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Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain

By nevash August 1, 2013 7761 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

You probably heard about this cannabis strain and started thinking about edibles like I did!! On the contrary, the Girl Scout Cookies strain is one of the best strains that you could lay your hands on. Below are some fast facts about this lovely strain.

Classification of the strain- The strain is a hybrid plant, but is indica dominant so you should expect the characteristic branching hat is associated with the cannabis indica.

What are the parent plants of the Girl Scout Cookies cannabis strain? As mentioned above, this strain is a hybrid, and whose lineage consists of three famous plants, namely the OG Kush, the Cherry Kush as well as the Durban Poison from South Africa. This Californian strain is among the best in its category, with great potency for its many users. So popular is this strain that a number of artistes in the Bay Area of California have sung songs about this strain.

What is the Ideal growing environment? - As with any other strain, you should find out what the optimal conditions for growth are if you are to get the best of any crop. This strain however, will grow well in both indoor and outdoor gardens. Of course this is an advantage to the growers as it means that they will invest in what they already have (provided it is not the first time that they are cultivating Cannabis).

Medical use of the Girl Scout cookies Cannabis strain- cannabis has for a long time been used as a source of medicine for a wise array of conditions, and this particular strain is no exception. It is used to treat anxiety, depression, anorexia as well as Parkinson’s disease. Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis will also find the strain quite helpful. The buds of this plant are also helpful in managing anorexia as well as chronic pains.

What company is responsible for the breeding of this strain? The Hemp Centre is its name, and the company is based in San Francisco.

What kind of yields do the plants produce? When you grow the Girl Scout cookies strain, you will need to be on the look out for the 9 to 10 week flowering period. Once the plants have matured, you will notice the great yields from each of the plants. We are talking about as much as 2 ounces when grown in an indoor garden. You must also take note that the plant does well in the hydroponics medium. You could also choose the sea of green, but this presents challenges when it comes to the issue of branching out that is typical of indica strains. The other thing to note is that this strain has been shown to be resistant to quite a number of diseases and pests. Consequently, it makes for a great investment if you are looking for a strain that will not tire you out and one that is simple to grow. Go for the Girl Scout cookies cannabis strain.

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