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Marijuana Intoxication of Pets

By nevash March 3, 2013 3125 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Since pets live with human beings they are vulnerable to Marijuana intoxication. Serious long-term health consequences and fatality from marijuana intoxication have occurred in many households where the drug is easily accessible.  Many petsmay display anxiety and disillusionment due to active or even passive contact with the drug. Pets which have been intoxicated usually lack the coordination necessary to consume food and water.

 The effect of marijuana intoxication is like the one of food poisoning.  


Symptoms of marijuana intoxication in pets

  • Pets which have been exposed to marijuana may exhibit anxiety, rapid panting, and will get easily agitated.
  • Some of them drift into unconsciousness and depending on the levels of marijuana ingested they can easily get into a coma and die.
  • Some pets which have been intoxicated show impaired balance. Some will stagger like drunkards and even fall down. This is quite dangerous as they may fall onto sharp objects or into uncovered holes and sustain serious injuries.
  • Some may start drooling and develop diarrhea. Pets which are most affected by this intoxication are cats and dogs which are the animals closest to human beings.
  • It has been noted in some pets which have experienced intoxication are extremely sensitive to noise. They tremble and their heads repeatedly jerk when noises are produced near them. Some ran off like they have some madness at the slightest sounds or noise near them.


Risk Factors and Prevention

  • Dried marijuana plants or foodstuffs containing the substance are the greatest risk factors to pets within an environment.


  • Some people have been known to deliberate smoke marijuana next to their pets as an experiment to see if they can get high. These ‘experiments’ have long term health consequences on the animals.



Pets who have been intoxicated often find a means to eliminate the substance form their bodies.  Marijuana intoxication often results in them not wanting or not being able to drink water. Severe dehydration may result with its disastrous resultant consequences.



Regular tests should be done on pets which are in the high risk categories of intoxication.The same test being done on human beings to detect marijuana may be used on pets.



It is imperative that a pet which has been exposed to marijuana be given prompt medical treatment. This will reduce the potential damage that the drug will have on the pet.  Noise and other stimuli affecting the senses should be drastically reduced or eliminated if possible.


When a pet has ingested lots of marijuana, the vet may have to force it to throw up so as to mitigate the effects of the contamination.



3 - 12 hours is the period in which most of the marijuana intoxication of pets is needed to deal with the issue.



Many pet owners are reluctant to disclose to vet doctors whenever their pets are intoxicated with marijuana because the substance is controlled.  This has the hazardous consequence of exposing the pets to life threatening situations. If you want your pet to bounce back to good heal it is of crucial importance you disclose all the risk factors the animal has been exposed to in order for the vet to give proper assistance.


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