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Marijuana Harvesting and Curing

By |abelle October 8, 2012 5031 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

A person new to the marijuana growing business will surely have countless of questions about the subject matter. How to begin planting, where to plant, when to plant, how to take care of the plants, what tools to use to tend the plants, etc are just a few issues that need to be paid attention to. 

There is a long list of must-dos once you decide to enter the marijuana growing business. You have to have the capacity to do all those because these are ways to ensure a high quality of harvest. 

The time of harvest comes once the trichomes have fully-developed. You can check if they already are by looking at their color, which should be amber. You may need to use a magnifying glass or a microscope to determine the color clearly. Expert growers use this technique to know whether the marijuana plants are ready for harvest or not. 

Along the process of development, marijuana plants sometimes tend to collect nutrient deposits and food reserves in their systems. Sugars and starches accumulate and they should not remain there. They should be flushed out or else the product will not produce pleasant smoke. This process is known as flushing. 

The best time to harvest is early morning, late afternoon, or at night, when the sun’s light and warmth are not at their highest. Doing this will preserve the quality and potency of the weed. Exposure to sunlight at this stage will just lead to the manufacture of more starch and sugar. 

When cutting, start at the base of the plants, close to the roots. Cut the biggest and weightiest branch out first. Prepare a long laundry line that can hold all your harvest. Make sure that it is stable and strong enough to carry the weights of the branches. Once all the harvest is hanged, they will be exposed to open air and will not be prone to molds and other bacterial growth. This should be done for at least one week at a humidity level of 50% and temperature of 70 F. This whole step is called drying. 

Here are some reminders about the drying method: Do not attempt to make the branches dry faster by placing them inside a microwave oven or directly in front of an electric fan. These actions will only hurt your crops and destroy them. 

The curing process is next. Marijuana plants will undergo one of these various techniques such as water curing, sun curing, sweat curing, flue curing, and air curing to improve its texture and flavor. You may choose whichever you are most comfortable with. All of them will balance out the moisture of the plants. When everything is done, keep the buds in closed containers, leaving them open for short periods to breathe in fresh air. They will be ready to use in no time.

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