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Soil Preparation For Outdoor Cannabis Growing

By |abelle November 13, 2012 12819 Views Leave a comment Go to comments

Growing marijuana outdoors is becoming more and more popular each year. Many cannabis growers prefer outdoors as their growing space because they say it is easier, less expensive, and more beneficial to the plants. 

One of the most important factors involved when growing outdoor marijuana is the soil. The soil where your cannabis seeds will be planted should be abundant with essential nutrients and should have the right pH level. So to help you prepare for your marijuana garden outdoors, here are some tips on how to prepare the soil for your cannabis garden: 

Choose an outdoor area where you want to place your garden. The spot should be able to receive adequate amounts of sunshine and is spacious enough for air to circulate properly. Once you have found it, clear the area properly. Pull out weeds and other unwanted plants. Remove big stones and other useless stuff around. Use a gardening tool such as a rake to till the soil and make the clearing much easier and faster. 

When that is done, start digging a hole that is about one foot deep and about one foot wide. This will serve as one bed where you can plant a certain number of cannabis seeds. Work the soil so that it will become fine and suitable for planting. This is also the best time to add the nutrients that you have purchased, in case the soil does not contain all the necessary nutrients for plant growth and development. Just follow the instruction on the packet and you are good to go. 

You can prepare as many beds as you want, depending on how many cannabis seeds you want to plant. Make sure that the seeds have at least two inches of space between them so that there will be no problem when they start growing roots and taking up more space. It is important that you know how big the cannabis seeds will become once they grow into plants so you will be able to plant them with enough gaps between each other. 

Every so often, you may need to till the soil so that the roots can breathe properly. Also, dried leaves from other trees or plants might fall on your marijuana garden, so you also have to clear those away to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your setup. 

Remember to water the plants regularly. You will have to dedicate a lot of your time in order to see the changes that your plants are undergoing. Sometimes, insects and other pests might get attracted with the aroma or color of the plants so you better be ready on how to deal with those. This is one of the many problems growing marijuana outdoor poses.

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