A short history of the Maui Waui

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The Maui Waui has a very catchy name and a tropical feel to it. This is all in line with what the Maui Waui strain of Cannabis is all about. This is because this particular strain of cannabis traces it’s origins to Hawaii. The plant is mainly a sativa in traits and characteristics, and both it’s parents are also Hawaiian. This strain is well loved because of it’s wonderful tropic taste that is very reminiscent of it’s Hawaiian roots.

Maui Waui

The Characteristics of the Maui Waui 

The plant can be grown in both indoors and outdoors but it is better suited for the controlled environment of the indoors. The temperature must be tropical or a bit hot inside. Space is an important consideration for this strain of cannabis. The space must also be a bit high as the plant tends to grow pretty tall. The clearance has to be the right height for this. Too little space will result in the plant getting cramped and constrained for space to grow in. You will also need the right soil and medium of growth for the best results. The flowering period for this strain is also pretty long. It flowers for around 63 days and matures at the end of September on average. Approaching maturation, the leaves tend to get smaller. This may make it a bit longer to collect the harvest. It’s tall height at maturation and it’s small leaves are all sativa traits. 

The Maui Waui can also be grown outdoors but you must take note that the conditions outside must be tropical. Anything more or less than that could result in failure and ruin for your crops. 

Other characteristics of the Maui Waui

It’s taste is almost fruity in composition. Almost like many tropical fruits in your hand. This makes it a very tasty strain. The taste is easy for the mouth and throat. This taste and it’s accompanying buzz when it is taken make it very popular. 

The buzz and kick after it is taken is best described as being relaxing and being serene or comforting. It is almost as if it were a tropical breeze was coming through. This makes it ideal to take a after a bad day. It can lead to renewed energy and sprits after. This is a great strain to take to perk you up and get you back going again. This re-energizing appeal makes it frequently used in social circles.

The Maui Waui’s work in the medicinal field

The Maui Waui is a cannabis strain and like most strains of cannabis or marijuana, is also frequently used in medicine. These strains are considered alternative sources of therapy and treatment. This strain is very efficient at treating depression because of it’s perking up qualities. It has been used frequently to treat patients who lack energy to move and get on with what they have to do. This is a great strain of cannabis for lots of people.

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Growing Cannabis Plant at the Outdoors

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It is possible to grow cannabis both at the outdoors and indoors, even just about anywhere. Nevertheless, choosing to grow cannabis in the outdoor setting will entail different challenges than that of growing it indoors. It is therefore vital to acquire knowledge on how to deal with these challenges for successful cultivation of marijuana if you wish to enjoy quality produce and yield. 

Growing Cannabis

The weather condition, which you have no control of, is one of the challenges of growing cannabis outdoors. An erratic change in the weather is inevitable. Either the sun will choose to heat the earth on a scorching level or the clouds decide to pour its rain nonstop; the weather is simply out of your hands; not only in day but temperature could drop or skyrocket at any time. Moreover, realistically speaking, keeping watch of your plants 24/7 simply isn’t possible. With that, you cannot really stop animals, insects and pests from attacking your plants.

However, on a positive note, many still choose outdoor cultivation for their cannabis. This is due to the fact that although challenges of growing cannabis outdoors may be present, there are still the advantages that may even outweigh the said challenges at the end. Here is to mention a few:

Offers the much needed sunlight

Just like all the other plants, cannabis requires sunlight for at least five hours each day to thrive. What could be more needful than placing them outside to catch direct sunlight? Planting them outside is the best way to go so the cannabis plant can achieve photosynthesis and bear their product and food; as well as produce other nutrients that the plant itself needs for sustenance and growth.

Offers the right kind of soil

The most appropriate type soil for growing cannabis is organic soil with a pH of 6.5. The soil must have the capacity to retain moisture and nutrients for a long time.

To be able to improve the quality of marijuana plants, many cannabis growers opt to add additives and nutrients into the organic soil. Anyone can carefully research which of the nutrients are needed and study to find information regarding soil use, to enhance the quality of the produce.

Offers Outdoor Space

Lastly, growing cannabis in the outdoors provides many options as to where exactly in the garden it will be planted, either at the back or front yard; on a greenhouse or even some other space outside far from your house that you find suitable.

Planting the cannabis plant at the lot within your residence could be beneficial since you will be able to access the cannabis garden immediately when needed.

In addition, you will also be able to follow and witness its development with ease.

Though planting a marijuana plant in the forest cannot offer the same accessibility as that of planting it in your yard, it can still be an option for those who intend to hide their marijuana plants from other’s prying eyes.

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Growing Cannabis quickly in your own garden would be a great idea

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Today, many people around the world enjoy using marijuana. Marijuana is easily one of the most unique and versatile plants out there. Marijuana users and lovers could also do themselves a big favor by growing their own marijuana plants. This would eliminate the stress and hassle of having to buy it from someone at such a high price. 

