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Legal Marijuana’s Advantages and Disadvantages

By |abelle November 1, 2012 8239 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

The issue of whether to legalize marijuana or not always creates a lot of debates. It is a topic that has always divided people. As a matter of fact, nowadays, there are only a few places where marijuana is legal. The rest are still not convinced that marijuana has something good to offer to mankind. 

The Pro-Legalization 

People who back the legalization of medical marijuana believe that marijuana has properties that can benefit a lot of people. They believe that marijuana is very useful in the field of medicine due to the fact that it has medicinal value. There is a compound present in marijuana called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that can help cure various types of medical conditions. 

In places where medical marijuana has been legalized, such as in California, patients can ask to participate in a medical marijuana program by securing a medical marijuana card. They have to check their state’s marijuana laws first before they can proceed. After that, they can undergo an examination conducted by a licensed medical marijuana doctor. The doctor will write a note of recommendation that says the patient is suffering from an illness that requires the medical marijuana treatment. The patient has to keep hold of this note because he or she will need to show it to the state department of health who will issue the medical marijuana license. 

Once a patient receives his or her medical marijuana card, he or she can now start the medical marijuana program. He or she can purchase medical marijuana in any dispensary in the state. He or she can also grow marijuana if he or she wants to. 

Marijuana is known to be effective in relieving chronic pains and symptoms of diseases such as cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, and HIV. It is good for treating nausea, migraines, appetite loss, and other illnesses. 

The Anti-Legalization 

Those that think legalizing marijuana is a bad idea believe that there is nothing good or beneficial about marijuana at all. They strongly point out how marijuana has adverse effects to anybody who uses it. 

There are several cases of marijuana addiction all over the world and the people who get addicted to this substance are a bad sight. They are detached. They do not show any interest in any kind of socializing unless it is with their fellow marijuana addicts. They show a big change from their old selves. 

Long-term marijuana users can develop various mental and psychological disorders such as hallucinations, schizophrenia, and depression. They are often difficult to convince to quit the substance because they have already been into it so deep now.

There is no denying that marijuana has both advantages and disadvantages that we can benefit from and should stay away from, respectively. Unless we find a way to control and make people aware of all these, marijuana will remain as it is for a very long time.

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