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Colloidal Silver for Feminizing Your Marijuana

By Simi March 2, 2013 8107 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Colloidal Silver for Feminizing Your MarijuanaColloidal Silver

When two pieces of silver are submersed in distilled water and an electrical current are run through them, it causes silver ions to be deposited into the distilled water.

After completion of this process, the distilled water complete with the dissolved silver in it, it's called Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver can be purchased at some pharmaceuticals or perhaps bought on-line.

If you do not wish to buy Colloidal Silver, it is possible to buy Colloidal Silver generators, however it is also possible to make your own generator.

When making your own generator you must ensure that you use a 9v battery and 9v battery connector. You must also use two pieces of silver that are .9999 or at least .999 pure silver. It must be PURE silver.

Feminizing Marijuana Seeds

Most people prefer to use female Marijuana seeds for growing Marijuana. This is because female seeds will grow into female plants and it is the buds on the female plants that produce the THC that is the responsible component in Marijuana that gives the high or has the hallucinogenic capabilities.

However, if you only grow female seeds, then you have no male plants in which to fertilize your female plants, ending up with no further fertilized seeds to plant.

There are two ways of getting around this situation without having to waste resources growing male plants.

Female plants have a natural instinct to seek their buds to be fertilized and to that end, if a females buds are neither picked or fertilized it will eventually start to produce male buds of its own in order to at least be able to fertilize some of its buds itself.

Therefore one method of getting around this problem is to let a female plant reach this stage, pick the male buds and use them to fertilize the female buds you need to fertilize.

The problem with this system is that male buds produced in this matter are not very potent and so the possibility of unsuccessful fertilization is greater.

The other method is to use Colloidal Silver.

When Colloidal Silver is sprayed on parts of a female Marijuana plant, that part of the plant that has been sprayed will start to show male characteristics. If sprayed regularly it will produce male buds and then these male buds can be used to fertilize any female buds that you require fertilizing.

One advantage of the Colloidal Silver method is that as both the “parents” were female plants, the seeds produced will also be female.

Disadvantages to this method are that the cost of Colloidal Silver and secondly that the parts of the plant that are treated need to be treated regularly until the male buds appear. This will usually take 10 – 14 days but can occasionally take 2 – 3 weeks. The process must be started when you first change the light cycle to 12/12.

One other thing to watch with this method is that any part of the Marijuana plant that has been sprayed with Colloidal Silver cannot be used for Marijuana, repeat MUST NOT be used for marijuana.

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Ellen Cabot March 2, 2013 at 2:15 PM Reply
Feminizing marijuana seeds nowadays has been technically used my most marijuana owners but getting it into a new step can be more taskful and using this Colloidal silver seems to be new to me.
Kent Russel March 2, 2013 at 2:15 PM Reply
Yes right Ellen! Indeed, this colloidal silver has been to be effective once being submerged in a distilled water and can even promote feminizing for your marijuana seeds.
Nona Krislin March 2, 2013 at 2:15 PM Reply
In fact, using the colloidal silver method has its main advantages to your marijuana plants as it can produce the same female seeds with the use of a spray from it.

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