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Making Lemon Poppy Muffins Using Cannabis

By nevash June 30, 2013 4325 Views No comments

If you are a cannabis user, it is always advisable to find different ways of using the herb other than smoking. This comes in handy when you want to find subtle ways to take your daily dose, for instance in places where the smoking of Cannabis is not allowed in public. One of the most common methods used is preparing recipes with cannabis. This also comes in handy when you want to medicate. Of importance when medicating is that you follow the prescription provided by the prescribing doctor. This prevents you from overdosing as it could have undesirable consequences. Learn how to prepare these delicious muffins using Cannabis.



  • 10 tablespoons of cannabis butter- cannabis olive oil may be used in place of cannabutter
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of brown sugar, preferably granulated
  • 3 tablespoons of poppy seeds
  • A tablespoon of baking powder
  • A teaspoon of baking soda
  • A teaspoon of salt
  • 2 fresh eggs
  • 2 cups of unflavored yoghurt
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Directions for the Preparation Process

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. As this is happening, you will then have ample time to prepare the rest of the ingredients required.

  2. Take your baking sheet and grease it to prevent the lemon poppy cannabis muffins from sticking to the bottom during the baking process.

  3. Take a clean bowl where you will sieve the flour into. Add the baking powder, the baking soda as well as the salt. Mix these ingredients properly as this will constitute the dry mixture.

  4. The next step involves taking a separate bowl where you will place the granulated sugar. If you are using cannabis butter, take a stainless steel bowl and place the butter over low heat so as to melt it. You will then add the melted Cannabutter or the cannabis olive oil to the sugar and mix the two well.

  5. Beat the eggs one at a go in a separate bowl before whisking them together to form a consistent mixture. Add the eggs to the cannabis butter mixture. Mix the ingredients well before you add the lemon juice.

  6. Add the yoghurt to the resulting mixture before mixing in the dry ingredients that you had prepared before then. A handy tip to use at this stage is to make sure that you add the dry ingredients in small portions at a go. Whisk the resulting mixture vigorously.

  7. When the mixture is consistent and does not have any lumpy combinations, pour it into the pan that holds the cupcakes.

  8. Bake the preparation for half an hour after which the muffins will have acquired a crusty feel and a great golden brown texture.

  9. Allow the muffins to cool and serve with a beverage of your choice.

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Medical Reasons for Marijuana

By Simi June 30, 2013 4849 Views No comments

Medical marijuana has been used for centuries as a treatment for certain ailments. Today, it has been proven to be beneficial to those suffering from conditions that cause nausea, pain and inflammation.  It can also be of help to cancer sufferers, those with tumors and other serious conditions.  Despite the fact that it is beneficial, a potential user should seek the advice of a doctor before taking medical marijuana. They may be able to get it on prescription as well. Here are some of the conditions medical marijuana can help with:Medical Reasons for Marijuana


Glaucoma has been treated with medical marijuana for many years, perhaps into the hundreds.  The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has looked at many case studies of patients whose glaucoma has been treated with medical marijuana and it works by reducing the intraocular pressure.   It can also work in whatever form you choose to take the marijuana: inhaling, ingesting, smoking or intravenously.  However, if applied straight to the eye it has no effect whatsoever.  While the AAO has recognized that medical marijuana is beneficial, they also say that there are FDA approved drugs that will do the same thing and are available on prescription. They also say these drugs may be safer than marijuana and far more effective.


Medical marijuana has long been used by cancer sufferers to treat the symptoms associated with the disease. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, pain, loss of appetite, depression and anxiety.  The ACS (American Cancer Society) says that medical marijuana does help to remove the feelings of nausea that come with chemotherapy. 

NORML.org has also carried out reviews on a number of medical studies that show evidence of medical marijuana being used as a cancer treatment. Medical marijuana is able to work on tumor cells, reducing or eliminating them completely, especially in the more aggressive forms of cancer.  Glioblastoma is the most aggressive one and medical marijuana has been shown to be beneficial to those who suffer from it. 

In all, over 20 separate articles have been listed that show medical marijuana will work on other types of tumor as well.  Rather than smoking it, some patients prefer to take the medial marijuana in their food.  Cancer sufferers should thoroughly research the use of medical marijuana. At this time, not too much is known about its interaction with other cancer drugs.


