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Facts About The Legal Marijuana In Michigan

By |abelle March 14, 2013 4186 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

In 2008, the Medical Marijuana Act was ratified in the state of Michigan. It was a splendid occasion for everyone in the region since this indicates that marijuana can now be utilized in the treatment of several types of medical problems. 

Citizens of Michigan who would like to be associated with the medical marijuana program in Michigan must obtain a “green card” to be able to completely benefit from the great things about the program. The “green card” is an identification card that ensures that the patient is registered with the medical marijuana program in Michigan. 

How you can get a “green card” 

To make an application for a “green card,” one must be suffering from a medical condition that is a part of the Michigan’s medical marijuana program listing of approved medical conditions. The person has to go through a medical examination carried out by a licensed doctor to confirm that he or she is really requiring medical marijuana for his or her treatment. 

The health conditions that are eligible for the medical marijuana program in Michigan include things like glaucoma , epilepsy , chronic pain , HIV , AIDS , some cancers , hepatitis C , Alzheimer’s , and Crohn’s disease . 

The patient has got to send the doctor’s note of recommendation to the state health department and shell out an application fee of $100. He or she will get the “green card” the moment the Michigan Department of Community Health verifies his or her genuine problem. 

Medical marijuana caregivers 

There are particular sets of guidelines outlined in Michigan’s medical marijuana program. As an illustration, every caregiver, someone who can cultivate and/or provide medical marijuana to medical marijuana patients, has to acquire a medical marijuana card or “green card” first to be able to be qualified to look after a medical marijuana patient. Those that desire to be caregivers should be older than 21 years old and should have absolutely no history of any type of drug felony. To find out more on what it takes to be a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan, you need to consult the state health department. 

Significance of a “green card” 

The medical marijuana card or “green card” functions as an individual’s protection from getting arrested or executed by the police. That thing shows that you are a part of a medical marijuana treatment, so if you are captured in possession or growing marijuana, it can allow you to get out of difficulty. Bear in mind to have it with you each and every time you are out in the open public, buying, consuming, or growing marijuana. 

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andy linden March 14, 2013 at 6:14 AM Reply
thank you for pointing out that there are indeed medical marijuana licensed doctors and caregivers. it should be noted that not all doctors are allowed by law to prescribe medical marijuana to patients.
Natalia Tena March 14, 2013 at 6:15 AM Reply
it is comforting to know that all the states are implementing strict rules regarding who are and who are not eligible to become part of the medical marijuana program.

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