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How to Make Cannabis Resin

By nevash June 17, 2013 5909 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Over the years, marijuana was used for treating certain ailments .In this day and age it is being used for treating cancer. In order to get the best medicinal properties out of this plant you need to follow a few steps. The first step is by juicing the raw Cannabis leaves and buds .This method allows an individual to consume much greater amounts of the medicinal ingredients in juice form as compared to just eating the stem and the buds raw.

The second step is to understand your immune system. You need to know that our immune system regulates our health and state of well being. Therefore when a human being reaches mid –life the inflammatory  arm of the immune system takes on characteristics of an autoimmune disorder and this will result to one having cancer .The cannabis plant  provides a unique prophylactic and therapeutic sense of relief  to counter the autoimmune disease in the body.

The third step is to know how beneficial the plant is .This plant is a uniquely functional food and if it is used daily it will prove to be beneficial for your body .The cannabinoids found in this plant will help eradicate diabetes, treat cancer and other autoimmune diseases. For the drink to work it must be taken daily .This means you need to consume the cannabis juice 3 to 5 times a day. The cannabinoids are released within 15 mins and this will boost your immune system. This is the most ideal treatment plan for all kinds of ailments and it is good for anyone who wants fast relief.

Below is the process of making the juice. This kind of juice is for those who have stage 3 and above cancer.

  • Grind or crush a few top quality cannabis buds

  • Put the crushed buds in 20 liters of  cold water and stir for 15 minutes

  • Pour the water through a strainer or the largest micron size of bubble bag but do not throw the buds yet.

  • Pour the water into another pot but you need to leave the keif mixture behind .Once you pour out the water also pour out the kief mixture as well and set it aside.

  • Boil the water you poured out and keep it at an optimum level.

  • Oils will be formed in the water during this process .When this happens please ensure that you scrape or stir so that it doesn’t stick to the sides of the pot.

  • Repeat the process mentioned above  with another 20 liters of cold water for  a  second wash

  • Keeping boiling until it forms  a black sticky substance

  • Now add the kief mixture to the black sticky residue .The final product is what we call the cannabis resin.

In conclusion, this resin is water soluble therefore it can be added back into the water and can be used to treat burns and heal wounds. This is a good treatment plan worth trying it out.

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