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Marijuana Seeds – How And Where To Get Them

By |abelle September 27, 2013 4998 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

One of the most controversial plants today is marijuana. Because of its significant contribution to medical world, authorities in some countries in the world are hesitant to abolish the growing of it even it is illegal as what their law ordered. The effectiveness in curing and preventing diseases that other drugs can do is one of the reasons why they are doing this practice. Several steps are formulated to prevent the abuse of this drug which may lead a person to addiction. 

One of the common problems to those individual who wants to grow marijuana plants is where to get the seeds for planting. Marijuana has several names and this name creates confusion to growers if the seeds they have acquired are the real one or just another kind of plant. Consulting experts or authorities in marijuana plants is the best way to obtain the right kind of seeds. 

In some other countries in Asia like Afghanistan, a vast plantation of marijuana can be found. This supplies the neighboring Pakistan,Indiaand other countries in the Middle East. Several operations to destroy it were being made by the government, but because of the big income it gives to the planter, the practice has not stop instead it expands to more parts of the country. 

The practice of growing marijuana for medicinal application and in small amounts is permitted in other Central American countries. The authorities are conducting proper monitoring to it that this is implemented in accordance to their laws that it is for medical application and the abuse of it is punishable. This practice is also done in Europe and some parts inAustraliawhere the seeds and the produce are all purchase by the government to regulate or prevent the abuses that may arises. 

Mostly all countries in Asia consider the growing of marijuana as illegal. Growers are transferring from one place to another to continue their business from the eyes of the authorities even death penalties are imposed by the authorities to those who are caught in this practice. But despite of all of these penalties other people are quite deaf in following the law. 

In countries where some people are using marijuana for their medication, they can grow it in their garden or in pots beside their houses. They can buy the seeds from government medical institutions or from other patients that do the planting for the treatment of their disease. 

A person who is interested to grow marijuana should make a good research of what kind of seed that posses a good type of strain. He may ask information from growers who have a lot of experiences when it comes to growing marijuana from preparation, cultivation up to period of harvesting the plant. You can get a good kind of seeds when it is properly taken care of after harvesting the plant. 

Seed banks which legally sells marijuana seeds are very few in numbers but you may locate it through on line or through other marijuana growers.

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