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Marijuana’s Good and Bad Effects

By |abelle October 10, 2012 9483 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

A person who has been using marijuana for a long time will experience the following bad effects: stains on their hands, teeth, and gums. They will also have a weaker respiratory system as a result of the compounds in marijuana that attack the healthy tissues, organs, and cells. They will have a problem with their lungs, and are very likely to develop lung cancer and other lung problems especially if they smoke pot very often. 

A chain smoker’s skin looks very much like a pot user’s. They both look like they are covered with leather. Their skins look very unhealthy. They also develop really huge eye bags. But if one day, they decide to start their lives anew and quit smoking cigarettes and pot, all these horrible physical features will go away. 

Using marijuana will also affect the body’s hormonal activities. Upon entering our bloodstream, marijuana will cause some drastic changes that may cause our bodies to act differently. In males, a decrease in the number of sperm produced and the quality of sperm produced will very much likely to happen if he smokes pot too often. 

Youngsters who get into the business of smoking pot at their very early age will have trouble at school and their homes. Marijuana will affect their brain functioning. They will have poor memory, comprehension, and cognitive skills. They will want to be isolated from their peers. They will surely experience a dip in their academics. 

Grown-ups who work will experience some obstacles in their workplaces. They will have a hard time focusing on their tasks. They will become moody and get into tension with their co-workers. They will have short tempers and will not have any tolerance for the simple things that they used to like anymore. 

According to studies, all these things: poor performance in work and school, disinterest in various activities, and feelings of loneliness and isolation may develop into something severe such as paranoia, schizophrenia, and other serious mental disorders. 

Let us now take a brief look at what the other side of marijuana is all about. There is such a thing as medical marijuana now, and it is used in the treatment of several types of diseases. It has been proven effective in eliminating symptoms that hinder proper functioning of a human being. It is indeed very useful in the medical field, but not everybody can avail of it. Only a licensed doctor and a certified patient can have access to medical marijuana and they will have to consume it in moderate amounts. Abuse of marijuana is no longer apt for any type of medical treatment. 

The effects of using marijuana vary depending on how and how much people use it. It has both good and bad effects, and it is up to us how we want to use it. We have to be aware of its consequences and benefits so that we can make sound decisions about it.

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