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Different Types of Lights For Indoor Marijuana Growing

By |abelle November 8, 2012 6416 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Choosing to grow marijuana indoors can be a lot of work. Because the plants are indoors, you will have to provide them with an alternative light source in order to grow. There are different types of light to choose from and you can not just select the cheapest one or the one that looks cool. There are things about lighting that you have to understand once you commit to being an indoor marijuana grower. 


Compact Fluorescent Lights of CFL are commonly used especially in the most recent years because of their versatility and efficiency. They are most effective when placed close to the plants. They can be bought in different sizes, between 7 and 26 watts and between 42 and 200 watts. They are also available in four colors. The soft white colored bulbs are ideal to use when the plants are in their flowering stage. The daylight bulbs are good for plants in their vegetative stage. The cool white bulbs are right for applications that involve seedlings and cloning. The full spectrum ones are able to give off the full spectrum of light so they are appropriate to use the whole life cycle of the marijuana plants. 


High Intensity Discharge lights are often used in greenhouses and other indoor marijuana garden. They come in two different types: the metal halide (MH) lights and the high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. The MH lights give off blue spectrum light, while the MPS lights give off ROY spectrum light. Each of them is available in different wattage bulbs. 


Light Emitting Diodes are the new types of lighting used in indoor marijuana growing. They can be purchased in various colors such as yellow, orange, red, and blue. There is such a thing as broad spectrum LEDs that can be used for the whole life cycle of the plants. LEDs are the most efficient type of light to use because they use up almost all the electricity available and convert it to light, meaning they give off at least four times more light energy than the others and they can save you a lot of money on your electric bill. 


If you are using CFL and HID lights, you will need reflectors to enhance the power given off by these lights. Aluminum is usually used as a reflector today because it efficiently reflects the light around. Some CFL lights are available with reflectors and some do not have them, so you may want to set aside a budget for a small reflector for your garden. 

Lighting plays a significant role in the proper growth and development of cannabis plants in an indoor setting so you must have the best and most efficient lighting system to ensure that your marijuana plants are in good shape all the time.

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