Arthritis is another condition that medical marijuana has been able to successfully treat. It reduces the inflammation of the joints and the pain that is associated with arthritis and it also helps the immune system.  Rheumatoid arthritis is caused when the immune system begins to attack the tissue in joints leading to a great deal of swelling and pain.  ASA (Americans for Safe Access) have looked at several studies that testify to the fact that medical marijuana has been shown to be beneficial to arthritis patients.  Perhaps of far more importance is the fact that the ASA can testify to the fact that, not only does medical marijuana help, it does it in a safer way than many prescription drugs and with fewer side effects.

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How to Plant Cannabis Seeds Indoors

By nevash June 30, 2013 3995 Views No comments


This is information is useful and will help you  to cultivate the best marijuana indoors .As a farmer make sure that you have all the essential tools that are needed for cultivating .Apart from tools you also need to have a frequent supply of water and nutrients for the  plants.

Steps involving cultivating indoors

The first step is allocating space where you can grow your plants. You can find a space in the shed or in a garage somewhere or you can build a place for them. Just ensure that they will get enough space to grow and a safe place as well.

The second step in growing cannabis indoors is to prepare a shelf for the plants. Build a shelf at a comfortable height .These shelves should have a proper drainage. The shelves should be 4 feet long so as to accommodate standard fluorescent lights. The shelves width should be 12inches. It is important to note that there should be a good distance between the shelves so as to allow the farmer to move about as he tends to his plants and also to avoid crowding of the plants.

The third step is to provide ample lighting for the cannabis plants. You can do this by having good fluorescent lights available in the whole room. You can hang them with a chain or hooks .You need lights so that you provide a light schedule for the plants since they do not use natural lighting.

The fourth step is   to provide containers and a drainage system. You can use containers so that you can drain water as well as the toxins that are removed by the plants .Most farmers use standard nursery flats to help in drainage.

Once you have followed all the steps that pertain to growing the cannabis plants indoors .You can now germinate the seeds .You may have noted that growing indoors takes a lot of work as compared to indoors. When it comes to the process of germinating the seeds, at first you need to soak them in a closed container in a dark place overnight .Then place a paper towel in a shallow plate, place the seed on the paper and then fold the seed .After that fold the towel over.

Make sure that the plate is filled with water and then drain the excess water. This will leave the paper soaked and the seeds are inside. Then put them in the cabinet and then do a regular check up at least after every eight hours. It is important that you do not let the paper dry just keep putting water. After a few hours you will be able to see the cannabis seed slowly germinate.

Now that they have germinated it is time that they are planted in the containers .As a farmer plant them shallow so that they are covered. You can use a finger or pencil to make a shallow hole for the seed. If you are planting different strains ensure that you have marked where the different strains are .These cannabis seeds need a lot of water so please make sure that you are watering them daily.

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Cannabis Strains that need very Little Light to Grow

By nevash June 29, 2013 11677 Views No comments

Light is an integral part of Cannabis cultivation, so it is always important to choose the right type of lighting for your crops. The fact that this is the fastest growing past time activity is testament to the increase in popularity of the ‘green plant’. In spite of the relative ease of planting this crop, farmers are always on the lookout for the operational costs of managing such a garden. One of the most obvious operational costs is the cost of electricity required in the successful cultivation of Cannabis. To counter this, farmers will usually look for strains that require minimal lighting. This means that you need not have 1000W or 400W to complete your garden.

One of the ways to do this is by selecting auto flowering Cannabis strains. Just as the name suggests, this strains undergo flowering regardless of the stage in which the plant is. This means that you need not change the light cycle as the plant transitions from one stage to another. As a result, auto flowering strains generally require a little amount of light. The alternative name for this auto flowering strain is cannabis ruderalis. This strain is categorized alongside the more common Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica strains that are grown all over the world. As you would expect, the latter two require a lot of electricity simply because they do not have the auto flowering trait.

