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Growing Good Quality Marijuana

By |abelle October 12, 2012 6113 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Growing healthy cannabis plants can be a challenge. It might appear simple to some people, while it might seem like a tedious task to others. As a marijuana grower, there are several important factors that you have to remember, monitor, and consider when growing your own marijuana. 

Marijuana plants can be grown either indoors or outdoors. But this time, I will be giving you the basics of growing cannabis indoors. These factors are necessary to obtain a successful harvest in the end. A beginner in marijuana growing should pay attention to all the details that are going to be discussed below. He or she should follow these guidelines in order to have marijuana plants that are healthy and thriving in an artificial kind of environment. 

To start out your marijuana indoor garden, you can purchase seeds from seed banks. Choose the type of seed that you are most comfortable working with. You should do some research first before heading out to buy seeds, or you can also ask for advice from an expert cannabis grower to help you choose the type of cannabis seeds to use in indoor growing. 

Once you have the seeds, you should germinate them. Germination is a process where plants break out of the seeds and start the growth process. When seeds are germinated, they will start sprouting roots. You can learn how to it step-by-step by researching online or reading books about it. 

You should have various types of tools ready. Make sure that they are functioning and clean. These tools can be used to clean up the room where you are going to place your cannabis garden. Sanitize the floors, walls, and every single corner of the space to avoid any type of infestations or growths of unwanted organisms. 

Cannabis plants thrive best in soil that has a 6.5 pH level. Acquire a soil of that quality and you will be all set. If not, you can use additives to adjust the nutrients and acidity levels of your soil. 

Once you have planted the seeds, remember to water them regularly. However, you should watch out for tendencies of over watering them. Too much water will kill these marijuana plants. 

Furthermore, you should not put too much fertilizer in the soil. Too much nutrients will also end up killing the plants. The best thing to do is to have your soil tested and analyzed to know if it contains sufficient nutrients or not. 

The room should have appropriate humidity and temperature. There should also be proper air circulation. You can put up electric fans, lights, and other things that can help reach the ideal environment for growing indoor marijuana. 

Do not be tempted to harvest your marijuana too early. There is no reason to be impatient. Wait until the plants have reached full development before harvesting any of them.

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