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Dark star Cannabis seeds

By nevash November 7, 2012 6460 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

image10The name ‘Dark Stars’ is symbolic because stars usually form constellations in hidden parts of the Milky Way. They are known as such because they possess a lot of mass so that the light within them is trapped, in effect creating what is known as a Black Hole. In the world of Cannabis, this refers to an old school type of Cannabis. The parents of this particular strain are Purple Kush and Mazar-I-Sharif. The latter strain thrives in Afghanistan, and was originally from a place known as Khyber Pass. The dominant strains however are sativa, so the phenotype will be as a result of this. The ratio of the sativa to indica is 7:3. After germination, the Dark Star forms a sturdy structure whose branches spread out. The growing season takes a little longer than conventional cannabis, so it is best to give ample time for flowering to occur.

 Flowering period typically lasts around 10 weeks, during which the plant gains considerable height. Once flowering is complete, the next stage that follows is the maturation phase. The Dark Star features a cola that is located at the middle of a ring of several buds. At this stage, the flowers are usually very dense, somewhat huddled together to create a compact structure. The leaves on the other hand are deep green in color and if you look keenly, will have a blue shade. This creates a beautiful contrast of colors, making your garden look beautiful. Towards the end of maturation, the hairs that are located on the plant begin to form an array of primary colors, usually in shades of reds. Once this happens, the clones gradually form so that the Dark Star mature plant is easy to prune. This is a great advantage for the farmer as it enables the farmer to maintain a tidy crop.

The Dark Star Cannabis plant is suitable for indoor cultivation, so ensure that the medium of growth is appropriate for germination. Should you opt to use the sea of green, make sure that this too is sufficiently prepared for optimal growth of the plants. In ideal conditions, the yield for indoor cultivation of this strain is at least 400 grams per square meter of the plants. The Dark Star has a distinct high. It is little wonder that this plant is called the Dark Star; this high feeling will take you to unimaginable heights after the rapid onset. While the high may be invigorating, this Cannabis does not necessarily have an overbearing smell. The taste however, makes up for this with its nut-like flavors. The high lasts a few hours, during which you may choose to relax with your friends as you while the afternoon away. It is a great addition to parties where you get to socialize. Regardless of this, you may not be able to accomplish much owing to the mellow mood that this high creates. In the medical aspect, the Dark Star Cannabis is used as an appetite booster as well as to reduce pain in patients.

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