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Making Raw Cannabis Juice

By nevash April 8, 2013 10070 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Drinking juice made from raw cannabis may not seem like such an appealing way to ingest marijuana because it is so different from the traditional methods but the truth of the matter is that it has much more benefit to the body as opposed to inhaling the smoke especially where it is used for medicinal purposes. The compound that exists in the buds and leaves of marijuana naturally that is known as cannabidiol (CBD) has been shown to have a lot of nutrients that are useful as anti inflammatory agents, anti oxidants and help in the treatment of cancer and other chronic illnesses. The efficacy of some of these elements is lost in the processes used in drying and curing marijuana after harvesting, therefore studies have shown that using raw marijuana allows for a greater availability of these elements.


Cannabis juice is fairly easy to make because all that is required is a blender and a number of the healthiest mature leaves and buds from the plant itself and some water.

(i)     Cut off the buds and leaves using a sharp scissors and ensure they are clean of any dirt or foreign matter.

(ii)   Ina pan boil a few cups of water then set it aside and allow it to cool.

(iii) Roughly chop up the leaves (optional) and soak them together with the buds the clean, boiled and cooled water for about an hour.

(iv)  Add the mixture into a blender, spin for a few seconds then strain it afterwards through a fine meshed sieve and the juice is ready for consumption.

(v)    If you are not drinking the juice immediately, put it in a container, cover and put in the fridge to preserve freshness.

It may not sound all that sweet and inviting but with a spoonful of honey it should be good to go. You can also mix it with your favourite fruit or vegetable juice such as carrot juice to make cocktails that are more bearable to the taste buds. The cannabidiol boosts the immune systems functions and enhances the brain functions of reception and transmission enabling patients with auto immune problems or diseases to benefit a great deal. Nerve, bone and immune functions are essentially what allow us humans to operate and function on a daily basis by transmitting information from what we see, how we think and react and how we move etc. Chronic diseases and other serious illnesses like lupus, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, asthma and inflammation tend to impair these capabilities and cripple the system but cannabinoids produced by marijuana help to hone, improve and balance bodily functions.

The only downside to making this juice is that it takes a lot of buds and leaves to make which may not be sensible for small scale growers. Compared to the amount used in vaporisers, cooking/ baking and old fashioned smoking, juicing would be the least economical given the time and investment put in growing the plants. This should however not deter those that find the merits far more than the demerits which would make it worth the cost especially for medicinal purposes.

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