Growing Cannabis

A new type of business is growing

Nowadays, people in the United States invest in marijuana by having their own farm and garden with Cannabis plants. States that have legalized the use and trade of marijuana for recreational use have many businesses running about that sell high quality Cannabis. However, some people may not necessarily focus on the quality of the Cannabis. Some just simply to have as much Cannabis as they can get within a short period of time. We will be tackling how to grow Cannabis plants faster in contrast to growing them slower but with more quality. Make sure to stock up on knowledge on how to grow your Cannabis plants faster as many different factors will determine just how fast they grow.

Choose your seeds wisely

Each Cannabis seed you may see being sold in Cannabis stores are unique and different. Today, there are many different types of Cannabis strains and you will need to know which type of Cannabis strain grows the fastest within a short period of time. You will need to do some research in order to find out what kind type of Cannabis seed grow fast. Cannabis Sativa is one of the main types of Cannabis today. The other two are Cannabis Ruderalis and Cannabis Indica. Many cross breeders have cross bred these three main types of Cannabis and have resulted in more unique and powerful Cannabis strains that are more versatile than their predecessors. These hybrid strains of Cannabis grow much faster than the three main types of Cannabis. You may want to look into these hybrid strains if you wish to grow Cannabis, fast. Cannabis seeds that have the ability to do autoflowering on their own is one example of a Cannabis strain that can grow fast. These unique strains grow flowers even without sunlight. These types of Cannabis strains are perfect for indoor gardens, so may want to keep this type of Cannabis strains in mind.

Take your vitamins and nutrients daily

Just like humans, marijuana plants need nutrients too! The type of soil is extremely vital to the survival of the Cannabis plant. Soil, other than sunlight, is the rough translation of "food" for Cannabis plants. The Cannabis plant will be relying on the soil to supply it with the vital nutrients it needs to survive. If the soil lacks even just one nutrient that the plant needs, the plant will surely die. You may buy the nutrients themselves in order to supply the soil the nutrients your Cannabis plant may need. It will be a long road ahead for your marijuana plants as they will go through many stages before they mature. Cannabis plants requires different nutrients when they undergo their flowering and vegetative stage, so it would also be a good move to research what specific nutrients they will need in these two stages.

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All about the Biddy Early

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With such a name as Biddy Early, this strain of Cannabis is definitely interesting. The history associated with the name dates back to ancient Ireland where it was supposedly the name of a witch. This gives the Biddy Early a strange aura that mixes the historical with the magical. Perhaps it does have some parallels to the modern concerns of Cannabis around the world today.

All about the Biddy Early


The Biddy Early was developed by Mague genetics and was one of the early pioneer strains of Cannabis. This makes it a strain that has been used for quite some time now.It’s qualities make it almost exclusive for outdoor growth. It comprises of an exact equal ratio of sativa and indica and this ratio is where it derives it’s outdoor characteristics like flexible and almost bendable branches. This equal ratio gives it other traits which will be discussed later.

It’s flexibility makes it a natural for outdoor growth. The branches make it easy to train and grow almost anywhere. Even stormy regions will not deter this strain’s growth as it is rather sturdy and flexible. The flexibility of the branches however make it unfit for indoor growth. It’s innate flexibility makes it a poor choice for indoor growth and this sometimes is a concern for growers with limited space available. The plant will always need a lot of space to bend and stretch itself. Keeping this in mind, make sure to have ample garden space if you fancy growing this strain.

Flowering of the Biddy Early 

A lack of environment to grow or nutrient deficiency can lead to stress for the plant. This in turn will result in early flowering. A maturation phase of 10 weeks occurs after the flowering period. During maturation, it grows to average size. It also produces around 300 grams per square meter which is pretty good for an outdoor plant. 

A sweet smell and a tingly sensation 

The Biddy Early is known for it’s very strong yet sweet smell. The strain produces a very pronounced and recognizable scent. It is well known for this scent, and it is produced early before harvesting. The smell is very strong yet sweet to the nose and this scent is produced because of it’s merging with the sativa and indica strains. 

The Biddy Early does produce a strange sensation when taken. When ingested, it is reported to produce a buzzing or a hot and tingly sensation around the ears. This is a rather strange sensation and can sometimes be unexpected, however the overall high, more than makes up for the hot sensation around the ears.

Popularity and Awards

The Biddy Early is actually quite popular, especially in Europe. This popularity is growing over time and continues to grow. The strain has actually been awarded several times. These awards are fairly recent. It bagged first place in the sativa category of the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2003. It also garnered second place in the Highlife Cup of 2004.

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Useful Tips For Growing Cannabis Outdoors

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Growing cannabis outdoors can be fun and exciting, despite all the hard work and effort that you have to invest in it. If you are planning to start your own outdoor cannabis garden, here are some useful tips that you might want to know:

1. Find the best location for an outdoor grow site. This does not mean that you have to buy a new land or have a spacious one. If you have a backyard, you can clean it and transform it into a garden. You can also probably look at your rooftop and decide whether it can be made into an outdoor garden or not.

2. Check the soil and have it tested if it has the right pH level and nutrients for cannabis plant growth and development. If it does not, you may add some additives to enhance soil quality.

3. Make sure that there is a water source nearby. You will need to water your cannabis plants at least once a day if they are cultivated outdoors, so get a water hose long enough to allow you to water every single plant in the garden.

