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How Long Does it Take to Grow Cannabis

By nevash May 9, 2013 4546 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

The length of time it takes to grow Cannabis is highly dependent on a myriad of factors. For this reason, plants could take anywhere between 9 weeks and 7 months. The average growth period however, for many of the Cannabis plants is 4 months. Listed below are some of the factors that heavily influence the amount of time taken prior to the harvesting of the plant:

The strain of the plant

There are numerous Cannabis strains that farmers could choose from, and each of these strains has their own traits which determine the total time that it takes for proper growth. It is important to find out this information before purchasing seeds in order to avoid getting disappointed once the crop matures. This is in fact, the deciding factor when it comes to how long a particular crop will take before it can be harvested.


The kind of harvest that is expected

The type of harvest that is expected by the Cannabis farmer gives an insight into just how long it will take the plant to be fully developed. The period in which the Cannabis is harvested determines the kind of yields, and consequently tells you how long the plant will grow. Yield can be quantified in grams, ounces, pounds or kilograms.

The growing method of choice

Cannabis may be grown in many different setups as the farmer chooses. A number of these methods have been shown to sharply prolong/reduce the time it takes before the cannabis plant is ready. Make sure to carry out a search in order to determine what best suits you. The techniques that are used also influence the time taken by the plant.

With those three factors in check, how could you get to grow Cannabis in the shortest time, yet still get good yields? A good place to start would be to be on the lookout for strains that finish early. A perfect example of such a strain is the Northern Lights which finishes quite early. In total, this strain could take up just about 4 months. The setup that you use also influences the time it takes for the Cannabis plant to be ready. In this regard, the specific growth medium that you choose to use is very important. When looking to finish early, you could start by using the bubbleponics growth medium. It actually saves you a few weeks, but the flips side is that it is a little costlier compared to other growth mediums that are available in the market. If you are willing to spend more for more yields that is a good start off.

What is the case when the time is not a factor?

Some strains, especially those that are found in warm regions, have a tendency to experience prolonged flowering phases before their buds are in the optimal condition for harvesting. These causes the increase in weeks of the time required. What’s more, some farmers opt to carry out curing for a longer period than the usual fortnight.


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