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Great Cannabis snacks

By nevash January 1, 2013 4695 Views Leave a comment Go to comments


So summer is here and you are wondering what perfect way to spend your weekends other than sitting at home. Well, you could go for a picnic and spice it up with a few cannabis snacks, also known as cannasnacks. A cannamelon makes a perfect addition to any picnic, not just because of the great flavour it has, but also because it is quite easy to prepare. The fact that you will need vodka for this particular recipe means that you must be well able to handle alcohol. The ingredients for the cannamelon include:

. 1 large watermelon
. A third litre of vodka
. Half an ounce of fresh cannabis extract

Preparation method

First, ensure that you get your favourite strain of Cannabis. A little research prior to preparing this recipe will not hurt. Be on the lookout, not just for the effects, but for the flavour as well as the taste. This is important because it allows you to enjoy your meals as well as get a feel of the Cannabis. Fresh Cannabis


Image showing an example of how to prepare cannamelon

is also key because it allows the flavours to be locked into the foods or snacks. Additionally, it ensures that you get value for your money. You may buy the Cannabis from street vendors, or opt to go the farm fresh way, although the latter requires that you have a number of sources at your disposal.

Grind the Cannabis to form a fine powder. The finer the powder the easier it is to integrate it into the snack. Put the Cannabis powder into a bottle of vodka and then cover it up with a cheesecloth. Secure the cloth with a rubber band so that it does not come off. Drill a hole in the watermelon. You may choose any shape, but remember that the ideal shape is that in which the vodka bottle will fit like lock and key. This is usually a round shape to fit the cylindrical bottle head. Insert the bottle and let the melon sit in the refrigerator overnight. There is nothing quite like chilled watermelon with cannabis. Enjoy this with your friends.


Potcorn is yet another option that you may select for your picnics or outdoor events. The following ingredients are required:

. A gram of cannabis
. Half a cup of popping corn
. 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Place the oil in a large pot, more like the ones you would use to boil pasta. This allows the mixture you prepare to boil over without spilling on the cooker. Let the oil become hot as you grind the Cannabis extract to form a fine powder. Switch the flame to low medium setting and allow the oil to heat until it forms a green colour. Add two kernels at first. When they pop, be sure to add the rest of the corn. Cover the pot lest the corns pop over. Shake the pot until the popping stops. Remove the lid and then add salt to taste. Enjoy your Cannabis snacks with friends as you watch the sun set in the horizon.


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