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Cannabis cultivation tips for first time indoor growers

By nevash December 5, 2012 4588 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

As more and more states continue to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, many farmers are turning to growing this plant so as to make money out of it. The beauty of the hemp plant is that it can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Most first time growers opt to grow Marijuana indoors due to lack of adequate space or for not having a secure location to grow these plants in the open.  Whichever the case, there are a few things to keep in mind before you start growing cannabis plants indoors and especially if you are a novice grower.


The first thing is of course to ensure that you have all the tools required for this task. Some of the growing paraphernalia include things like pots, lamps or LED lights and hand shovels. Depending on the type of strain that you intend to grow, the seeds that will be sown will influence the quality of yield harvested. Choosing healthy and well bred seeds is therefore an important aspect that goes into growing Cannabis plants indoors. Cannabis strains can grow in different types of soil for as long as the pH is alkaline. When purchasing seeds, make sure to ask your supplier wheat type of soil is best for the type of strains that you intend to grow.

The growing site where the plants will be nursed and grown to full maturity is also of great importance. If possible, it is a good practice to select an area that receives plenty of sunlight since all kinds of plants require light energy to synthesis their own food. However, there are situations whereby light penetration in a building might be poor. In such a case, the use of LED lights and lamps would compensate for the lack of natural sunlight. Last but not least, it is vital to provide nutrients to the plants right from when they germinate until full growth. There are plenty of fertilizers available in the market that can make soil more fertile. For the best results however, organic compost would be the most ideal way to grow healthy cannabis plants.

After planting cannabis plants, constant watering is essential throughout the different stages of growth. This along with application of fertilizers on a regular basis are two of the most recommended indoor practices that facilitate good growing conditions for Cannabis plants.

Although a bit costly, greenhouse installations offer the best results for growing cannabis plants in doors. This can be attributed to the fact that these installations can control several key growing factors. With a good greenhouse unity, humidity levels, sunlight, temperature and even carbon dioxide amounts can be kept in check. While it takes a bit of learning before becoming skilful at growing cannabis in greenhouses is it one of the best ways to harvest a healthy produce. A good supplier will offer a booklet with growing tips on how Cannabis plants should be grown indoors with a greenhouse. For the best harvest, only grow feminine plants which are known to contain cannabinoids that are extracted from the Marijuana plant.

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