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Marijuana’s Status in Different Countries

By Simi Simi December 15, 2012 6951 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

 Besides being a very helpful herb, marijuana has been used for recreational purposes all over the world despite strict control and regulation over cultivation and distribution of it. Derived from the hemp plant, medical marijuana has so many health benefits that very few other plants do. Although cannabis is illegal in most of the countries, it has legal permission to be cultivated and used nationwide in countries like Germany, Canada, Italy, Finland, fifteen states in America (including Nevada, Oregon, California, Vermont and Michigan), the Netherlands, Israel and so on.

However, a person can only use or grow and sell marijuana in areas where marijuana is legal only when they have a cannabis card. The government regulates the maximum limit for possession though. Several other states in the USA are processing the long awaited law that allows cannabis as a legal drug.

Marijuana’s Status in Different Countries

What happens in Canada is pretty simple and straightforward. There is Health Canada that controls the distribution of marijuana all over the country. However, the brand name under which the organization distributes cannabis all across the country is “CannaMed”. You should note that Health Canada is pretty strict about who is eligible to get cannabis. Only those who are either with a debilitating medical condition or end-of-life patients get legal medical cannabis. Patients with certain diseases such as seizures, multiple sclerosis (MS), AIDS, spinal cord injury, cancer and arthritis are also allowed to buy or grow marijuana on their own.

Austria and Germany have been working towards legalizing cannabis that 1998. Marijuana’s chemical compound, THC, has been recently re-classified throughout drug limits and may be studied technically. Throughout Spain, cannabis has experienced a new progression to legalization since late 1990's. It can be used for patients who have HIV/AIDS, melanoma, asthma, seizures along with multiple sclerosis so as to alleviate aches, nausea and general pain. Spain has established marijuana user associations along with a number of clubs.

Does Medical Cannabis Really Work?

Medical research shows that medicinal cannabis along with smoked cannabis can reduce neuropathic ache and help the calorie absorption in people who experience reduced muscular mass and muscle spasticity that may be commonly seen in severe auto-immune disorders. Scientists used to carry out research studies on smaller scale but now research on a large scale has been carried out in world famous universities. And most of the reports say positive things about cannabis and its application to medical issues.

Marijuana has the properties that have the ability to reduce the sensation of nausea that comes with chemotherapy. To provoke sound sleep and stimulate hunger, doctors and specialists of integrative oncology prescribe medical marijuana for the patients. Besides helping the patients manage their symptoms, medical cannabis has a useful antitumor property. Studies indicate marijuana is highly successful when utilized to treat really painful ailments such as arthritis.

It is by now clear that medical cannabis should be a legitimate drug as it possesses a wide range of medical uses. 


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