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Calcium Deficiency in Marijuana Plants

By nevash April 13, 2013 22861 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

There are many nutrient disorders that may affect marijuana plants, and a lack of calcium is one of the growth problems that growers may encounter. Calcium (ca) is a vital element that cannabis plants require for healthy development. When there is insufficient levels of this mineral in the soil or an underlying problem inhibits intake within the roots, a mineral deficiency occurs. Although calcium deficient cannabis crops are quite rare, it is important to know some of the symptoms, causes and solutions for this problem and especially if you are a first time grower.

Ca is often found in the root system as well as the older and well matured parts of the plant. As a result of this, younger leaves may start to showcase signs of deficiency which then spreads to the older leaves. During the initial stages, leaf tips may curl and die back which is also accompanied with the formation of dead spots or small brown spots. Young foliage mostly appears small and disordered in size with the tips curling back. In advanced stages, stalks and braches become weak whilst the root systems develops slowly thus predisposing the plants to bacterial infections. Sings of decay may also be present within the buds of Ca deficient cannabis plants during the flowering stage. Decreased root development and compromised foliage eventually lead to reduced plant vigor and this may open the door for other plant disorders to crop up.

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify a calcium deficiency as it manifests concurrently with other mineral deficiencies. However, a proper diagnosis is important because you want to avoid taking the wrong remedies that will lead to further problems.


A combination of factors may cause a shortage of calcium in marijuana plants. Generally, it is advisable not to apply too much calcium when the early stages of growth for marijuana plants as this can stunt your crops. Excessive amounts of Calcium in the growth medium can lead to toxicity which triggers intake problems of Ca and other minerals. In other cases, when the pH is either too high or too low, this may cause marijuana plants not to take in the required amount of Ca.

It is always important to clearly determine root cause of any nutrient deficiency when trying to treat ailing cannabis plants. In the case of inadequate amounts of calcium, make sure to adjust your root zone pH if there is an imbalance. Only feed the soil or growth solution with fertilizer which are rich with calcium when the pH of the growth medium is within the require range and if you are certain that your plants have not been getting the right amount of nutrients. In most cases, calcium deficiencies in marijuana plants may happen along with magnesium and ion deficiencies. If that is the case, make sure to add combination supplements when treating poor nutrition within the growth medium. Keep in mind that marijuana plants take time to recover from any kind of mineral deficiency, hence some patients may be required when trying to improve Ca intake in your plants.

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