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Marijuana: The Effects On Muscular System

By harpreeta harpreeta November 4, 2012 10293 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

  What made humans dominate the earth? There is no doubt that our developed brain helped us to acquire the supremacy over all the living beings in the world. How brain evolved to this developed state? There are several reasons behind the development of the brain. The most popular theory pertains to the development of muscles and skull that enabled the brain to store more neurons in it. Yes, human is the animal that carries most heavy brain in his head. When comparing the brain body ratio, ants are the most brilliant living organism in the world as its brain – body ratio is higher in ants compared to human beings. The development of skeletal and muscular system helped us to gain an extra edge over other organisms. Several factors influence the functions of the musculoskeletal system. The active chemicals in the natural vapors help to enhance the muscular activities.

The active ingredients of marijuana help to enhance the following functions of the muscular system,

  • Contraction
  • Impulse generation
  • Storage


Contraction is one of the complicated processes in our body. Constriction of the muscles helps to carry out our normal functions. Can you think about a body that cannot initiate the muscle constriction? Yes, we all know that without the muscle constriction we cannot walk, absorb nutrients, and eliminate waste. Even our heart works because of contraction and dilation. What causes muscle contraction? When the muscles receive the message from brain to contract, energy packets called ATP’s are broken down to release energy that is utilized by muscle to contract. When a higher energy is required, more glucose is used up in the absence of oxygen (excess of strain reduces the oxygen levels in the cell, but cells can produce energy in the absence of oxygen for some time though it is not good) and lactic acid is produced as the byproduct. This lactic acid causes pain in the muscles and may damage neighboring cells and tissues if it stays there for a long time. Usually it takes a long time to eliminate lactic acid from the muscles.

The active chemicals containing in the natural marijuana vapors increase the cell metabolism and liberates more energy. The active chemicals also increase the respiratory rate and increases the oxygen level in the tissues. However, unlike steroids, the natural vapors of marijuana never interferes the functions of kidneys, blood and hepatic system. Marijuana abuse may cause negative results like reduced oxygen level and stiffness of muscles.

Impulse generation

Like cardiac cells, various muscles in our body also help in blood circulation by backing up heart. Recent study states that the skeletal muscle plays an important role in blood circulation. Small involuntary muscle vibrations are responsible for this skeletal muscle pump phenomenon.

The natural vapors of marijuana help to enhance the skeletal muscle movements that increase the blood circulation and reduce the workload of the heart.


The muscle acts as an important reservoir of nutrients. Protein is the most abundant nutrient in muscles. Our body is structured in a way to consume glucose as the primary source of energy but during strenuous activities, body relays on muscle proteins temporarily due to the unavailability of glucose. The active chemicals in marijuana increase the metabolic rate and enhances glycolysis, a process that increases the glucose level in the blood and protects the muscles.






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