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Causes, Symptoms, Remedies and Prevention of Root Rot in Marijuana Plants

By nevash April 16, 2013 16013 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

There are many diseases that attack cannabis plants during their growth cycle. Root rot is a common plant disorder that affects both indoor and outdoor cannabis plants. As you may have rightly guessed, this condition causes the roots of your weed plants to rot. Healthy marijuana roots normally have a whitish-cream hue, whereas roots that are rotting tend to be brownish in color and may be emitting a distinct odor. When the root system in cannabis plants is defective, the plants become in appear to be in a sorry state as the leaves start to wilt and turn pale yellow. When left untreated, the leaves start shedding rapidly and this decreases the overall vigor or the growing cannabis plants.

What is the Underlying Cause of Root Rot?

The root of cannabis plants normally require water in order to absorb nutrients, but when the water being used is exposed to bacteria the roots become infected and begin to decompose. Alternatively, low oxygen content can also cause root rot in marijuana plants. This occurs in waterlogged plants which have stayed in water for excessive periods of time without getting adequate amount of air. Plants grown hydroponically are more susceptible to this problem owing to the fact that the roots are always submerged in water. However, good hydroponics systems normally ensure that the water is well aerated so as to prevent bud rot.

Solutions for Curing Root Rot

Upon detecting root rot in cannabis, it is imperative to take quick action to correct this condition as it can potentially kill your plants when it runs out of hand. Generally, getting rid of root rot can be quite challenging and most growers actually do away with their plants and start afresh. Fortunately, there are several methods that have been proved to be effective at curing cannabis roots that are literally rotting away.  A preliminary component that needs to be addressed when curing root rot is to fix environmental conditions. If you fail to fix aspects such as overwatering or infected water, this simply encourages a reoccurrence of the same problem.

One of the ways to kill bacterial infections within the roots is to add hydrogen peroxide. Alternatively, there are commercially treated chemical solutions specifically meant to treat rotting roots in plants. However, make sure to strictly follow the instructions that come with these products since they can cause more harm to your plants when used incorrectly.

Keep in mind though that affected roots normally never recover from decomposition even when treated with special solutions. The main objective is to spur new root growth by first eliminating any present bacteria then treating your roots with additives that trigger new root formation.

Prevention of Root Rot

Since curing root rot in cannabis plants can be a headache, it is better to take preventive measures. Always make sure that your grow area is disinfected since this discourages breeding of bacteria. If you are using a hydroponics set up, make sure that the water has enough oxygen by changing the water reservoir on a regular basis. Finally, root rot can be avoided by desisting from overeating or using contaminated water when growing cannabis plants.

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