Ideas On Where To Grow Marijuana

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If you live in an place where marijuana has been legalized and you have acquired a medical marijuana license card, it might be time for you to start your own marijuana garden. Cultivating your own marijuana makes you more aware of what this plant can really provide and it can also improve your understanding of its benefits and advantages.

One of the first things that you have to make a decision on when starting your own marijuana garden is the location. Where should you grow your marijuana plants?

Marijuana plants can be grown either indoors or outdoors. If you decide to grow indoors, you can choose a marijuana strain that is suitable for indoor growing. You can use a small cabinet, closet, attic, basement, or bedroom. It all depends on what space you have available in your house.

On the other hand, if you choose to grow outdoors, you should select a cannabis strain that is suited for outdoor growing. You can place your marijuana garden in your backyard, garden, a forest clearing close to you, rooftop, balcony, or a greenhouse. It also still depends on what available space you have.

Whatever grow site you decide to stick with, you have to have enough money to purchase all the necessary tools and equipment --- lights, electric fans, water source, pots, containers, additives, fertilizers, and so on.

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Learn To Grow Cannabis

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Growing cannabis in either medicinal or for business purposes is not an easy task. An individual who desire to do this should have a lot of know-how about the matter so that the possibility of success is more than if the project fails. He must be focus and serious to do everything for the accomplishment of what he desires to do.

The legality of growing cannabis is still a controversial topic but there are countries in some parts of the world that allows the cultivation of it. A person who wants to grow cannabis in a certain place should secure a clearance or permit from the agency of the government in charge in examining the qualification of a person to grow cannabis. It is for medicinal application only why some government of other countries issue permits to grow cannabis.

After securing a clearance or permit from concerned authorities in your place, the grower should lay down the plan and proceed the implementation of it. He should purchase tools and equipment in the preparation of the area where he would grow cannabis. It maybe indoor or outdoor depending on what way he wants to grow his medical cannabis garden.

Cannabis growers usually look for a good place with a good type of soil to plant the herb. Organic soil is the best and he can add more nutrients in the soil to increase its fertility by means of fertilizers. He can get all of these in stores selling agricultural products and good type of cannabis seeds. In selecting a seed, select a seed that produces good yield and strong enough against the attack of pests and other plant diseases during the plant development.

Once the cannabis seeds are already planted, the grower can expect the seeds to sprout out after three to four days. Water the seeds daily in a right amount until it reaches the time or period to have it transfer in pots of a required size with holes below and with a fertile organic soil. The grower should observe the plants daily development to ensure its protection from harmful organisms around it and maintain the proper supply of water that the plants needed in its growth. He must apply pesticides ones he notice of the presence of insects that could harm the plants before it is too late to do so.

After the next thirty days when cannabis plants are in the next period of its final development, the grower should transplant it to bigger pots wherein the plants final development up to the period of harvesting will come. This is the period where a grower must take care of all the plants parts in order to have a better result of harvest.

When all the plants parts reaches its maturity and have been harvested, the grower should prepare a good place to store the products and maintain its good quality.

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What Do You Need To Setup An Indoor Marijuana Grow Room?

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Cultivating marijuana has become a common thing in places where marijuana has been legalized. Due to marijuana's medical abilities and relaxing effects, there is no question why a lot of people would want to grow their own marijuana plants.

So, if you live in region where marijuana has been decriminalized, you might want to consider growing it too. The steps in marijuana cultivation are not very difficult, but as long as you are committed and determined, you can be successful in it.


You have to find a suitable growing site for your indoor marijuana garden. If you have a bedroom, closet, cabinet, attic, or basement, you can turn it into a grow room. Make sure to clean the space thoroughly so as to make the setting good for plant growing.


Because you are growing indoors, your marijuana plants are not going to enjoy sunlight. So, it means that you have to install lights around the grow room. There are different kinds of grow lights that you can use, and it is up to your preference and budget which you end up with.


The marijuana plants will have to be planted in pots. You will need a number of those, and you should find out how big or tall the marijuana plants will grow to so that you can get the right size of pots.


For top notch marijuana seeds excellent for indoor growing, look for online cannabis seed banks. There are different strains available and you can order them online and wait for them to be shipped to your address.
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Marijuana Cultivation Tips

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Marijuana cultivation has been a practice in many parts of the world for a long time now. People from many years ago did it because they got various products from marijuana plants that they used for their food, clothing, and others. 

Today, marijuana is cultivated primarily to sustain the need for medical marijuana for various medical treatments.

If you are thinking of cultivating your own marijuana plants, you need to find the right kind of marijuana seeds for your own marijuana garden. There are certain factors that you need to consider when selecting a marijuana seed strain to grow. Some of them are:


There are different kinds of marijuana strains, and each of them possesses unique traits. The four main strain categories of marijuana seeds for cultivation are sativa, indica, ruderalis, and hybrid. You need to know what each of these is about so that you can get an idea of where to look first.

