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Different Names for Marijuana

By Simi Simi February 2, 2013 5993 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Different Names for MarijuanaCannabis is becoming a more popular drug than ever, especially since fifteen different states have now legalized it for use as a medical treatment. Two more states have recently passed laws legalizing the drug for recreational use as well. This is an indicator of how widely known cannabis already is, and also shows how much more popular it is going to become as some of the legal constraints are lifted.

Although cannabis is the correct scientific name for the plant itself and its product, you might also know the drug by many other names. Marijuana, pot, weed, Maryjane or MJ, hash, and ganja are just a few of the more commonly used words for the same drug. In medical marijuana clinics in Sacramento, you can find dispensaries using these jargons or many different ones.

One of the interesting yet little known facts about medical marijuana in Sacramento is that there as many ways to ingest the drug as there are names for it. For example, most people are probably very familiar with the term” smoking weed,” even if they have never done it themselves. This consists of rolling the loose marijuana in a cigarette-type paper and lighting it like you would a cigarette. A pipe can also be used, where the bowl is filled with marijuana and lit just like tobacco would be.

However, while smoking medical marijuana in Sacramento might be the most commonplace way of using the drug, many people do not know that it can also be eaten. You may have heard the jokes about brownies being made with pot in order to play tricks on people, but it truly is a fairly popular way of consuming medical marijuana. In fact, many Sacramento dispensaries bake and serve different pastries with pot as one of the main ingredients. This can be especially helpful for people whose medical conditions prohibit them from smoking the drug.

 You can also inhale the vapors of marijuana, which involves heating the drug so the natural oils are released and inhaling those vapors. You can find vaporizers at medical marijuana dispensaries in Sacramento, and this method is preferable to many people. There are also capsules that can be taken just like a pill.

Besides the different words used to call marijuana, and the different ways it can be ingested, medical marijuana is also described differently by the way it is packaged. If you hear someone talking about a brick of weed, it is typically a lower quality of the drug pressed into a large brick-sized package. The weed is then crumbled off and used according to your preference. You can also buy buds, which are the most potent part of the plant and are in high demand.

No matter what name it goes by, how it is ingested, or how it is packaged, medical marijuana in Sacramento is a benefit to those who are suffering from debilitating and painful diseases. Although the drug has been historically used for many common ailments, it is only now becoming more available to people in this day and age. With hope, it will soon be decriminalized in all the states and not just a few.

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Baron February 14, 2013 at 6:36 AM Reply
We used to call it “SMOKEZ” way back in high school. I went to college and called it “POTZ” It’s really interesting how people name Marijuana. My roommate calls it “Green Tea” for some reason.

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