As a general guide, most Cannabis ruderalis plants require just about 70 watts. This is a huge saving in terms of the cost of electricity, and is something that many farmers look forward to, and especially when it comes to first time farmers. Every good thing that has an advantage has a disadvantage, and the cannabis ruderalis is no exception. The first disadvantage is in the form of the minimal yields that the plants yield. So low are the yields that many plants will not give more than an ounce of the product. The second disadvantage is that alongside the poor yields, the Cannabis rudralis has remarkably low concentrations of the active ingredient known as THC. The figure is touted to be just about 10% or less, making it less potent than many what users would require.

Even with these shortcomings, farmers have found convenient ways to circumvent the problem. Simply get strains that are a hybrid of cannabis ruderalis and either cannabis sativa or cannabis indica. For instance, the orange crush is a cross of a cannabis sativa and ruderalis that only needs 30W in order to produce an ounce of the product. To achieve this, the farmer could either use a 50W or 100W light. Metal halide grow lights are appropriate for the Cannabis plants in the vegetative state while HPS bulbs are suitable when the plant has entered the flowering phase. If however you would like to conserve as much energy as possible, you may settle for a 30W CFL. Another strain that you could settle for is known as the Green Crack, which needs just about 90W.

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Pollination of Cannabis Plants

By nevash June 29, 2013 7408 Views No comments

This marijuana plant consists of many characteristics, which are known as sub – units. These sub units consist of many buds. These buds are formed by single female flowers. The female flowers are also known as pistils and stigmas and they are formed on them because of that the process of pollination occurs on them. Pollination occurs when pollen from the male marijuana plant reaches the female stigma and finds its way to the egg cell of the plant that is found inside the pistil. After pollination a seed is produced. Then the structure of the female flower which is called the glandular trichome begins to produce resin on the flowers and the leaves .This resin will appear like a ball on the leaves, so you as the farmer should treat the buds smoothly because the trichomes are very sensitive.

The older pistils appear larger in the cannabis plants and their stigmas are still in search of pollen. Underneath these old pistils there are small leaves found there and they are called stipules. There are more noticeable in pre-flowers .You can notice them by the red or brown hairs that are sticking out .This stipule can also receive pollen from a male cannabis plant.

As a farmer you need to note that the stigmas can be really affected by strong winds or heavy rain. When faced with such harsh climatic conditions they tend to become dry and their color begins to change  to brown and then red, This can also  be considered as normal in these plants cycle  because when the pistils mature completely , the stigmas die out and they leave the plants to become fat and  lose their turgidity.

When this stage arrives this means that the pistil can no longer receive any pollen. This phase is known as the dying phase .The cannabis resin production can be slowed down at this stage or entirely stopped this is because most pistils and stigmas have died and the stipules which are found also under the leaves will also die.

After the process of pollination the plant begins to enter the flowering stage. In this period the plant begins to grow and develop. In the growth process it stretches and the bud sites begin to develop. This whole process of flowering largely depends on the strain that you have used to plant .The flowering period is the time when the new cannabis flowers are forming on top of the leaves .This period is often recognized by the small stigmas which are formed on the old pistils that have died .They are also thin and have white hairs the stigmas are coming out of the pistil

In conclusion the process of pollination may take some time for you to see the result but all in all it is worth it. Your plant will now fully be matured and giving out more resin seeds. This can only happen if you have followed the procedures of growing marijuana to the latter .if you have let nature take its course and watch your cannabis plants flourish.

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Medical Marijuana - How does it Work?

By Simi June 29, 2013 4280 Views No comments

Medical Marijuana - How does it Work?Across the world, including some US States, medical marijuana has been given the green light to be used a form of treatment for certain conditions.  While there are still some who say it doesn’t have any medical benefits, others would disagree.  The use of medical marijuana or THC is effective in treating many types of pain, nausea and other, much more serious conditions.

Medical marijuana is made up of more than 300 separate compounds. 60 of these are classed as cannabinoids. Until just recently there has been little interest and a lack of funding for studies into how effective these cannabinoids are, which is why very little research can be found on the subject.  However, what research has been carried out shows that each of the 60 cannabinoids present in medical marijuana has a different effect on the body.  3 of them are more beneficial for pain relief than the others: caryphyllene, cannabidiol and cannabigerol.

