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Proven Medical Benefits of Marijuana

By harpreeta harpreeta November 19, 2012 6378 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

  Over time marijuana has been used for relaxation of the mind. In addition to that, several people who have ever used it can ascertain having relieved themselves of various problems by just taking this drug. Presently, scientific researchers are indicating a number of medical benefits of using this drug. Some diseases that have been proven very hard to treat such as cancer, Arthritis and Aids now are cured by ingesting some marijuana content into the system! Some people that have heard this true medical facts about marijuana have however gone public saying that users of this drug are the ones justifying the use of the chemicals using the medical proves.

However, you need to understand that this information is scientifically proven evidence on the medical benefits of using cannabis. This has ended up in the creation of medical marijuana to treat such serious diseases as arthritis and cancer. You however need to remember that there is a difference between medical marijuana and marijuana sold in the streets for recreational purposes. The difference is that commercial marijuana comes from various cannabis strains while medical marijuana is obtained from specific strains that are proven for their effective pain relieve effects. Another difference is that commercial marijuana might have been fertilized using dangerous fertilizers that are harmful for human consumption. Some fertilizers contain harmful metal derivatives and other toxic substances that are likely to cause more harm than relief.  Fertilizing medical marijuana is done very carefully using safe fertilizers that are non toxic. Medical marijuana is grown in controlled conditions while having the health of the patients in mind. It is therefore illogical for you to buy commercial marijuana and replace it with medical marijuana and expect good results.

Here are some of the proven medical benefits of marijuana.

  • Used as an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic for various diseases such as Arthritis and lumbosacral diseases
  • Pain treatment and relief of such diseases as Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Lower the actual growth of diseases such as cancer

Medical researches that have been carried out on this known “harmful” product indicate quite amazing positive effects on the human health and treatment of diseases that have actually been considered tough to treat in the past. The use of medical marijuana from certified dispensaries is quite effective in the treatment of such diseases making it to receive positive responses the world round.

A number of countries and states have indicated a positive response to making cannabis legal so that people may benefit from its medical benefits. The chemical composition of this plant shocks many scientists. So far, it has been established that the plant has got 483 chemicals. Some of them are psychoactive while others are not. Medical marijuana is only focused on the strains that contain non-psychoactive chemicals to help with the various medical benefits discussed above. Medical marijuana unlike the commercial marijuana is never smoked. It is either used in baking or with a vaporizer to offer its medical disease cure and relief from pain.




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