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Different Types Of Marijuana Plants

By |abelle October 12, 2012 11915 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Identified to have different types, marijuana plants are also known as cannabis. Typically used as medication, these plants are classified into three different strains. Though for hybrids, a fourth strain was generated. 

Every each strain is fabricated with a number of marijuana plants that have comparable characteristics and properties that are distinctive to the strain. The  following entries will give you further information about marijuana such as telling the difference between each kind. 

Cannabis indica strain is identified to originate in eastern Afghanistan, Tiber, Morocco and the Middle East. This particular strain has been consumed as medicine for quite some time now. Wide leaves and stalks are dark green. Both the seeds and leaves contain low concentration of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and high amounts of CBD or cannabidiol. CBD can have effects on the human body in many ways, like decreasing the feeling of anxiety and remoteness during social circumstances as well as the effectiveness of a person’s limbic system. In nations that have legalized the use of weed, C. indica is utilized to cure schizophrenic symptoms and multiple sclerosis. Moreover, it is very helpful for managing chronic pains. According to a certain research conducted, C. indica prevents the spread and further growth of cells that are cancerous. 

Least popular amongst the three identified strains is Cannabis ruderalis. It is commonly found in Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and also in the Eastern Europe. Since it mainly prefers the wild, cultivation of this strain is quite unpopular to farmers and growers. Because of its preferences to cold weather, daylight is not that required for it to bud. In fact, this strain is utilized to breed hybrid strains that are more effectively used as medical marijuana. 

Cannabis sativa strain on the other hand contains high amounts of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and low concentrations of CBD or cannabidiol, unlike the previously discussed Cannabis indica strain. This strain is excellent as cure for chronic digestive pains. In addition, there are ongoing research studies regarding the utilization of C. sativa’s TCH component to treat mental health problems like brain trauma. The traits of this strain are totally reverse of that of C. indica. Breeding this kind of strain is very demanding because of its slow growth rate during maturation and its need of extra daylight to develop flowers. 

Over time, the demand for marijuana has been constantly increasing worldwide. With that, growers and farmers have been rearing superior and enhanced strains that are ultimately effective. Various techniques, such as cross breeding, have become popular to growers. These ways have been very useful in so many ways. These innovative hybrids actually have varying concentrations of THC and CBD. As a result, it greatly contributed to the increasing number of medical uses a marijuana plant can offer.

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