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Atomic northern Lights Cannabis

By nevash November 12, 2012 11015 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Some Cannabis strains have very interesting names, and the Atomic Northern Lights is no exception. With a rich history spanning different continents across the world, this strain of Cannabis is a stable cross breed with origins from the Northwest America and Holland. In the 1980s, it is believed that Indica seeds of the Afghani strain made their way to the Northwest America. While here, a crossbreed of these seeds was obtained by mixing them with those of the Thai Haze Cannabis seeds. America is known for harsh weather patterns, and this necessitated indoor growth of the new crossbreed. This went on for a short time, after which the newly developed strain was moved to Holland. Among the Dutch people, the strain was developed by Sensi seeds where it was named the Northern Lights. The word Atomic was added after Dr. Atomic took back the strain to Canada where it was mixed with a number of strains from its parentage. As a result of this, the strain was then known as Atomic Northern Lights Cannabis.

Image showing the Atomic northern Lights plant

Owing to its rich indica lineage, the Atomic Northern Light plants are short and compact, and normally exhibit a short flowering period, lasting up to just 50 days. This strain of Cannabis takes after the shape of the typical evergreen tree. The difference however, lies in its branch formation. Unlike the evergreen tree, the Atomic Northern light has fewer branches. The plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. For indoor cultivation, it is recommended that the farmer uses sea of green gardening. This is an efficient way to grow the Cannabis because the strain does work well as a pole plant, owing to its reduced branches. Its founder, Dr. Atomic advocates for the growth of this strain in soil. If this is not viable however, the option of other growing mediums works just as well. The beauty about this plant is that it is hardy, and with the appropriate conditions for growth, you are assured of a bumper harvest following maturation.

Indoor cultivation gives an average yield of each plant is approximately 100 grams. This value is higher if the plant is grown outdoors, and averages around half a kilogram for each plant (500 grams). Armed with these facts, it is possible for you to decide what the best setup for cultivating your Cannabis is. As the plant approaches harvest time, the garden is filled with a sweet aroma. Atomic Northern Lights has a pungent taste at the onset, but the smoke it produces is quite mellow and can be enjoyed by everyone. This makes it an ideal addition to your parties or get-togethers, or when you simply want to catch up with friends for old times’ sake. The resulting buzz provides a delicate balance between mind and soul, leading to an energetic effect that rejuvenates the user. To enjoy these benefits, you may want to plant your own Cannabis garden, and if you do choose this option, ensure that you get high quality seeds from trusted vendors.

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