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Marijuana and body pains

By arni arni October 9, 2012 4778 Views Leave a comment Go to comments


What is pain?

When your body is in pain, it would be hard for you to concentrate on the important things. The pain can hinder you from performing your best. All of us have felt pain and the pain we feel may have different intensities. We also feel different kinds of pain and we could describe how the pain feels. Some people feel sharp pain like when you are having a toothache. People may also describe the direction of the pain, like the radiating pain felt in your head. These descriptions will help the doctors identify the cause of your pain so that they could do something to relieve you of it.

How to relieve pain

Different people have different ways on how they cope up with pain. You would hear different advices from different people on how they deal with their pain. Some people use topical ointments for their pain while others drink different medication to help them deal with it.

Use of topical ointments

Some people use these topical ointments and apply them in the area where there is pain. They have a soothing feeling when the muscle is massaged with the ointment. This is what they usually do at home because there are over the counter ointments that you could easily get your hands on.

Use of oral medicines

There are oral medicines that could be taken in when you are in pain. Some of them are available over the counter while others need the prescription of your doctor. Those medicines that need the prescription are quite dangerous than the over the counter ones. You should follow the instructions of your doctor when you buy these kinds of medicine.

Use of intravenous drugs

There are also intravenous drugs that are used when patients are in pain. The intravenous drugs are most often used in the hospitals for patients who are severely in pain. Some of these drugs may be addictive and are only used under the supervision of your doctor.

Use of alternative medicine

There are other ways on how people deal with the pain. Some use acupuncture as a way to relieve themselves of the pain. Other people use herbal medicines for their pain. A controversial herb that is used as a pain reliever is Marijuana. This plant is known to be addictive and is illegal to use in some countries. Although there are still other countries who allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes, you still have to get hold of a permit to do this.

Patients who are in pain are instructed to smoke a specific amount of Marijuana 3 times a day. This relieves them of the pain that they feel when other drugs don’t seem to work. With the help of the Marijuana, they would be able to sleep more easily. Marijuana isn’t so bad after all; it has pain relieving properties although it is highly addictive. We should just be careful and  make sure that we don’t abuse the use of this medicinal plant.

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