the weather, soil and region in order for it to thrive. The place should be warm to ensure the plant to grow well and flourish. If you live in a region where the weather is usually cold then you can choose to grow it indoors. It can grow well in any growth medium provided that the owner constantly applies organic fertilizer to keep the plant thriving and healthy. If all is done accordingly, the plant can grow to a medium height following it's germination. It grows in a uniform-like manner unlike other strains and thus maintaining it will be quite easy.

Flowering and Budding Phase

During the flowering phase, the Ed Rosenthal Super Buds usually lasts up to 65 days. It grows rather extraordinary flowers. The flowers have noticeable colored hairs which makes them look like colored woolen balls. The female plants usually grow a multiple of flowers which is common in pure indica strains. During this phase, the plant's height can increase three times. This is favorable for the grower since it will be able to produce more yields once it becomes mature. The buds from the plant are compact and thick, the formation of the buds is handed down from it's Sativa strains. As they grow, these buds will tend to bulge outwards and then become eventually covered in resin.

The plant exudes a sweet and fruity scent, like that of a pineapple. This mellow scent makes it a positive quality for those who just want to chill, relax and have a good time by themselves. On the other hand, this plant can also give you more energy and a feeling of liveliness. If you want to party hard and be more outgoing, then this plant is also for you.

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