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Grape Ape Cannabis seeds

By nevash November 9, 2012 19044 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

image2This strain of Cannabis was named following the popularity of Hanna Barbera’s show known as the Great Grape Ape Show. The strain was created by a cancer survivor known as Bret Bogue, who was also the founder of the famed digital learning tool known as Ggeco University. This strain has received a lot of praise and won several awards such as the Green Cup (in 2005) and the Medical Cup (in 2006). Users of this particular strain will attest to a pleasurable experience when they smoke the products of this plant. The strain is available in a wide array of colors as seen in the in-text image, and will normally yield an invigorating smoke. You will notice the inclusion of the word ‘grape’ in the name of the strain. This originates from the taste of grape that this strain is associated with. The leaves, the bud as well as the stems also bear a distinct aroma of the grape fruit, hence the name. 

While many may recognize this particular strain from smoking it, the Grape Ape is in fact used for medicinal purposes. It has gained acceptance due to the fact that it treats a host of diseases. Some of these diseases include lack of sleep, better known as insomnia, severe headaches, chronic pain as well as nausea. Some people have also reported pain alleviation in aching muscles, whether due to exercise or fatigue. As a result, this strain is deemed as one of the most efficient remedies in pain management. These characteristics are attributed to the high levels of the active ingredient THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC makes up to 20% of the content in the Cannabis from this strain. When used for recreational purposes, these levels of THC cause the smoke to produce a certain ‘high’ in the users, making it very addictive. It is very potent, and its effects usually last up to 3 hours.

When considering the cultivation of Grape Ape Cannabis, it is important to remember the critical role that climate plays. Cannabis plants grow well in different climatic conditions, and for the Grape Ape, this is not any different. Carefully select the area in which you intend to plant the seeds, and then remember to use the right soil. If you decide to grow the plant indoors, put in mind the hydro medium conditions. This is important because failure to provide the correct conditions will lead to a delay in the flowering of the plants. Consequently, there will be a delay in the, maturation period so that the harvest will be delayed. For the professional grower, this can be equated to losses, putting in mind that Cannabis produce may go bad if not well handled. The Grape ape seeds may be bought physically, or from an online vendor. Some sellers may provide both options, but whichever the case, make sure that the seller is authentic to prevent getting low quality seeds. Alternatively, seek the services of a Cannabis Seed Bank where they are easily available.

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