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How does the bubbleponics system work in Cannabis cultivation?

By nevash May 11, 2013 3516 Views Leave a comment Go to comments


 The fundamental principle of the bubbleponics system is to provide nutrients for the Cannabis plant by allowing water that is filled with feeds to flow over the roots before getting directed to a reservoir that is below the plants. The roots are then left with no attachment to the medium. This is done for the purposes of allowing the roots to get adequate nutrients, sufficient oxygen and water without fluctuations. What you may need to know is that the Cannabis roots and leaves have different requirements; the roots require oxygen which they get in dissolved form from the bubbleponics setup. It is for this reason that the water in the system is constantly flowing so as to dissolve as much oxygen as is possible. The leaves on the other hand require carbon dioxide which they readily get from the air in the immediate environment.


The setup of the bubbleponics system


In this particular setup, you will require a pump that will be placed in the reservoir. As you may have guessed, the pump will be used to pump water from the reservoir up to he roots of the plants. The water is then pumped back from the roots of the Cannabis plant to the reservoir. This goes on and is a cyclical occurrence as it helps to ensure that there is adequate oxygen in the medium. To aid in the oxygenation of the flowing water, farmers are advised to place an air stone at the bottom of the set up. The air-stone is attached to a hose which pumps in air externally. It is crucial to note that both the air-stone and the pump of water work 24 hours everyday. In the setup, the roots of the Cannabis plant have access to oxygenated water as well as oxygen in the environment.


Depending on the brand that you get, the company could offer the bubbleponics system in convenient packaging. The nutrients that are availed could also be packed in a ready-to-mix packet. It is a convenient method of packing since it eliminates the need for measuring the nutrients before adding to the water. Instructions are clearly indicated on the packets, and only need to be followed to the letter if the setup is to be successful.


There are available several bubbleheads that grow Cannabis making use of bubbleponics systems made from home. While this is a great option, it presents challenges in getting the correct parts of the system, and even then they may not work as well after completion. What’s more, it takes quite sometime to get the system done, so it would mean that you are not in a hurry to get your Cannabis grown. This is further compounded if one has just started growing cannabis and is yet to learn the ropes. Whichever way, if successfully installed, this is one of the most convenient systems that one could use.







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