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Marijuana Attributes

By |abelle April 11, 2013 4065 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

During my childhood days, the word marijuana signifies a medicinal plant that has a great help to the rural folks. A medicinal herb as they knew it, it relieves stomach disorders and dehydration as alternative to drugs and other medicines prescribed by doctors to them.

The people called this herb “apyan”and it never comes to their mind that it has a bad effect to a person’s health, if taken in so much quantity. They never thought that even before, the planting or propagating of this plant is prohibited by law. Just a few pieces of leaves boiled in 3 or 4 glasses of water, a person suffering of stomach pain can be relieved in a few minutes. 

In the field of science and health experts have discovered the effectiveness of marijuana in curing illnesses that require thorough medical attention such as cancer and eyesight problems not to mention other digestive and sleeping disorder. 

This medicinal herb contains a substance that affects the nervous system of the patient and discard a relieving force from the head down to body and feet The patient can feel an instant flow of adrenalin that give him a feeling of getting well and strong. 

Addiction to this substance will greatly affect the health and attitude of an individual. You can notice his reluctance to mingle to other people. In his eyes you can picture out that he is not in himself He may do you good or he may harm you. Rehabilitation to a drug dependent individual is the best cure to get back to its normal life. It’s a long process but his sincerity and strong determination to get rid of this vice then he can be cured easily. As to the issue of legalizing the use of marijuana for medical purposes its good but proliferation of it must be check by drug enforcement agencies of the government. 

Certain places in theUnited States and European continent have legalized marijuana so that the people there can utilize it for its medicinal value. As long as the people stick to and obey the marijuana laws in place, everybody can live peacefully and free from chaos. 

Even though the pros and cons of marijuana can be found all over the internet, there are still some groups of people that are not in favor of legalizing it and some others that are supporting its legalization. Maybe, it will take some more time before everybody can come into an agreement about this very controversial plant.


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RykF April 11, 2013 at 8:45 AM Reply
I am willing to bet that the more nations legalize marijuana, the more the people become more aware of what marijuana can do, both its positive effects and negative effects. We should help disseminate the correct info about this plant.
Jess Reedy April 11, 2013 at 8:46 AM Reply
It is not marijuana's fault if a lot of people become addicted to it. Each one of us can decide and has the freedom to choose whether or not we want to let marijuana destroy our bodies!

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