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Cannabis Protein Powder VS. Whey Protein Powder

By Simi Simi November 24, 2012 8924 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

CannabisAs we all know that protein promotes cellular repair as well as muscle growth. Nutritional protein sources, which are indeed low in saturated fats, are the greatest option for frequent ingestion. Whey and cannabis protein powder supplements are considered to add to our meal. Understanding the health advantages and uses of whey and cannabis protein powder permits you to pick the finest supplement for your requirements.

Features of Cannabis & Whey Protein Powder

Cannabis protein powder derives from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant is also well-known as marijuana. In spite of its origins, cannabis seed hasn’t any mind-altering ingredients and it is a wonderful source of nutritious protein as well as fat. Cannabis protein has more health advantages compared to the other protein sources, containing a broader amount of amino acids, high nutritional fiber component as well as easy digestibility. Cannabis seed has all 9 essential amino acids as well as cannabis seeds are indeed rich is plant based protein, as said by “Nutiva.com”. Whey protein powder has a combination of the globular proteins came from whey. It is a liquor by-product produced from cheese. Generally, whey is cheaper compared to the cannabis protein powder. Moreover, it is extensively obtainable in various retail shops. You will get this item as a form of mixed drink.

Nutritional Content of Cannabis & Whey Protein Powder

Both cannabis and whey protein powder have exclusive nutritional health benefits. Whey protein provides muscular protein fusion and it may assist you to broaden the health advantages of exercise, as said by the “Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry”. When most of the individuals can accept whey protein, the folks who are with milk allergies or lactose intolerance may undergo negative syndromes such as bloating or gas after consumption of whey protein powder. The cannabis protein powder is an outstanding source of omega fatty acids as well as fiber and essential amino acids.

Uses of Cannabis & Whey Protein Powder

Both whey and cannabis protein powders are utilized to add to the meal. Cannabis protein powder contains a nutty as well as earthy flavor. Moreover, it can be included to yogurt, shakes as well as smoothies for its dietary benefits. When whey protein powder is mainly used by the athletes and bodybuilders, cannabis seed protein is frequently promoted as a great substitute. According to Federal Drug Administration, both cannabis and whey protein powder are considered as foods instead of supplements and ought to meet specific safety measures.

Applications of Cannabis & Whey Protein Powder

Adding up cannabis or whey protein powders to your meal can assist you to meet your necessary protein needs. In order to use, you just have to pursue the instructions on the label. However, both kinds of protein powder can be included to other food items and drinks or ingested alone for their dietetic benefits. You can take a personal appointment with your physician ahead of consuming either one specially, when you are undergoing any kidney ailment or any other health issues. 


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Gail Forcewind February 12, 2013 at 12:18 PM Reply
Has cannabis got any medically proven disadvantages? I know that cannabis (weed, Marijuana) can have different effects on different people but is there any medically proven disadvantage to this plant ?

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