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Dangers of Inhaling Cannabis Smoke

By Simi Simi December 10, 2012 6191 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

CannabisFor lots of people, inhaling cannabis sets off as a method to experiment with addictive substances. It may be teenagers in high schools or it may be the people who want to unwind after a lengthy day at the office. Nevertheless, it isn’t lawful to engage in inhaling weed smoke and it can cause significant health issues.

Learning & Memory Issues

One of the clear issues of inhaling weed smoke is a loss of short term memory. Moreover, this causes an incapability to learn because the individual is not able to recall many concepts and ideas that he or she may have lately heard. So, definitely cannabis is not a good option for all the people especially who have potentiality to get addicted to this drug. You may know that cannabis or marijuana is also well-known because of its curative properties. That means marijuana has some curative ingredients in it and it can be prescribed for the patients who really need it. But, patients have to be careful about the use of the cannabis for medical purposes since excessive amount of marijuana ingestion can be harmful for their health as well.

Poor Coordination & Muscle Control

Inhaling marijuana smoke may lead the user to feelings of elation. Nevertheless, that elation manifests itself in the incapability of controlling one's movements as well as muscles. Heavy consumption of cannabis can cause an incapability of walking for so long distances. Moreover, lots of other regular activities become problems for the common user of marijuana.

Driving Impairment

Inhaling cannabis smoke is quite similar to driving just after having alcoholic drinks. Senses are blunted and the users will lose their senses. As a result, they will be unable to drive their card responsibly. This causes a greater possibility that a serious accident will take place and to the likelihood that users will get wounded as well as property will be spoiled.

Marijuana Promotes Anxiety

One of the difficulties most frequently related to inhaling weed smoke is anxiety. When an individual may look extremely relaxed after inhaling the marijuana smoke, he or she may be undergoing the paranoid feelings, thinking that just the most awful things will occur in the near future. Moreover, this can cause panic attacks and anxiety, requiring therapy from mental health experts. Paranoid feelings may fall down rapidly but they will come back when the ingestion of cannabis starts again.

Some Respiratory Disorders

Medical experts think that constant users of cannabis can develop the similar or same breathing problems, which impact the constant smokers of cigarettes. Smoking cannabis can injure the lungs as well as throat and constant coughs can be occurred. In fact, more serious long term health problem can also be the occurred because of inhaling marijuana smoke on a daily basis.


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