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Best conditions for growing Cannabis Outdoors.

By nevash October 25, 2012 8152 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Growing Cannabis has become a major source of income for many farmers that reside in countries where the use of Medicinal Cannabis has been legalized. On a global scale, legal Marijuana has sparked off an entire industry that not only involves the growth of this herb, but production of high quality hybrids seeds as well. Cannabis growers nowadays can either choose to grow their plants indoors or in the open. While indoor growing can be a convenient way for farmers that don’t have enough space, growing Cannabis outdoors can be a better way to grow this plant for commercial purposes.

Prior to planting cannabis, some farmers often decide to give the seeds some time to germinate by planting indoors transferring the plants outdoors, while other growers will opt to plant the seeds in pots directly in the open before planting them in the fields. It is however important for growers to know what the best conditions for the growth of Cannabis are in order to harvest a good yield. In most cases this will depend on a number of factors due to the high number of different strains of the plant. Although the most ideal conditions for the different types of Cannabis will vary slightly, there are some common growing conditions that most strains will require.

Cannabis growing outdoors

First of all, adequate sunlight is important. Choosing a site that has direct expose to sunlight will help the Cannabis plants to get the much needed sunlight to synthesis their own food. Therefore, if you intend to grow Marijuana in thick forest cover, this might not be the best site as the deprivation of sunlight might affect the quality of crop. It is also important to ensure that the soli pH is within the recommended levels. Most strains will thrive in pH level that ranges between 5.8 and 6.5. With this in mind, farmers can try and get the soil tested before starting to grow the plant and there are soil testing kits that can help with this.

Aside from sufficient sunlight and ideal pH levels, Cannabis also needs proper drainage in addition to soil that contains enough nutrients. Growing sites which are located close to a water body such as a stream are the best especially in place where the climate is hot, although well planed irrigation systems can also serve to provide the plants with water. It is important also to feed the soil with fertilizers especially if fertility levels are low. Organic fertilizers such as compost, worm casting and so on, are the mostly recommended since they are devoid of chemicals that might merge with the THC contents of Marijuana. Application of fertilizer should also be done prior to planting to allow the soil’s condition to improve. This should also continue as the plants are growing in order to provide adequate nutrients throughout the growth period until the Cannabis plants reach full maturity.

Keep in mind however that selecting good quality seeds is the most important step that needs to be undertaken with great caution even before growing Cannabis commences. With the best quality of seeds, you can be sure of harvesting a good yield.

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