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Medical Marijuana an Analysis

By Simi Simi February 4, 2013 4930 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

The phrase, “the proof is in the pudding,” should have validity in this matter because of the scientific data that when marijuana used as a medical supplement, can help alleviate certain symptoms of the specific illnesses targeted. Nevertheless, factoring in the benefits a patient receives when using marijuana in their regime of medicine they find it easier to cope with their illness. Additionally, having the ability to get marijuana from a certified outlet further demonstrates that the legal availability of it eases the stress on a patient with a legal prescription.

Medical Marijuana an Analysis

Notwithstanding, in the study cases performed by the company ‘See Change Strategy’ LLC, who is an independent firm, puts it in this perspective, “the use of marijuana for medical purposes, on a national basis, may soon equal Viagra.” This is quite a statement when we consider the amount of cancer, AIDs, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and anorexic patients in the U.S. alone. The data came from the growers and distribution centers permitted to handle marijuana for medical use. The following finds are the result of the survey performed by the firm.

The amount of Americans eligible for the medical grade marijuana is close to twenty five million and, where twenty percent are from the state of California. However, not surprising though, out of some 730 thousand people fifty percent of them live in California. Additionally, seven states have legislation legalizing marijuana for medical use, California, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and Colorado. There are at least four other states believed to come onboard with this action including the District of Columbia. They are Maine, Arizona, New Jersey, and Rode Island.

Nonetheless, the prediction of ‘See Change Strategy’ is that the market will double possibly in the next ten years. They are basing this expansion on the patient’s initiation. Moreover, it would be a matter of seeking affordable medication. This is mainly from the increase of interest in natural medicines, which have proven as less expensive when compared to manmade drugs. Nevertheless, in light of recent events where marijuana has not only found popularity in the medical field and is decriminalized for that purpose some states have actually completely legalized it. This lends itself to the possible and eventual relaxation of marijuana laws across the United States.

This last point is the view of the medical profession. Nonetheless, there are questions that remain and one of them is. Will, the Federal Government voluntarily pass any type of legislation legalizing marijuana? One thing is sure though when enough states pass this kind of legislation the Federal Government may have to follow suit. Furthermore, the Federal authorities do have the final say on the matter. However, regardless of that the proof stands that marijuana is a viable aide when used a medical supplement to reduce symptoms related to specific illnesses. Although, in the eyes of the Fed’s it is illegal to possess in distribute marijuana they have left the medical dispensaries alone allowing them to operate within state laws for the time being.

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Rebecca February 14, 2013 at 9:15 AM Reply
I am interested in this research done into the effectiveness of cannabis as a treatment for things like cancer and anorexia. This seems to provide a strong case for its benefits but I think you’re right, it may be a problem getting it legalised in many states.
crissa February 15, 2013 at 12:50 AM Reply
Good to know about the research on the positive and medical use of marijuana. I am so sad that most of the time I watch new always on the negative side effect of marijuana usage.

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