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How do You Choose the Right Type of Soil to Grow Your Cannabis Crop

By nevash April 18, 2013 3172 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Selecting the correct type of soil is very important for the successful growth of Cannabis plants, failure to which it is very easy for the plants to wilt away. The key factor when it comes to soil selection revolves around the drainage features of the soil. The soil, also referred to as a growth medium, must be in such a way that it does not dry out too quickly, and neither does it retain too much water so that it becomes soggy. This automatically means that you should not use sand or clay for your cultivation purposes as these two types of soil represent the extremities mentioned above.

The state of the soil is yet another crucial factor that must be put into consideration prior to selecting the growth of medium for the Cannabis plant. Healthy soil would normally have some form of life in it, whether it is earthworms or millipedes. In addition to this, healthy soil usually has dark shades and tends to be moist (not dripping wet). Should you opt to source soil from a location that has such features, it is of paramount importance that the soil is sterilized to prevent potential pest infestation that would arise from contaminants in the soil.

For new farmers, choosing the correct type of soil poses a number of challenges, among them, the ability to give rise to healthy crops. Since this is tricky for a number of farmers, it may be prudent to seek the services of commercial soil vendors. Just like seed vendors, these are traders who are well versed with the right type of soil for the proper growth of Cannabis plants. In some cases, such vendors will have diversified their products to include Cannabis seeds as well so that you have a one stop shop that saves you time and money.

Choosing the right type of soil has an immense effect on the type of harvest that a Cannabis farmer gets. If for instance you choose a type of soil that does not retain enough water, it is likely that the plants will not be getting adequate nutrients, hence resulting in poor yields. The reverse also has the same effect, poor yield. This happens because the water logged soil does not allow for the development of the root systems, hence the lack of nutrients uptake from the soil with the resultant effect of poor harvests.

Remember that the drainage qualities of a given soil have a great effect on the acidity/alkalinity of the growth medium for the Cannabis plants. A change in the correct alkalinity of the soil alters the optimal environment for the plants, and predisposes them to deficiencies that are characteristic of lack of nutrients. For this reason, the ideal pH range for proper growth of Cannabis plants is in the range of 5.5 and 6.5. PH that is higher or lower than this range will ultimately impact the potency and yield of the crop. To prevent his from happening, see to it that the soil is tested for the pH among the factors mentioned above.


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