How To Decide What Cannabis Seed Strain To Cultivate

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Because there are many kinds of cannabis seed strains today, an aspiring cannabis grower might find it very difficult to choose which cannabis strain to grow. There are more than a hundred cannabis seed strains available, and selecting one or two from that long list will really take time.

So, in order to make choosing a bit easier, you have to consider certain factors about each cannabis seed strain. You have to find out what the average length of their flowering periods are, how tall they grow, how much yield they can deliver, how much light they need, where they grow best, and so on to be able to make a decision.

Then, you have to think about which of these attributes match your preferences and resources on hand. Do you have an available outdoor space? No? Is there a room inside your house that can accomodate your cannabis plants in pots? How much money are you willing to spend on this entire venture? Could you afford a greenhouse? LED lights? Do you want to harvest sooner? Is the amount of yield that important for you?

Once you are able to answer these questions, you can then look for cannabis seed strains that match your answers. Some cannabis strains are better suited for indoor growing, while the others will thrive better outdoors. Some take longer to complete their flowering period, while others require less than two months.

There are other characteristics of cannabis seed strains that you can look into, such as color of the leaves and buds, smell of the buds, THC levels, and so on to help you narrow down your choices.

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Why Grow Marijuana Outdoors?

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If you are marijuana grower, there are many places where you can setup your own marijuana garden. One of these places is the outdoors --- sun, fresh air, and all that.
If you decide to cultivate marijuana outdoors, there are a number of site options that you should look into. The following are some of them:
Yard – If your property has a front yard or a backyard, then you could transform that space into a marijuana growing site. The size of your yard should give you an idea of how many marijuana plants you can grow there without putting them too close to each other. There are many advantages in growing marijuana in your yard, such as access to a water source, easy to monitor, and so on.
Rooftop – Some people choose to grow their marijuana plants on their rooftops to expose their plants to the sunlight better. If you have a sturdy and stable rooftop, you can place a number of pots there and observe how efficient this outdoor site is.
Terrace – If your house has a terrace, it can also be a growing site option that you should consider. Terraces are easier to access compared to rooftops, and you do not have to worry so much about how you would be able to water your marijuana plants, keep track of their growth, and so on.
Greenhouse – For those that have a more flexible budget, they should consider building a greenhouse. This is a very good option especially to those that want to grow a significant number of marijuana plants. Greenhouses provide protection against the harsh elements of the environment, sudden weather changes, insects, and more.
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How to Store Marijuana Seeds to Keep Them Viable

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Before sowing marijuana seeds they should be saved properly if you want them to continue to be useable and have a good crop. If they were not saved properly it will lead to growth defects and cause losses in the crop. There are several ways to save the seeds to make sure that they remain useable. 

Store Marijuana Seeds

The first way is the drying technique. This is an efficient yet low cost way to make sure that the seeds remain useable. The reason that it is not costly is because there is now equipment needed; you just have to make sure the seeds do not come into contact with any kind of moisture, insects, or other pollutants. It is best to seal them in an air tight container. A silica gel pack is put in the container to absorb any moisture present and then placed in a chilly arid place.

Next is the refrigeration technique. The basis of this technique is to reduce any metabolic processes that could cause germination, keeping the seeds useable.  It is an easy way of storing the seeds since most  homes have a refrigerator. With this technique it is necessary for the seeds to be put in an airtight container. This keeps any moisture from getting in to the seeds which would cause decay of the seeds. Another way would be to use either a plastic or paper bag that is sterile prior to putting the seeds in it. Using this technique, the seeds can be saved for up to a 10 years.

The third way is close to refrigeration but makes use of a freezer to save the seeds. This preserving technique is preferred, partly due to its performance. Freezing the seeds engages saving them at -4 degrees Celsius(24 degrees F). This ends any moisture first, and second the habitat is not acceptable for the growing phase to begin. However, this technique needs certain equipment for this process that can instantly freeze the seeds. This is a major benefit as the seeds are frozen so quickly they do not have time to become contaminated.  The difficult part is getting them ready for planting. This requires them to be thawed which if not done right can lead to damage of the seeds. If this is done too slow or too fast it can change the seed significantly. Also, some of them may not keep their usability after thawing. To offset this, it is suggested to freeze a larger amount of seeds than is needed to make sure that enough of them are usable for sowing even if a few of them fail. 