The largest and most major cannabinoid is known as cannabidiol. This covers almost 405 of the total amount of cannabinoid compounds that can be found in medical marijuana. Cannobidiol has been shown to reduce inflammation, help to control nausea, convulsions and anxiety/stress. It has also been found to stop, or at least severely limit the growth of some cancer cells. One other area of success for this particular compound is as an antipsychotic medication for schizophrenics.

Carophyllene has been shown to have a further effect on reducing inflammation. It does this by kick starting a cannabinoid receptor that is found in the brain. This receptor is specifically for carophyllene and other similar compounds. This has to raise a question about why there is a constant battle to stop people from using marijuana medicinally.

To put the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes:  marijuana is a plant, nothing more, nothing less; most medicine is extracted, in one form or another, from plants around the world. Carophyllene is found in cannabis oils that are concentrated – sometimes containing up to 30%. Carophyllene is also present in other naturel products such as oregano, cloves, black pepper, rosemary and cloves.

Cannabigerol has been the subject of testing by scientists and they have discovered that it has properties which help to lower blood pressure. More of this can be found in hemp plants rather than marijuana plants with ha higher level of THC.  The one thing that gives this plant its medicinal qualities is the high presence of so many different types of cannabinoid combined in a number of ways in a range of varieties.

Medical marijuana can offer relief to a wide range of patients suffering from any of the following: asthma, nausea, glaucoma, unexpected weight loss, bowel disease, OCD, Tourette’s and many others.  The reason is because the natural compounds that make up marijuana interact perfectly with the biochemistry of our bodies.

Right now studies are being carried out on the use of medical marijuana to help in the treatment of lung cancer, AIDS, MS, Alzheimer’s and many other serious conditions.  Using marijuana for medicinal purposes now is no different from the way people have used for thousands of years, and still do use, herbal remedies for treatment and relief of pain.

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What You Need to Know About Cannabis Medical Strains

By nevash June 28, 2013 2623 Views No comments

There are many medical Cannabis strains to choose from, and as a patient, it becomes important to identify the particular strain that suits you best and one that works for you in improving your health condition. The first things that you must take note of is that medical cannabis is generally categorized into two distinct groups based on the various genetic differences. These two categories are Cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Consequently, there are medical Cannabis seeds that are available for both strains. If you are keen on planting Cannabis, it is a good idea to shop around for the seeds, when possible, use reliable vendors to ensure that you get the best quality available.

Research studies have shown that there are slight but marked differences between the two strains as far as pain management is concerned. Many in the medical fraternity will also attest to the fact that cannabis indica strains rank better in terms of pain management. This is a view that is shared by many patients who have used the strain as well. The C. indica works for many of the illnesses, which registered doctors, prescribe the drug for. Regardless of which strain you select, it is always important to make sure that you see a registered physician. In many countries, there are laws as regards the medical fraternity and who can prescribe the drug.

What is the explanation behind the use of Cannabis indica as a preferred strain?

Cannabis indica is a preferred strain due to its high concentration of cannabinoids. The concentration is in fact much higher than that in cannabis sativa and other little known cannabis strains. These ingredients are responsible for the pain relief that patients get when they medicate. This does not necessarily mean that Cannabis sativa does not have any analgesic effects- it simply means that it has medical effects other than pain relief. Patients who have used Cannabis sativa attribute it to perfect relief for depression, anxiety as well as bipolar disease.

There has been an increase in the number of cannabis strains in recent years with a corresponding increase in the openness with which Cannabis is addressed. Many countries are working on the legalization of the herb, leading to the availability of new strains. So developed are some of these strains that there are those with an extremely high concentration of cannabinoids, but very little THC-tetrahydrocannabinoids- by comparison.

There are a number of ways to medicate using Cannabis. This may involve recipe preparations using Cannabis in the form of hash, hash oil, cannabis butter as well as tincture. These compounds are referred to as concentrates as they have within them high concentrations of the required active ingredients for analgesia. The concentrates could also be incorporated in different meals for a different taste as well as to create diversity. It is always important to consider the qualities of the seeds purchased before growing the garden. Get as much information as you can about the particular strain that you would like to grow.

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