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Can You Buy and Sell Marijuana Seeds Legally?

By Simi February 24, 2013 8941 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Marijuana, cannabis, pot and weed are all names that this useful and popular plant and its high producing components are called. It is used throughout the world although most governments have officially listed it as illegal. Cannabis has many uses from a mild and pleasurable drug that can be smoked or eaten, to a source of fiber that is used in clothing and to make specialty papers.

The cannabis plant is very easy to grow and in some countries, it lives up to its name of ‘weed’ and grows in abundance in the wild. These wild varieties are normally very low in THC, which is that active ingredient that gives the ‘high’ or ‘buzz’, and one of the cannabinoids that hold the medical properties that marijuana is also prized for.

Can You Buy and Sell Marijuana Seeds Legally?

This high growth rate and easy of cultivation mean that people that wish to grow there own plants can do so from just a few seeds. The difficulty in detecting seeds has lead to a huge increase in the mail-order business for cannabis seeds. There are literally hundreds of seed selling websites that have sprung up to cater for its popularity. This has led to many that are less than ethical and a few that are just frauds. The illegality of the cannabis seeds shields them to some extent with people scared to make official complaints.

 When you are searching for a good marijuana seed supplier then reputation really is everything. It is easy to find sites that have been in business for years and that have a solid user base on the forums. The other thing to be careful of are things that sound ‘too good to be true’. High quality well bred seeds cost a lot to produce and are a considerable investment. Bargains generally don’t turn out to be good in the long run so take care and do your research before making your purchase.

 When you receive your discretely packed seed then you need to think about how you intend to grow them. Remember an adult cannabis plant can be well over a meter tall so you need room for it to grow. As it is illegal to have marijuana and to grow cannabis plants in most parts of the world, planting it in your garden or leaving some potted on your balcony would probably not be a good idea.

 It really depends on how many plants you wish to grow at a time and how serious you are in your endeavor to grow your marijuana. If you only want a few plants then pots kept near a window for sunlight or converting a closet into a mini grows room might be what you want to do. Some people decide to use a whole house for the purposes of growing cannabis.

 There are hydroponic setups that you can build or buy that are ideal for small setups. They take care of watering fertilizing and lighting. These are the main areas that you need to concentrate on as your plants grow making sure they are warm and well lighted and getting enough food and water.

 Good luck with your growing!   

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Paul Nikolai February 24, 2013 at 11:45 AM Reply
Reading this article really makes me think on how big the issue is when it comes into getting in touch with this cannabis production. I do hope that a lot of people will consider cannabis to be sold legally.
Mark Rice February 24, 2013 at 11:46 AM Reply
In fact Paul, a lot of people may sees cannabis as a bad one due to its recreational effects but I guess they are wrong! They didn't even notice the beneficial effects of cannabis.
Anthony Grant February 24, 2013 at 11:46 AM Reply
Since marijuana or cannabis can be plant in just a simple steps and can be perfect in any types of environments such as indoor or outdoor. I do hope that a lot of people will consider them as a legal one.

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