4. Light is also an important factor in the proper growth and development of the cannabis plants, so make sure that the area allows enough sunlight to reach the cannabis plants.

5. It is important that you maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your cannabis garden to minimize insect and pest attacks and mold infestations.
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Autoflowering and Feminised Cannabis plants and seeds

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In the world of planting Cannabis, there are many different seeds of Cannabis that you can choose from. Different marijuana strains have been cross bred for years which has produced many different types of seeds. Because of this, different seeds and plants have different characteristics which make them all unique. The quality of produce the plants create are also all different with different effects. 

Autoflowering and Feminised Cannabis plants and seeds

Facts about Autoflowering and Feminised Cannabis plants

Autoflowering and Feminised Cannabis plants or seeds are just two of the many seeds out there available, but they also happen to be very popular. They have both been carefully cross bred and as a result, has become very popular because of the high quality product produced from these plants. But the best thing about these unique plants is that they have the ability to do autoflowering and are also feminised which makes them a highly effective cross breed of Cannabis. Most Cannabis plants are only either feminised but cannot do autoflowering and vice versa.

Types of Autoflowering and feminised Cannabis plants

There are actually many types of Autoflowering and feminised Cannabis plants. A newcomer to this unique line of marijuana plants is the Fast Bud. Just as its name implies, the Fas Bud produces high yield at a very rapid rate, and the quality of the products it produces is quite high. The produce from the Fast Bud is quite sweet and tastes like candy and has a potent high when compared to other Cannabis strains. Another new type of Autoflowering and feminised Cannabis plant is the Big Devil.

This Cannabis plant truly deserves its name, as it can grow up to 1.5 meters when fully grown. The Big Devil tastes like citrus fruits and has an odd odor that smells like skunk. And yet another new type of Autoflowering and Feminised Cannabis plant is the Speed devil which is not nearly as sizable as the Big Devil and is known to produce a large amount of product in a short amount of time.

Normal Feminised Cannabis strain plants

The Double White Cannabis strain, however, is simply a Feminised Cannabis type plant and does not have the Autoflowering ability that all Autoflowering and Feminised Cannabis plants have. The advantage the Double White has over most plants is its low maintenance characterstic. While other Cannabis strains and plants require you to check on them regularly, the Double White is much less tiring to grow when compared to other Cannabis plants. The Sweet Cheese Cannabis strains is another type of Feminised Cannabis plant. Its product closely resembles the taste and aroma of the Black Jack Cannabis strain.

The effects of this plant will make the person taking it very relaxed and calm. However, the Snow Fruit is the complete opposite and has very, very powerful and potent effects. It is mostly indica because of its roots. The taste of the Snow Fruit is something like toasted or roasted nuts and it contains very high amounts of THC and CBD, therefore making it perfect for the medical field to be used as medical marijuana.

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Using the unique hydroponics way of growing your cannabis

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Using soil is the most common method of growing your cannabis or marijuana. But, did you know there are actually other methods in order for you to grow your cannabis? A new way known as hydroponics is what many people use today in order to grow their marijuana. 

ways of growing your cannabis

What exactly is the hydroponics way?

The hydroponics way may sound complicated, but its actually very easy and very fun to do. Since this method is unique from other methods, your main growing medium will not be soil as is with most growing mediums and methods. Other mediums can create a healthy environment for your cannabis plants. You will be needing these other mediums in order to do the hydroponics way of growing your cannabis. This may sound intimidating, but with enough practice and time, you'll be able to like this method even better than convensional methods of growing cannabis.

The essential nutrients needed for the hydroponics method

There are 16 nutrients a cannabis plant must have in order for it to grow healthy, like other marijuana plants. You have to be certain that the cannabis plants you are growing will obtain all these nutrients, or else they will die or have deficiencies. Fortunately, these nutrients can be obtained by buying them from a cannabis store. After purchasing the nutrients, you will have to produce a substance that is composed of approximately 99% water and 1% of the said nutrients. 

How to do the hydroponics method correctly

In order to do the hydroponics way correctly, the plants you will be growing will need a lot of light for them to produce high quality yield. Remember to place many lamps or lights in order to replace the plant's need for sunlight, since the hydroponic method is usually done indoors. Do not buy lamps that produce too much heat, as doing this could kill your plants by drying them up and burning them. Sudden increases of temperature is natural, so an effective ventilition system would be a great idea. Depending on how old or mature your plants are, the hydroponics method usually uses an average temperature of 15 to 30 degrees celsius. Do some research and observe your plants; if they have reached a certain stage or phase, it might be time to adjust the temperature for them. So long as you have done all the right things for your cannabis plants, everything should go well.

Your plants may take a few weeks to reach full maturity and the time it takes for them to reach maturity purely depends on what type of cannabis seed you planted using the hydroponic method. The key to producing high quality cannabis is by keeping an eye on key factors such as the nutrients, the air in the room when growing them, the light and the heat the light gives off, the temperature in the room and the water used to plant the seeds. Remember that a person who grows cannabis and does his research and caring for his or her plants really well will eventually enjoy the fruits of their labor when the season ends.

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