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People have been using Marijuana almost since we first started to walk. A piece of material that has been proven to have been made from Marijuana has now been dated as being 8,000 years old. Although we had known that Marijuana could be made into material, we hadn’t realized that it had been used in that manner for so long. Clothing could be made from Marijuana today but it is generally thought that the material produced is a little rough, especially if it were to be worn next to the skin. This did not stop though, the maker of Levis to give it a try. One of the earlier pairs of Levis made, was made from Marijuana, however it did not prove popular and that particular make was no longer produced.

Through the ages then, Marijuana has always been used. It is perhaps reasonable to assume then, that it was also cultivated, meaning it was purposely grown for a specific reason.

In the days of the ‘Tall Ships’ during their age of discovery, these ship’s sails were made from Marijuana, as were the ropes used as rigging. In those days and certainly for a long period afterwards, Marijuana was definitely cultivated. The United States declaration of Independence was written on paper made from Marijuana. It has also been said that one of the first Ford cars was made from Marijuana and could have ran on Marijuana fuel.

We do know that two of the United States Presidents grew Marijuana and at least one of them grew Marijuana in the White House.

Bad Reputation

More recently though, Marijuana started to receive a bad name; this bad name came about because Marijuana became the recreational drug of choice for tens of thousands of people.

As a consequence of Marijuana becoming popular as a recreational drug, the United States attempted to have the growing of Marijuana made illegal worldwide. At first it was relatively successful with many countries joining their cause but later most of those countries reversed their decision, which now leaves the US as one of the only countries in the world where it is illegal to grow Marijuana.


Unhappy with the federal government’s decision to ban Marijuana growing, several States legalized the growing of Marijuana within their own State. This has now led to a lot of people in those States attempting to grow their own Marijuana. The problem was that because the growing of Marijuana had been made illegal, there was perhaps a shortage of good seeds with which to start their crop or where they could be found, they were over priced.

Now that the numbers of growers has increased and they are on their second or third crops, they are no longer relying on buying seeds; rather they are providing themselves with seeds to grow their next crop.

Although using their own seeds will save them money, it is not a particularly easy job to acquire the seeds ready for planting.

The grower must carefully take every bud and open it. He then, again carefully, removes the seeds. This is not only a tricky task but also a very sticky one but at least they know the quality of the seed that they are getting.


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