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Marijuana: Extracting The Essence

By harpreeta harpreeta October 15, 2012 8805 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

   Marijuana is one of the popular herbal plants widely used by people for centuries. When its sedative abilities were identified, the medical importance was ignored until the 19th century. Many countries banned marijuana because of its abuse that caused harmful effects in people who consumed it. However, today several scientific studies proved that safe doses of marijuana help neutralize many disorders that affect body. The concentration and the intensity of marijuana extract depend on the method of extraction. This article throws light into a popular extraction method of marijuana essence, which is used to relieve pain and edema.


Pain Relieving Cannabis Essence

For centuries people use diluted marijuana essence to reduce pain. Modern science also proved the analgesic property of marijuana, which made it an active ingredient of many of the intense pain relieving medications. Leaf extracts of marijuana help to neutralize pain. The diluted marijuana leaf extracts are obtained through distillation. Following are the steps used to extract diluted pain relieving essence from marijuana.

  • Selecting optimum leaves
  • Salting and soaking
  • Juicing
  • Distillation
  • Dilution

Matured dark green marijuana leaves are used to produce the essence. Discolored or leaves infected with worms or insects must be avoided. Leaves must be wiped with clinical spirit or alcohol to destruct harmful microorganisms that may produce exotoxins, which may alter the character of the active chemicals in marijuana essence.

In the second step, the leaves are polished with a paste of concentrated lime juice and salt. Keep it for at least 20 minutes so that the cells in the marijuana leaf absorb sodium molecules. Then it is soaked in water for another 20 minutes so that it absorbs a minute amount of water. The sodium molecules have a tendency to absorb water molecules, to be more precise; one sodium molecule binds with two water molecules. The interesting fact is that our ancestors implemented this technology long before we learned about atoms and molecules.

The next step is to extract the juice from the soaked leaves. A mixer grinder or even traditional equipments like lime juice extractors to obtain the juice from the marijuana leaves. The extracted juice is mixed with papaya pulp (if available) and kept for 20 to 30 minutes. Some enzymes in papaya will help to reduce the concentration of active ingredients of marijuana.

Then the distillation process is carried out in a distillation apparatus. The distilled extracts are collected in a glass or earthen pot as it may react with metal containers. When the distillation process is completed, transfer the extracts to a clean airtight glass bottle and add alcohol in 1: 5 (one part of alcohol to 5 parts of the essence) proportions for effective result. The bottle must be kept airtight. Alcohol mixes with marijuana extracts easily. The application of this mixture helps to relieve pain and vapor dilates the bronchioles of the lungs. Oral consumption of this mixture is dangerous and may cause dangerous adverse effects.

There are several methods to extract the active chemicals of marijuana leaves, barks, and flowers. The most popular method is drying where the most effective essence is obtained from the distillation.





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