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Basic Knowledge That Anyone Should Have On Cannabis

By Simi March 15, 2013 3769 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Basic Knowledge That Anyone Should Have On CannabisCannabis is a well-known plant, being recorded as a recreational plant in the Chinese empire over 5000 years ago. There are lots of names used for Marijuana, like, pot, MJ, weed, grass and many others. It’s an annual plant with bushy aspect and its part of the Cannabaceae family from which sativa, indica and ruderalis takes part. There are lots of usages for the Cannabis plant and among medical and industrial usage, the recreational usage is not the most common in the world. The psychoactive substance in Marijuana is called THC (tetra-hydrocanabinol) which can help with many illnesses, including depression, cancer and insomnia. From the plant of Cannabis can be produced one of the best vegetal material for clothing and ropes.

The immediate effects of Cannabis products are not as strong, but can be influenced by several factors: the amount used, age of the user, the administration, the psychological state of the user, intended use and location (environment and people).

Short-term effects - many users consider Marijuana to be a pleasant experience. Relaxation, stress reduction, increased sensations of taste, smell, sight and hearing, increase creativity, reduce pain (eg headaches, cramps) , reduced nausea, increased appetite, euphoria, lack of inhibitions and loquacious, feeling that the time was "dilated" (that goes hard).

Among the effects considered unpleasant, the most common are: nausea (especially if Marijuana is taken in combination with alcohol or other drugs with stimulant effect), dry mouth irritation (redness), headache, lack of coordination in movements and loss of balance; weak and frequent coughing.

Prolonged use of Marijuana often has adverse psychological and physiological effects, sometimes very unpleasant. Among the most common physiological effects should be mentioned: abundant salivation, insomnia, conjunctivitis, runny nose, bronchitis, decreased immunity of the body against infections. The most common long-term psychological effects are frequent changes of mood, lack of motivation and interest for any activity, reduced tolerance to failures, low performance at school or work, slow movements, reducing storage capacity and concentration of attention.

In case of Cannabis intoxication, which is rarely reached, users may experience: persecution mania and paranoia, incoherent speech, confusion, anxiety, depression, panic reactions, visual hallucinations, delusions, disorders of the reproductive system (e.g. men less able to have an erection or orgasm).

Most often Marijuana is smoked in cigarettes rolled manually, usually named joints. It may also be smoked with regular pipe or special pipe called bongs (water pipes). Marijuana can be consumed as an infusion (tea) or mixed in food or cakes (brownies or muffins). In some countries it is allowed to use Marijuana for medical purposes, especially in cancer treatment, AIDS and glaucoma. It is known that many people with AIDS lose their appetite and since it’s very important for them to maintain a proper body weight, this plant could help them very much. In the case of cancer, Marijuana helps the patients as a painkiller for the powerful and bad effects that chemotherapy can have on their weak bodies. 

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Spice Miam March 16, 2013 at 5:16 AM Reply
I find this article a whole lot newer to me and indeed, it find it very informational due to its special content which can mainly be a good advantage to those readers.
Aiko Foshoo March 16, 2013 at 5:16 AM Reply
You’re technically right Spice! I do believe that people must know about the good stuffs when I comes about the marijuana itself and how will it become good for the body.
Cathy Sandoy March 16, 2013 at 5:16 AM Reply
In addition, this marijuana has been technically perfect for those individuals who are diagnosed with cancer and even AIDS. Also, it has different effects in the human body. It can be long-term effect or short term effect.

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