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Green Crack Cannabis seeds

By nevash November 8, 2012 18977 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

While the name of this particular Cannabis strain may sound a tad weird, you may be shocked to learn that this is actually an excellent high quality strain. This strain traces its origins to Athens where it was developed into a popular brand in the early 1970s. Originally, it was known as Cush but this later changed, thanks to the music artiste Snoop Dogg who later changed its name to Green Crack. This was attributed to the power it had over its users, as well as the insatiable appetite for Cannabis that occurs because of cravings. Its taste is best described as fruity, and its users claim that it has a tangy twist to it. The buzz that results once someone has had their dose of the Green Crack leads to a boisterous high. The user suddenly gets very energetic, which occasionally causes some to overindulge to feel more of these effects. Just like everything else, too much of this leads to fatigue, for the simple reason that the effects wear out after the high is long gone. This leads to drying of the mouth, and sometimes the nasal membranes.image7

The parent plants of the Green Crack are the Skunk and the sweet Leaf Indica. This however, has a slight tendency to lean towards dominance of the sativa characteristics. There are two variations of green Crack; one that is majorly Indica, and the other entirely Sativa. The more popular strain of this Cannabis plant is the sativa strain. Due to the dominant characteristics of the sativa, the Green Crack plant grows to be lanky. It also grows very fast.  The plant grows better indoors in comparison to the outdoors, so if you are thinking of planting these seeds, ensure you prepare the right conditions for optimal growth. The phenotype of the Green Crack exhibits green colors, but during flowering, this changes to form orange and blue hairs. The flowering period typically takes up to 7 weeks, after which the plant enters maturation.

 Once flowering is complete, you are required to allow enough time for the buds to mature so that the taste and smell stay intact. The yield for this plant when grown indoors averages anywhere around 500 grams for every square meter of Green Crack. Harvesting of the plant should be done when they have matured enough as this allows ample time for the indoors garden to be prepared in readiness for another planting season. Having a ready market in mind will prevent you from running into losses. This is especially important for new farmers as they are yet to gain an in depth insight into the market and how it operates. For the large scale business-minded farmer, this plant produces enough yields to make good profits if other factors have been catered for. If you and your friends are regular consumers, you could decide to keep your own garden. The only consideration you have to put in mind is whether the use and cultivation of Cannabis has been legalized in your area.

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