Grow Site

Some marijuana seed strains are better cultivated indoors, while others are more suited outdoors. There are also those that are perfect for either. So, you have to think about where you plan to place your marijuana grow site in order to find a marijuana strain that can thrive in that particular location.

Flowering Period

Some marijuana strains require more than two months to complete their flowering period, while others only need about a month a half. Know how long you want to wait so that you will not end up being impatient.


Those that want to harvest abundant yield should look into what marijuana strains are able to deliver around 600 to 700 grams per square meter of yield. Others are only capable of modest amounts, something around 400 grams per square meter.
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Flowering Periods Of Cannabis Strains

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If you are a cannabis grower, there are many factors about cannabis and cannabis cultivation that you need to put into consideration all the time. Even before you start, you have to study various aspects of this field since they might affect the growth and development of your cannabis plants in a major way.

One of these important factors is choosing what cannabis seed strain to grow and how long its flowering period is. Not all cannabis strains require two months to complete their flowering cycle. Some take longer, while some require shorter. So, if you are a cannabis grower, you should look into this, especially if you are very concerned about the schedule of your entire cannabis cultivation process.

The flowering period of cannabis plants can basically be divided into three major kinds. They are enumerated below, along with a few examples of cannabis strains that fall under each category.

Short flowering period

Cannabis strains that have short flowering periods require between 45 and 55 days. Examples include:


    • Afghan


    • AK-48


    • Early Bud


    • Early Misty


    • Kaya Gold Feminized


    • Papaya


    • Snow White


    • Swiss Cheese


    • Swiss Miss


    • Top 44


Average flowering period

This lasts between 55 and 65 days. Examples are:


    • Aurora Indica Feminized


    • Autoflowering Short Rider Feminized


    • B52


    • BDS Special Feminized


    • Big Bud


    • Black Jack Feminized


    • Blackberry


    • Blue Mystic


    • Chrystal


    • Citral Diesel


    • Durban Poision


    • Dutch Hope


    • Early Girl


    • Four Way


    • Hindu Kush


    • Ice


Long flowering period

This requires between 65 and 75 days, Examples are:


    • Eldorado


    • Full Moon Feminized


    • Haze


    • Jock Horror


    • Sterling Haze


These cannabis seed strains are all available at Buy Dutch Seeds, an online cannabis seed banks that prides of its top notch cannabis seed strains that are grown and bred by professional cannabis growers and breeders in Holland. Visit the website now to learn more about these strains and buy them at reasonable prices.
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How To Choose A Cannabis Strain To Cultivate

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Starting a cannabis garden can both be fun and tedious. It is fun in the sense that you are doing something that interests you a lot. You spend a lot of time doing what you love, and learning a lot from the experience. It is tedious because you have to setup various things, install certain items, and so on.

Probably one of the most difficult things involved in growing cannabis plants is selecting the right type of cannabis seeds to grow. You see, there are so many cannabis seed strains available today, and picking just one can be quite challenging.

So what exactly do you look for in a cannabis seed?


Every cannabis grower has his or her own preferences. You may want something that contains very high levels of THC. You may prefer something that grows to average height so that you can fit all the plants inside a small closet in your house. If you are undergoing medical cannabis treatment, you may want a strain that is good for medical purposes. Thus, it is necessary that you note down all these requirements so that it will be a bit easier to figure out what cannabis strain can meet all your needs.

For example, if you are looking for a cannabis strain that is a hybrid, contains high levels of THC, grows to average height, can be cultivated either outdoors or indoors, can thrive in the Mediterranean climate, and generates around 300 grams per square meter of yield, then you can consider the Medusa Feminized Cannabis.

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How To Select A Marijuana Grow Site

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More and more people are curious about marijuana. As a result, they look for ways to get permission to cultivate this plant since it is illegal to do so in many cities and countries. Marijuana cultivation is actually an activity that is becoming more popular, especially in areas where marijuana has been legalized.

If you have gotten permission to grow marijuana, the first thing that you have to do is to find a grow site. There are many options to look at, and the final decision is up to you and what you have available.

Indoor Growing Options

Marijuana indoor growing is quite popular. If you live in a house that has some extra indoor space, you can start your marijuana indoor garden immediately. You can look at the following indoor spaces and see which one fits you best:

Bedroom – this is ideal for those that want a medium-scale marijuana indoor garden. This can house a good number of pots and can allow taller marijuana plants to grow.

Closet – this is for those that are cultivating just a few marijuana plants. Closets are not that spacious, so do not try to squeeze in too many marijuana pots in there because the plants will have a hard time developing properly.

Outdoor Growing Options

The outdoors enable your marijuana plants to breathe in fresh air and bask under the sunlight. The following are some good outdoor garden sites:

Backyard – this can accommodate a pretty large number of marijuana plants or pots, depending on the size of your backyard.

Forest – this is really good especially to those that are planning to grow marijuana large-scale. However, make sure that the area is not going to be disturbed by any human or animal activity which could negatively affect the growth and development of the plants.

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