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Cultural Uses of Cannabis All Over the World

By nevash June 9, 2013 2883 Views Leave a comment Go to comments


Many parts of the world use cannabis for their own cultural benefits. Different countries or continents have used cannabis in one way or another and this countries include India and some parts of the African continent.


Using this plant has always been a customary part of life in India. It has been associated with medical, religious and social customs that have been used over a thousand years. This may be partially due to the fact that India has the perfect semi –arid weather conditions suitable for growing Cannabis.

It was mostly used in social activities such as weddings. In weddings it was customary that the father of the bride to bring the plants so as to prevent the evil spirits hanging around the bride and the groom. It was also a symbol of hospitality whereby the host of the house would offer a beer that was made up of marijuana to his guests. If the host failed to offer his guests this kind of beer he would be seen as being miserly and misanthropic.

Another cultural use of the plant was that it was used during yoga acts. Before carrying out the yoga act the devotee would put a bowl of cannabis before him and pay homage to the goddess of kali and then he would drink it. This would bring a sense of relief and it would heighten his yoga experience.

Last but not least in some parts of India .The people of India would use it as medicine. In the past it was recommended to patients who had certain ailments such as diarrhea, congestion and fevers. Nowadays it is still be used in India for the same purposes.

Some parts of Africa

The cultural use of cannabis is widespread throughout Africa. In many villages within Africa this plant has been used for religious, cultural and recreational purposes. It is believed that the Arabs and North Africans brought this plant to the central and southern parts of Africa. Though they brought it to Africa they did not teach us how to use it. For a particular tribe known as the Hottentots they had a ritual whereby they would throw the plants onto hot coals and they would come together and inhale the fumes .They also learned the art of smoking and from them the other tribes within the region were able to smoke cannabis. Learning the art of smoking altered the African culture from chewing to smoking and these tribes come up with other forms of cannabis consumption.

Apart from that the plant became a symbol for some of the tribes. For example in North Africa it had become a prominent symbol that was used in their music, literature and certain aspects of architecture. Some other tribes believed that this plant had magical powers and therefore it had to be smoked frequently so that   they would be able to combat evil when they went to war or when they travelled. Africa became a country of cannabis cultures long before the arrival of the Europeans.

India or Africa up to date still use  cannabis and it has become part of their culture.

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