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Does Marijuana Really Treat Migraines?

By Simi Simi December 15, 2012 4389 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

It is a wonder that medicinal marijuana offers an excellent way for treating migraine. Consider you should know that medical marijuana preparations were actually prescribed for treating migraines throughout both the United Kingdom and America in the nineteenth century, where it turned out to be the principal option for treating sick migraines and headaches. Right now, doctors prescribe marijuana’s available tinctures that patients generally absorb sublingually or from under the tongue. This works within minutes. And smoking cannabis or using a nebulizer performs the job even a lot quicker. What is more, all these 3 methods of consumption work extremely well even while vomiting is happening, because they work independently in the GI region.

Many people suffer from either frequent or occasional headaches. Doctors say most of these headaches are the results of exhaustion and tension and they can be pretty disturbing. However, real migraines, which much fewer people are afflicted by, can end up being seriously disabling. Migraines sometimes happen as frequently as every day or rarely as a couple of times a month or year. It literally seems like someone is actually taking tongs as well as crimping your mind, can last between 3 to 4 hours to 3 to 4 days. Also, migraines could be common which means there isn't any aura of it.

Does Marijuana Really Treat Migraines

If you have migraines, a classic attack happens before an aura about thirty minutes before the head starts to hurt. These auras could be different in different people, from as subtle as over-sensitivity to sound and a mysterious ratty mood to seeing flashes of light and smelling a metallic scent. Once the headache arrives it's extreme, it could cause nausea, in addition to difficulties in driving, strolling, or speaking. Contemporary remedy involves getting a cool dark spot to wait this out, and going for a migraine method analgesic which is a mix of acetaminophen, aspirin, as well as caffeine. Also, avoiding noise and putting an awesome compress in your head may work. There's also a mass of prescription medications which tend to be as strong is Imitrex and as moderate as Midrin. You should know that none of these medications work in your expectation when you are vomiting a lot. Medical cannabis is what you need in circumstances like this.

Acting as an anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic/anti-nausea drug, the cannabinoids present in cannabis are a great analgesic/pain reliever. You would not have to worry about the muscle cramps of the shoulders and neck that accompany migraines because cannabis helps alleviate those, too.

The particular dose of medical cannabis depends on the patient. But, typically 3 to 4 drops of cannabis tincture or lower than a gram of bud provides relief for about six hours. However, you should use marijuana for the treatment of migraines only under a physician's advice. Marijuana works best when you use it in a place where the attacks can be spent. 


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