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Colorado Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

By Simi July 17, 2013 3664 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Colorado Medical Marijuana DispensariesThere was a law passed to in 2000 in Colorado to open up more medical marijuana dispensaries, it was called Amendment 20. Medical Marijuana has been the fastest growing industry in the state over the past few years. Marijuana dispensaries outnumbered Starbucks in Denver in 2010 it was reported.

Someone that has a medical marijuana medical registry card will have a hard time choosing which dispensary to go to, since there are so many in the state of Colorado now. If you need a few tips to finding the best dispensaries read on…

You will first want to find all the dispensaries that are located close to you. A great tool to be able to do this is Google Maps; it has an overlay ability that will show you location markers when doing a search like for “Denver Dispensary”, “Denver dispensary review” or “best Denver dispensaries. Try to narrow it down to 3 dispensaries.

Read and research these dispensaries well, and read the reviews on them also. With this done you may have even narrowed your results down more. It’ll then be time to visit these dispensaries, and see them yourself. Remember though Colorado does not have standard on how the medical marijuana industry is to operate because it is so new. This means each dispensary is going to operate differently and have an individuality all their own.

You may want to call ahead to these dispensaries and check to see if an appointment is needed to be seen. It may not be necessary but some dispensaries do require one to access the medicine viewing room. You will also want to pay close attention to a few details while you are there initially.

Most dispensaries first impression to the person that walks in is their waiting room, you will need to provide them your registry card for medical marijuana at this point before they will allow you to bud room. You may have to wait for a very short time or you may be taken back immediately. The bud room is what will possibly overwhelm you with all the glass jars of marijuana most don’t know where to start.

Here is some information to help you deal with what your being exposed too. You will want to see only their best marijuana strains so ask to see that, use whatever term they have for it; Grade A, red dot, top shelf etc. Also ask to see their low grade stuff as well you well get an idea of all their stock and sometimes find value for your dollar as well.

Make sure you notice their pricing format as well; this can be a major factor when you’re choosing a dispensary. Some have two pricing lists members and non-members.

This article is not an endorsement but intended to help you find the right dispensary for you. Make sure you read the Colorado Health Departments Rules and Regulations for Medicinal use of Marijuana before you make any descions.

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