Any of these techniques will work in saving your seeds, which one you use is entirely up to you. If you are unsure which one will work better for you ask others who save seeds which ones they have tried and which they found best to use and why.

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Benefits Of Growing Medical Marijuana

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Medical marijuana is a plant that possesses medicinal properties. For many years now, it has been used to treat different kinds of illnesses in various parts of the world.

In the early Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, medical marijuana is believed to have been utilized for this purpose, as discovered in some papyrus texts that were unearthed a while ago.

The components found in medical marijuana are what make it able to be useful medicinally. The plant contains the compound known as cannabidiol, or CBD, and tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. These two are responsible for the medicinal effects of marijuana that help relieve symptoms of different medical illnesses such as anxiety, cancer, inflammation, dizziness, nausea, and schizophrenia.

Some cancer patients have availed of medical marijuana for their treatment since smoking marijuana does not trigger the same kind of side effects of chemo. When they undergo chemo, they usually end up losing their appetite and vomiting. But when smoking medical marijuana, they are spared from these discomforts and they can still eat like a normal person.

For those that suffer from glaucoma, which is a disease that involves damages in the optic nerves, medical marijuana can minimize the intraocular pressure and lead to smaller chances of permanent eyesight loss.

There are so many other medical benefits of marijuana. Some US states have already implemented medical marijuana treatment programs in their respective regions to help sick people.

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What Do You Need To Setup A Marijuana Grow Room?

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Marijuana is not only known as a recreational drug. It is actually also a good medicinal treatment solution. In the United States, several states have already legalized marijuana because a lot of sick people need it for the treatment of their diseases.

Because of the increasing popularity of this plant, it is no surprise that more and more people are wanting to start their own marijuana garden to cultivate marijuana plants. So, if you are one of them, we could provide some tips and ideas on what you would need in order to start your own marijuana grow room.

Marijuana Seeds

Of course, you would need cannabis seeds in order to start your own marijuana garden. Today, there are many kinds of cannabis strains available, so you just have to make a decision on what to cultivate, depending on your preferences.

Grow Room

You can place a marijuana garden in a bedroom, closet, cabinet, attic, basement, or any other indoor space that is available in your house. Just make sure that you clean it up thoroughly.

Pots and Soil

You will need pots and soil for the marijuana seeds. The number of pots depends on how big of a marijuana garden you want to start.

Lights, water source, ventilation

Lighting, water source, and ventilation are three important aspects of ensuring the proper growth and development of your marijuana plants, so make sure that they are there and ready.

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Virus Problems That Might Affect Your Marijuana Plants

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Once you decide to grow your own marijuana plants, you have to be prepared to face various obstacles and challenges along the way. Just like when growing other plants and crops, growing marijuana might not be that easy, since there are always risks and dangers that could affect your marijuana plants.

Diseases caused by viruses are common in plants, including marijuana plants. So, as a cannabis grower, it would help if you are familiar with what they are, what they can do, and how to deal with them.

The following are some examples of the most common viruses that attack marijuana plants:

Hemp Streak Virus or HSV

This virus is very common in the European region. Once it invades marijuana plants, it causes a bunch of green spots to appear on the leaves. As time goes on, the spots turn into yellow.

Tobacco Mosaic Virus

This virus can cause marijuana plants to take on different shades of green. The leaf clusters that are the densest would turn dark green, while the thinner ones would become light green.

Alfalfa Mosaic Virus

This is common in Pakistan and some parts of Europe. It can travel from one plant to another just like insects such as green peach aphids, bhang aphids, and more.

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Outdoor Cannabis Garden Options

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Cannabis growing is becoming more popular, especially in places where cannabis has been legalized. So, if you are interested in growing your own cannabis and you live in a region where cultivating cannabis is legal, you can look at starting your own outdoor cannabis garden. Here are some things that you have to remember.

Choose an outdoor grow site

There are various options when selecting an outdoor cannabis grow site. You can do it in your backyard or garden, You can use your rooftop. You can also place the pots on your balcony.

For some people, they might find a small area in the forest where they can keep their marijuana garden safe and secure. Those that have a more flexible budget can try building a greenhouse and make that their grow site. The choice is dependent on what resources you have.

Select a cannabis seed strain

There are different kinds of cannabis seed strains that are ideal for outdoor growing. You can ask around from your fellow cannabis growers by joining discussion forums or boards.

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