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Marijuana Laws in Oklahoma

By Simi February 24, 2013 8801 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

While many people are aware that Oklahoma leads the nation in the illegal use and manufacturing of methamphetamine, most people do not know that there is actually more marijuana use in this state than methamphetamine.

Marijuana plants seem to thrive in the climate of Oklahoma. As recently as 2008, law enforcement officials discovered several acres of marijuana plants growing in the wild. This is not considered high-quality marijuana, as the plants were not planted by anyone or taken care of. The officials actually destroyed the plants in order to remove temptation from people who might think they should harvest or cultivate the crop for recreational use.

Marijuana Laws in Oklahoma

If an individual had been responsible for the planting and cultivation of this crop of wild marijuana, they would have been in flagrant violation of the drug laws in the state of Oklahoma. In fact, the laws regarding the use or possession of marijuana in this state are some of the strictest in the nation. Regardless of how small the amount of marijuana, anyone caught cultivating, using, or possessing the drug will face prison from 2-5 years and hefty fines of $10,000-$50,000.

Although most states deem certain amounts of marijuana to be a misdemeanor no matter how many times a person is convicted of it. In the state of Oklahoma, however, there is far less leeway. If a person is caught using or cultivating any amount of the drug one time, it is a misdemeanor. If they are caught again, it is a felony, even if the amount of marijuana is only enough to fill a pipe. If an individual is discovered to be selling marijuana near schools or to minors, the crime is considered to be enhanced and can result in felony drug trafficking charges.

At this point in time, fourteen different states plus the District of Columbia have acknowledged that there are valid medical reasons for some people to use marijuana. These states have passed laws decriminalizing the drug for people with specific medical conditions. They have also enabled people holding prescriptions to grow a specific amount for personal use. It is believed that in time, most of the other states in the United States will follow suit.

Oklahoma, however, remains very firm in their belief that marijuana has absolutely no medical benefits whatsoever, and have not even begun to consider legalizing the drug for any reason. Despite the ongoing efforts of pro-marijuana lobbyists, the lawmakers in this state have not budged on their anti-marijuana stance.

Many people cite the fact that marijuana smoke is more harmful than cigarette smoke, thereby increasing the chances of lung cancer in people smoking it. Others claim the drug is highly addictive and is just as dangerous as other street drugs like heroin or methamphetamine. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, most of the state is definitely strongly against the thought of legalizing the drug.

No matter what the opinions of people are, whether there are valid medical reasons for use of the drug or not, it remains a highly illegal drug. People who are caught growing, possessing, or using this drug are harshly punished. An Oklahoma drug defense lawyer is a necessity for those people facing drug law violations. 

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Jovarie Saplad February 24, 2013 at 11:49 AM Reply
In short, an individual must be responsible when it comes into cultivating or planting cannabis seeds. As long as he/she must follow the above rules and regulations stated in the law.
Iane Chris February 24, 2013 at 11:49 AM Reply
Hopefully jovarie! I do hope that in some other countries they will basically consider marijuana to be a legal one, just like what Oklahoma carry it as a law in their State.

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