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Cannabis Proteins for Our Bodies

By Simi Simi January 11, 2013 3357 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

When you think of the word hemp, what is it that comes to mind? Is the word cannabis, marijuana, Greenpeace, or something that hippies and those free peace-lovers smoke and get high on?  Well guess what the word cannibas  is also associated with, get ready for it …. Protein and bodybuilding and not in the illegal steroids or drug sense either but in terms of food hemp and how it can help you in a nutritional way.


As we know hemp is considered to be one of the world’s most versatile plants and can be basically used for anything from making clothes – see the GOOD Brand which I own a pair of jeans made using hemp to even being used in the automotive industry with companies like Mercedes and Chrysler using the hemp to create hemp-composite side panels as this apparently makes the side panels more dent-resistant.

Do you want to try something new when it comes to enhancing your protein in your body? Sick of purchasing and spending lots of money on health protein supplements that aren’t effectively working? Well, look no further as we bring you the inside scoop to using Cannabis Protein supplements – a supplement that once you have read this article you will be heading to purchase and give a go.

What is Cannabis Protein?

Besides being a plant source, cannabis protein is actually a complete protein source, and it contains all 20 known amino acids including 10 amino acids, which are essential to our bodies ( 8 essentials in adults and 2, which are essential more so in children and senior citizens, which are 65+) as the acids we cannot produce on our own. 

Cannabis Protein also contains an extremely good essential fatty acid profile .One of the major and predominant benefits of cannabis protein supplements are the powder which contains very high insoluble fibre content. The fibre helps to keep our bodies blood sugars stable and are ideal for fat loss not to mention helping your body keep “regular”

So how does Cannabis Protein help me, what benefits will I receive?

Like most health supplements, if we haven’t tried them before we prefer to discover and research what benefits that they will be with us before we waste our finances on them as they can be quite costly.  Cannabis Protein supplements can help to provide the following benefits to ourselves.

* There is no loss of muscle mass or a decline in our muscle growth.

* You will receive no protein-bloating.

* Even better you will not get protein breath, so you can kiss bad breath good-bye with the cannabis protein supplement.

* Your cannabis protein supplement contains no unnecessary ingredients like those nasty artificial sweeteners.

* Last but not least, the cannabis protein since it contains a high fibre content you will have cleaner insides, and your body will start displaying excellent intestinal health.

So if you are in the mood to try and spice up, things and take a different approach to protein supplements – then why not give with the confidence of this article cannabis Protein supplement and let us know how you go with them.

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