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Cannabis yoghurt

By nevash January 19, 2013 5806 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Yoghurt has become an integral part of our lives, and this is as a result of the numerous ways in which you can take it, either plainly or incorporated into a recipe just like this one. With increased consumption of Cannabis worldwide, there is more reason to find creative ways of including the powder into everyday meals. Perhaps the concept of frozen yoghurt will be channeled to the cannabis recipes, but in the mean time, get your taste buds ready to indulge in this snack of a kind.


Below are the ingredients that you will require:

. A gram of powdered Cannabis

. A few drops of olive oil- you could use Cannabis olive oil if you want the potency to increase considerably

. 1 container of yoghurt, either plain or with your favorite flavor

. A spoon


Take the Cannabis extract and ensure that it is finely powdered before placing it on the spoon at hand. Sometimes, Cannabis users prefer to use hash, but the effects are more or less the same. Add a drop of olive oil to the extract in the spoon. Stir it gently using a toothpick to prevent the powder from spilling. Use a lighter to heat the bottom of the spoon as shown in the image below. The purpose of this is to allow the active ingredients of the cannabis to be transferred to the olive oil. Oil is a good carrier for the tetrahydrocanabinoids found in the extract. Heat the mixture for a couple of minutes until you notice that the oil is consistent with the extract. After this is complete, wait for at least 3 minutes to allow cooling of the oily mixture.

Another purpose for which you must allow cooling to take place is so that the mixture does not cause the yoghurt to curdle. Add the cannabis mixture to the yoghurt, making sure that you stir it thoroughly. If well done, this should prevent the formation of curdles in your yoghurt. Savor this with the snack of choice. Yoghurt has been shown to have immense benefits as far as the provision of good bacteria for the body is concerned. Yes, bacteria make up the ‘flora and fauna’ of our bodies on the inside, so furnished with the right stuff, you are actually bound to lead a healthier life.

You could choose to pair up your Cannabis yoghurt with a plain snack such as a muffin or a scone for a filling snack. As a tip, it is best to refrigerate the yoghurt if any of it remains. This is done for the purposes of preserving the integrity of the yoghurt. It prevents the yoghurt from going bad in the event that the environment is not conducive for its storage. The addition of the olive oil further predisposes the yoghurt to going bad.


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