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Female Cannabis Plants Vs Male Cannabis Plants

By |abelle November 29, 2012 16879 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Marijuana growers treat female cannabis plants as more desirable than the male cannabis plants. Why is that so? Because the bud used to make marijuana products that people smoke or ingest usually come from the bud that only the female plants are able to produce. 

Male cannabis plants produce pollen that will fertilize the female cannabis plants nearby. Pollination is not what marijuana growers want to happen. When a female cannabis plants become fertilized they will produce seeds that are less potent than those that have not been pollinated. 

So if you have a marijuana garden and there are mixture of male cannabis plants and female cannabis plants in there, you should be able to tell which of them are males and which ones are females. Identifying which one is which can be a challenge to first-time and fairly new marijuana growers. This ability is enhanced through practice and experience. 

The sex or gender of a cannabis plant cannot be determined until it reaches the flowering stage. Once the flowers have started to come out, the marijuana growers should immediately look at them closer to know the sex of their plants. Using a magnifying glass, marijuana growers should examine the flowers and check for the important signs. 

Female marijuana plants produce flowers that usually grow in pair and have small, white furry hair. White is the most common color, but they could take other colors depending on the type of strain they belong to. 

Male marijuana plants produce flowers that look like small, green bananas. So once you are able to identify them, it is time to pull all the male marijuana plants out and leave the female marijuana plants alone before they get pollinated. 

Here is an important reminder: female marijuana plants can actually turn to male marijuana plants if they are placed under a lot of stress. So you should be careful in taking good care of the remaining female marijuana plants and make sure that they are properly sustained and are not exposed to any type of stress-inducing factors. 

Some marijuana growers do not want to just kill off the male marijuana plants so they use them for other purposes. Male cannabis plants are often used for cross breeding to produce more potent and better strains of marijuana plants. 

There is a long list of things that a marijuana grower has to learn once he or she decides to be part of this adventure. Marijuana growing is an ongoing learning process. There are always new things to learn.

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