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Growing Medical Marijuana Of Your Own

By Harpreeta March 18, 2013 4423 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Patients suffering certain ailments that have indicated a positive response with medical marijuana are allowed to grow marijuana on their own. But how do you do all these? We are here to advise you on a step by step process that you need to follow to cultivate your own medication right from your home. In trying to grow marijuana, we lead you on growing the best strains of marijuana by offering you the best tips on the same. Marijuana is not grown just like any other crop domesticated. That is the reason you need to read this article for more information.


Marijuana growing entails putting into consideration several precautions necessary to enable you come up with the best marijuana yield. But before coming to this point, the very first step you ought to take is make sure that you have a license allowing you to plant medical marijuana in the state. Marijuana in many countries is considered illegal for the federal government but can be allowed in case you are suffering from an ailment recommended by medical doctors to be cured by medical marijuana. In order to get the license, you are needed to get a doctor’s recommendation approving you for medical marijuana treatment. On checking the doctor’s prescription on the dosage you are supposed to take on a daily basis, the state then decides on the number of trees that you can legally grow for medicinal use.

Marijuana is either grown indoors or outdoors depending on your choice. As you consider planting your own marijuana, you also need to consider the type of ailment you are suffering from. This is because the different strains of marijuana are used to cure different types of infections. For instance, there are strains that are used to cure patients with anxiety while others may be required to increase anxiety in the body. As a patient you therefore need to find out the kind of strain that cures your type of ailment. This way you will be growing a specific strain that is useful in curing your type of infection.

Marijuana growing either indoors or outdoors requires regular checking to ensure that the plants are growing healthily. Proper ventilation and aeration is required with proper lighting to ensure fast growth rate and maturity period before harvesting. The right fertilizers are also crucial for vigorous growth of the crops. This is because some fertilizers have harmful effects on the growing marijuana. For instance chlorine is proven to kill the essential microbes around the roots of marijuana. This in itself reduces the quality and yield of marijuana greatly. Fertilizers with such compounds should therefore be avoided at all cost for healthy growth of marijuana crops.

The secrets on growing healthy medical marijuana on your own depends on the extent of research that you carry out concerning specific strains of marijuana. What is offered here is a general outlay on cultivation of medical marijuana without putting into due consideration of specific strains. Ganja is medicine and so a proper growing method can result to impeccable yield and results.

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