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How to Feed your Cannabis Plants with Nutrients in Hydroponic Solution

By nevash June 20, 2013 3759 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Cannabis farmers need to feed their plants with three main nutrients. These main nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These nutrients are very essential for healthy growth and development of marijuana plants. Other than that there are other nutrients that are needed, there are also essential secondary nutrients such Calcium, Sulphur and Magnesium, which help cannabis plants to reach full maturity .Depending on growth, these nutrients are needed at different times. For example during germination, cannabis needs a lot of Phosphorus nutrients as compared to Potassium and Nitrogen. While as in the vegetative state, these plants require a lot of nitrogen for growth.

If you are using the hydroponic system to grow your cannabis plants, it is important that you use Dolomite or hydrated lime to provide the plants with nutrients .Dolomite and hydrated lime have high levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Another way of providing your plants with nutrients while they are in the hydroponic solution is by using Epsom salts. These salts enhance magnesium and sulphur nutrients in your plants.

 In order for you to produce the best crop it is important to follow some certain regulations when it comes to feeding your plants with nutrients. The first instruction is to not over –water your plants. Feeding your plants with water that has nutrients is good but if you overdo it, it will lead to instant death. As a farmer, you must feed your cannabis plants slowly and watch them daily or even hourly.  Instead of overfeeding them you can also use weak plant food mixtures to help your plants develop faster.

If you are not sure about whether you have over watered your plants or not you can use a light strength oxygen plus plant food. This type of food will help your plant’s roots to breathe better and will reduce the amount of water taken in by the plants.

Another instruction to follow is that you need to have a good drainage system. If you purchase pearlite or lava rock you will be able to increase the drainage of water in your plants. When the plants have a good drainage system they will be able to grow faster because of the enhanced oxygen to the roots. Just a point to note as the famer you have to make sure that the plant’s medium is almost dry then you can water the cannabis plants this will make the plants develop faster. 

 A warning to the farmers please do not over fertilize your plants; this will kill your plants. Before you use fertilizer please ensure that you have read the instructions. This is important especially for farmers who are using the hydroponic system. You need to test whether you are giving the plants the right amount of fertilizer and you can do this by testing them with an electric conductor meter. This meter helps to determine the percentage of nutrients that are needed in the cannabis plants and you can keep a record of the fertilizers that you use so that you do not over feed them.

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